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Moon landings: Teachers don't understand Physics

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  • Roger Anderton
    Moon landings: Physics Teachers don t know what they are talking about. There are a lot of interesting articles in UFO Magazine Jan 2003. After a couple of
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      Moon landings: Physics Teachers don't know what they are talking about.

      There are a lot of interesting articles in UFO Magazine Jan 2003. After a couple of paragraphs the following article gets to what I am interested in ---

      Article: One Giant Cock-up by NASA, One vast Leap for Moon hoax claims

      "On 7 Nov. 2002, NASA announced that it had taken the extraordinary step of commissioning a book to prove that the 1969 moon landing was real, and not something staged on a movie set to convince the world that the US had beaten the Soviets to the Moon.

      "Claims that NASA faked the Moon landing have gathered momentum in recent years. The 30,000 word publication would prove that the Apollo crew really did visit the Moon, instead of remaining hidden in orbit until re-entry, as claimed by conspiracy theorists.

      "Tackling the conspiracy theory head-on in an official book was the idea of NASA's former chief historian Roger Launius. He asked James Oberg, a leading aerospace writer and renowned UFO sceptic, to produce a book that NASA hoped would address issues such as flags that ripple on the airless Moon, discrepancies in the part numbers of lunar lander components, shadows that point in the wrong direction, the lack of stars seen in the sky - all of which have fuelled the conspiracy theory.

      "Mr Launius said that the hard-core conspiracy theorists were not the book's main audience, as they would never be convinced of the truth.

      "Instead, he said, the book would be aimed at the general public and especially teachers, giving them the science to answer questions in class. According to a poll, one in five Americans is suspicious about the landings, while teachers across America have demanded answers to frequently raised questions asked by pupils."

      ME - The last paragraph says it all - Physics teachers can't answer physics questions raised by pupils regarding the Moon landings. So, what do they do they ask for someone to tell them an answer. They get ignored, until lots of them start asking for answers, and then NASA thinks may be it should do something; otherwise it wouldn't care less.

      What a sorry state to the world- Physics teachers don't know what they are talking about when it comes to physics. Ask them a physics question which they don't have an answer to in their 'asks edition' of a physics text book, and they are stumbled; and have to ask someone higher up who is supposed to know physics.

      They are just sitting there like parrots reciting what the physics text books tell them to recite; if its not in the book then they have to bow to authority telling them what to say; they can't think for themselves.

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