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DR SKY - STEVE R. KATES - Astronomer - on The Lou Gentile Show - Tues. 3/4/2003

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  • Aerielle Louise
    From Aerielle Louise THE LOU GENTILE SHOW http://www.lougentile.com/ Join us Tue. evening - March 4, 2003 for an interesting, informative discussion with: DR
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      From Aerielle Louise

      Join us Tue. evening - March 4, 2003
      for an interesting, informative
      discussion with:

      DR SKY - STEVE R. KATES - Astronomer

      Website: http://www.drsky.com/

      Starting at 10 PM EST on the internet and
      your local AM & FM stations.

      NOTE: Apologies to Maj. George Filer
      and our audience for
      the technical difficulties Mon. night.
      Maj. Filer has been invited to re-schedule.
      Watch the website for details.

      10 PM to 1 AM Eastern Time US
      Audio links on website

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      co-ordinate times:

      MEET DR SKY - STEVE R. KATES - Astronomer

      Website: http://www.drsky.com/

      Steve R. Kates

      Steve R. Kates — Dr. Sky® has been engaged in the
      science of Astronomy for well over thirty years,
      having got his first experiences while a young man
      from his parents, Bob and Dolores. His first true
      observations occurred while just seven years old,
      viewing the moon and planets in a ten dollar
      telescope provided by family members. The first
      real event he saw, was the 1966 Leonid meteor
      shower from his home in New York City, atop a tall
      building. This encouraged him to make the SKY his
      passion and has been so ever since.

      Starting in film and television and at a young
      age, Steve Kates has worked in many acting and
      model roles for major studios and had some roles
      in TV commercials of the 1960"s, through his
      agent. While a native of New York City, Steve
      Kates moved to the suburbs of New Jersey in 1967
      and found the night sky once again. Having formed
      the Hackensack Astronomy Club, he and his friends
      did lots of research on the night sky and were
      regular contributors to the popular magazine, "Sky
      and Telescope", specializing in Lunar /Solar
      observations and Meteor Astronomy.

      During his days as a student at Paramus Catholic
      High, he began teaching an accredited class in
      Astronomy for credit. Once again, Steve had the
      public in mind when he and a group of fellow
      students had one of the largest public gatherings
      in NJ during the time of the late, and not so
      great comet, Comet Kohoutek in 1973! During his
      college days, Steve began his broadcasting career
      with a weekly update on radio station WBAI in New
      York, producing "Skywatch," which still remains on
      the air to this day with host Robert Knight of the
      exciting program "Earthwatch" heard on WBAI on
      Wednesday evenings at midnight.

      Dr. Sky® also had a regular class on Astronomy on
      station WFDU in Teaneck, New Jersey, along with
      weekly reports on WFUV (Fordham University) and
      the popular rock radio station WDHA 105.5 FM, for
      which he served for well over ten years in his
      popular drive time "SkyReport. On the television
      side, he has worked with CNN as a special
      correspondent during the early days of 1982 (New
      York) bureau and has provided content for the
      superstation WWOR in NJ.

      One of the most memorable events was his planning
      of a major "Halley's Comet Watch" in 1986, from
      High Point State Park in NJ, for well over 5,000
      people atop this small spot in NJ. This was
      covered heavily by the media.

      Having moved to Arizona in 1988, Steve Kates— Dr.
      Sky® has continued to promote his love of the
      night sky and aviation/space science topics. He
      has formed a company known as Sky Source, which is
      the foundation of Sky Source Productions,
      specializing in video and audio programs on many
      special interest topics in the realm of

      Locally, Steve Kates — Dr. Sky® can be seen on a
      regular basis on such programs as 3TV's "Good
      Morning Arizona" and Fox 10's "Arizona Morning",
      sharing the secrets of the night sky and other
      related events. In the radio realm-- Steve Kates
      has been a contributor to such programs as KFYI's
      Wake Up Arizona and has been a regular with KXAM's
      1310 AM radio personality Bill Straus, "Straus'

      Dr. Sky® has also been a guest numerous times on
      the popular morning radio program known as "Beth
      and Bill on KEZ and with the evening drive time
      duo" Maggie and Marty" also on KEZ 99.9 FM in
      Phoenix. Dr. Sky® makes the rounds on the Arizona
      News Radio Network, heard on some 20 radio
      stations throughout Arizona. Call George Tanner at
      602-266-2882 for a listing of stations and times
      and sponsorship rates.

      Dr. Sky® continues to promote the events in the
      sky with a recent public event centered around
      such films as "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon" while
      showing well over 5,000 interested fans, the
      connection between asteroids and impacts on earth.
      "Keep your Eyes to the Skies"

      Steve Kates— Dr. Sky® lives in Phoenix and feels
      that this is one of the most wonderful places in
      world to view the sky and travels with friends to
      a "secret" location once a month in the SW of
      Arizona's deserts to continue that special bond
      with the night sky.

      Steve and his brother Joe are active with the
      Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in the Special
      Forces Unit and help to fight crime in the sixth
      largest metro area in the nation.

      My personal interest is to work on helping to see
      donations come to the Lions Club in the special
      area of helping people with all types of visual
      disability's attain the help and comfort that they
      need in keeping one of the most precious senses,
      sight, knowing how wonderful the experience is to
      see the wonders of the SKY. Sight is precious!

      Always remember to keep your eyes to the skies !
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