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  • Frits Westra
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      Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 12:57:09 -0700
      From: "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean1@...>
      Subject: _A Search for Anomalies_

      Science Frontiers* Book Supplement 145, Jan-Feb 2003, p. 1

      _A Search for Anomalies_
      W.R. Corliss; *Journal of Scientific Exploration*, 16:439-453, 2002.

      This 15-page offprint begins with the author's first encounter with
      scientific anomalies in 1951. It continues with the long, still-active,
      search of the scientific literature for anomalies (over 15,000 volumes
      so far), and the development of the Sourcebook Project with its three
      phases (10 Sourcebooks, 6 Handbooks, 20 Catalogs, so far). More
      interesting, perhaps, are the economics of this self-supporting
      enterprise, the nature of its clientele, and its interfaces with
      specialized groups and mainstream science. An appendix lists 119 of
      the 4,000+ anomalies on file.

      One copy of this offprint is free *upon request* with any book order.
      Single copies can be obtained separately for airmail postage plus
      handling. (In the U.S. and Canada: $1.00 U.S. currency. Elsewhere:
      $2.00 U.S. or 2 euros in currency.)

      *Science Frontiers is a bimonthly collection of digests of scientific
      anomalies in the current literature. Published by the Sourcebook Project;
      P.O. Box 107; Glen Arm, MD 21057; annual subscription: $8.00.

      ISSN 1094-8325

      < http://www.science-frontiers.com >

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