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Fw: Festive Greetings

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  • Joe McGonagle
    I wonder why it took 18 years for them to investigate the case sufficiently well in order to go public with it? Joe ... From: To: [Snipped
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      I wonder why it took 18 years for them to investigate the case
      sufficiently well in order to go public with it?
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      Subject: Re: Festive Greetings

      Dear all

      The British UFO Studies Centre, (based in Cheshire UK) will be
      holding an
      extraordinary event on Tuesday January 14th 03 at 7:30pm, at the
      Community Centre Waterloo Road,Runcorn Cheshire.

      For 18 years BUFOSC have been holding secret details of a
      'Rendlesham 2' UFO
      crash landing which occured in 1985 and was investigated by
      BUFOSC solely.

      This case is a 'UFO crash landing' near a joint British /
      American Air
      Force Base
      and BUFOSC were lucky to gather evidence before the 'military'
      were brought
      in to cover up the UFO crash.

      BUFOSC have natural evidence, photographic evidence, video
      evidence filmed by
      a professional television crew and news that the UFO crash
      travelled to America to a leading 'UFO crash' investigator
      there. Indeed
      the interest had been taken up by an alleged CIA executive cell
      operating in
      the UK at the time.

      This 'alleged CIA executive' managed to obtain illegally
      documents about
      this case and when we demanded them back, we were asked for
      several thousand
      pounds. We have the secret tape recording of this conversation
      (to be
      broadcast for the first time publically in January).

      We also have evidence that RAF Rudloe Manor were involved with
      the UFO crash
      long before Matthew Williams gladly exposed Rudloe Manor as
      a sifting
      site for UFO reports in the 1990's.

      We have contradicting evidence that the Air Force Base and
      local police
      stated seperate incidents were going on at the base at the time
      of the

      We also have photographic evidence that BUFOSC members were
      followed every
      they visited the site when they investigated it.

      BUFOSC (at the time) were also threatened by the military to
      investigating the case!'.

      BUFOSC ,even though 18 years old are still investigating this
      very important
      case and it is hoped 2003 footage will be available in January,
      if not it
      will be later in the year with fresh 03 evidence and video

      Tickets to this event are £1, but seating is limited to 20, so I
      advise people book early.

      BUFOSC are available this year to give this lecture anywhere in
      the world.

      We do not know the level of interest but our offer is there for
      interested UFO Organisations.People say Ufology is dead, well in
      2002 BUFOSC
      were the first people to get the documents pertaining to
      Rendlesham Forest
      released by the Ombudsman.It was not Dr David Clarke or Andy
      Roberts who
      obtained the three remaining documents released.It was BUFOSC.

      BUFOSC only charge travelling and hotel expenses and any
      further donations
      are given to official charity.

      BUFOSC raised nearly £500 in 2002 for the Cat's Protection.In
      memory of a
      much missed BUFOSC member who died in 2001.

      Eric Morris
      Tel 01606 330567, or 07753744978.
      Happy New Year.
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