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Bug Chasers Conspiracy

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  • Roger Anderton
    Bug- chasers Conspiracy There is a group of people called Bug-chasers who are deliberately trying to catch HIV/AIDS. Matthew Laza has found that many gay men
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2003
      Bug- chasers Conspiracy

      There is a group of people called 'Bug-chasers' who are deliberately trying to catch HIV/AIDS.

      Matthew Laza has found that many gay men believe having AIDS is 'liberating'.

      i.e. some people are conspiring to get a life threatening illness.

      To me the whole world seems full of aliens - in the sense that there are many different types of people all having many different types of Beliefs forming into many different types of groups; and many of these people seem 'totally alien' to what I would consider Normal.

      For instance - I have no comprehension of how a Muslim fanatic thinks, what would make them fly airplanes into buildings - whatever their way of thinking is it is completely alien to my way of thinking.

      I do not understand them, what I have read about Islam - their way of looking at the world makes no sense to me.

      As I see it- it must offend them if one does not respect their Beliefs. But since I do not understand them, it must be easy to offend them, without knowing that this is what one is doing. (The Salaman Rushdie case comes to mind - in the West there is supposed to be Freedom of speech, but a book written by Rushdie caused offence to certain Muslim groups resulting in a death sentence being set against him and those associated with his book.)

      It is not just Islam/Muslims - there are many other types of people I do not understand; they are with respect to me just 'aliens'.

      In the Star Trek fantasy, one just gets along with different cultures by respecting their different beliefs - easier said than done, if one does not understand the different cultures.

      May be 'you' understand and know how to get along with these 'aliens' better than I. But there is now a culture called : 'Bug chasers' - it might stretch your 'understanding'??

      Bug chasers are deliberately trying to catch HIV/AIDS they want to be members of a group that has AIDS and had a short time to live, it gives 'meaning' to their lives.

      Full article in Mail on Sunday Feb. 2 2003, too long to write it all out, so I'll mention the relevant highlights:

      Bug-chasing, by Matthew Laza

      "I discovered the 'bug chasers'... while developing a TV documentary, which was never made, about the search for extreme pleasure in a risk-averse world.

      "Last week, I heard that Rolling Stone magazine was about to claim that 25 per cent of all new HIV infections in the United States come from bug-chasers. In the past few days controversy has raged in America - the Christian Right taking delight at this confirmation of all its prejudices about the sinful, promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, and liberals getting angry at the exposure of a practice even most open minds find at best distasteful, and at worst criminally selfish.

      "Whatever the true percentage of new infections caused by bug -chasing, there can be no doubt that the phenomenon is real - and there are bug-chasers throughout Britain.

      ".......These otherwise ordinary citizens believe that their desire for disease is rational; simply their way of achieving the ultimate intimacy that guides human relationships. For them, knowingly, deliberately catching HIV - getting 'pozzed -up' - is the greatest gift they could possibly get; a new spiritual experience.."

      Makes no sense to me. If anyone wants the full article let me know. The world is full of 'aliens', and 'Bug chasers' sound weirder than any culture so far dreamed up by Star Trek.

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