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A review of "The Luminous Journey"

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  • Joe McGonagle
    A review of The Luminous Journey Johan Quanjer 1934-2001 Reviewer: Joe McGonagle Review date: 3rd March 2003 Johan Quanjer (pronounced Kwanya ) was the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003
      A review of "The Luminous Journey"
      Johan Quanjer 1934-2001

      Reviewer: Joe McGonagle
      Review date: 3rd March 2003

      Johan Quanjer (pronounced "Kwanya") was the originator of a
      spiritual-political philosophy that he dubbed "Pneumatocracy" (a
      Greek representation of "The rule of the Spirit"). This book is
      an autobiography covering from his early childhood, through to
      the sunset years of his life.

      At several stages of his life starting moments before (no, that's
      not a typo!) his birth he encountered spiritual revelations which
      took various forms. Some of these could be attributed to wishful
      thinking, but there can be no doubt that they greatly influenced
      his dedication and enthusiasm for the Pneumatocratic philosophy,
      his social consciousness and his activism. Although he was an
      enthusiastic proponent of the philosophy of Pneumatocracy, he
      does not attempt to force-feed it to the reader in this book.

      His biography takes you from his young childhood in Dutch
      colonial Java, through his maturation into a young man in
      NAZI-occupied Holland, and his experiences in North America
      (where he travelled widely, undertaking various relatively menial
      jobs and where he was introduced to Theosophy). He left America
      in 1957 and spent a short time with his parents before moving to
      England in the same year. It was in England that his political
      and spiritual development peaked.

      During his lifetime, he came into contact with most, if not all
      facets of "New Age" activity from mediums to UFO groups and he
      socialised with members of the entire social spectrum from
      new-age colonists to Royalty. Although his activities were
      centred on what is often regarded as "fringe" areas, he displays
      little tolerance in his book for the charlatans and cranks that
      have always been part of the fringe scene. He was highly critical
      of individuals and groups that he thought were taking unfair
      advantage of human gullibility. He also had a damning opinion of
      communism and was a keen supporter of European politics, actually
      standing for election to the European parliament under the banner
      of "Spirit of Europe" in 1994. He also founded "New Humanity"
      magazine, which was one of the longest running alternative
      publications in the UK until it recently ceased publication.

      His autobiography is fascinating on several levels. It will
      interest those with spiritual leanings, it contains first-hand
      accounts of Colonial Java and occupied Europe, examples of the
      extremes of trade-unionism in Britain, the involvement of the
      privileged classes in the new-age movement, behind the scenes
      commentary on politicians and groups such as the Findhorn
      community, and has many anecdotes about people who were famous in
      their day for one reason or another.

      The strength of character, humour, and sincerity of Quanjer are
      made apparent in this book. He seems like a man whose charisma
      was instantly obvious to anyone that was lucky enough to have met

      In my opinion, this book should be added to the reading list for
      anyone making a serious study of religion, philosophy, social
      history, or politics. It will also be of particular interest to
      those who are curious about participation by the higher social
      strata in the new-age movement.

      "The Luminous Journey" is privately published. The review copy
      was 463 pages in Microsoft Word format and is available from:

      The Luminous Journey,
      51A York Mansions,
      Prince of Wales Drive
      SW11 4BP
      United Kingdom

      Email: information@...
      Website: www.pneumatocracy.org
      Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7622 4013


      CD ROM (MS word) £25*
      Bound copy £40
      * For a limited period only, the CD version is available at the
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