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Arcturian timekeepers help in understanding 4th dimensional black magic. D-G:W.

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  • Darren-George: Walker
    The following is from Jose Argulles book, Time and the Technosphere in which information has come from our galactic timekeepers the Arcturians ( constellation
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      The following is from Jose Argulles book, Time and the Technosphere in which information has come from our galactic timekeepers the Arcturians ( constellation Arcturus ).

      We require a standard of measure that contains units that are regular and equal with one another!

      The Gregorian calender ( named after Pope Gregory who is most famous for shoving Latin down ever conquered peoples' throats ! ) whose base unit of measure is a month of irregular and uneven length: 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31days. In order to honor Augustus Caesar ( August ) and make him equal to Julius ( July ) a day was taken from February and placed in August. The correct system to use is an equal 13 moon, 28 day month. One day per year is "out of time" no day of the week,
      July 25.
      "Calends" was the Latin name given by the Romans to the first day of every month. What does it mean? Calends is the name of the account book, the book of payments recording the monthly debts and bills to be paid ! No wonder we are ruled by the expression " Time is money!". How come the Vatican no longer has the Jubilee, and forgives debts owed through usury. Didn't Jesus chase the moneychangers from the temple ? Maybe the Black Pope , Hans Kohlvenbach signed a deal with the MIB on behalf of his Jesuit CIA buddies, the professional sports team owning Knights Malta?

      January is derived from Janus, Roman God of the doorway.
      February is an obscure word referring to an animal rite, March refers to Mars - the planet and God of war, April and May refer to the Goddess of spring, June to the wife of Jupiter, July and August to the most prominent Caesars. September the 9th month means seven?,October the 10th month means eight? November the 11th month means nine?
      December the 12th month means ten? Well, blow me down, that makes a lot of sense !??! The mental corruption out of the 4th dimensionally controlled Vatican gets even worse when figuring out leap years! They don't even count it as it screws up their feast days. No their February does not have a 29th during a leap year - It has two 24ths and the second doesn't count !
      Scarcely known to anyone but Vatican insiders is the system of dominical letters that is used to code the years according to the days of the week, on which the first Sunday of the year falls. Since the week has seven days, there are seven and only seven dominical letters. These are A - G.
      A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, ...G = 7. Hence the G7 ( seven most industrialized nations ) given in 1974 by the CIA to the ruling oligarchy of nations. Example, 2001 - the first day of the year was a Monday and hence all mondays are coded A, January 1/monday = A counting through to Sunday we arrive at January 7 = G. 2001 was a G7 year !

      What the Vatican tried to destroy at the hands of Bishop de Landa in 1562, in the book burning at Izamal Yucatan was and still is the true synchronic order of time - revealed as the 13:20 mathematical code of the Harmonic module, perfectly coordinated with the 13 moon / 28 day month count.

      Ever since the meddling Annunaki introduced the bogus 360 degree / 24 hour / 60 minute / 60 second mechanized time system at URUK ( New York ) we have been on artificial time ! Also hit was the Pentagon - The Department of War - built in 1940 / 41 over an area called "Hell's Bottom" beacause of its histroy of violence. It should also be noted in Scalar Mechanics that two towers are no longer individual male penises but now represent the female aspect - another example of this architecture is in Kuala Lampur.

      Check out the websites:
      www.kenpage-mch.com ( Drunvalo Melchizedek's nephew )

      Best wishes!
      :Darren-George: Walker

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