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Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Is Ufology Dead Or Just Dozing? - McGonagle

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  • Joe McGonagle
    ... ... In my opinion, ufology needs a credible National (thence International) authority, a group perhaps elected by the various local groups, which
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      >Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:16:52 -0500
      >Subject: Re: Is Ufology Dead Or Just Dozing?
      >>From: Roy Hale <roy.hale@...>
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      >>Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 16:07:36 -0000
      >>Subject: Re: Is Ufology Dead Or Just Dozing?

      >How does one differentiate between good and bad research (or
      >information) on the Internet? There are many good researchers
      >who have placed their material on the Internet, but how does
      >someone new to the field know that one site is better than
      >another? Do we take the Art Bell approach and simply let the
      >audience decide for themselves?

      In my opinion, ufology needs a credible National (thence
      International) authority, a group perhaps elected by the various
      local groups, which has the power to set policies and standards
      within ufology, and issue (or withdraw!) a "standards compliance"
      certificate of some kind.
      Of course, this would lead to accusations of "elitism" etc, but
      so what? If it does raise standards, and becomes recognised as a
      national focal point for the media, the public, and the
      authorities, who cares if the "Alien spotters of Great Britain"
      (membership 5 million worldwide, HQ address flat 3b, 14 backend
      road, Worthington, Sussex) get the hump and goes off in a huff?
      Both of the members (sorry, I mean the President and the
      Vice-president(Global Operations)) will continue to be ignored.
      Ufology needs to bite the bullet and take hold of the reins,
      otherwise it will simply continue to move in circles. Of course
      this will take a great deal of time an effort, but I believe it
      is achievable.

      >The Internet has provided a tremendous forum for networking in
      >this genre that has never before existed, but it also has
      >created an anarchy that seems to have no foundation and major
      >UFO research organizations throughout the world have been
      >severely impacted.

      I don't believe that all of the blame can be placed on the advent
      of the internet, this has just accelerated the effect. It is just
      that some people's minds have been so open that their brains have
      fallen out! The Internet is simply a convenient platform for some
      people who would never be considered viable by the mainstream
      media to air their views and gain support from gullible, or
      equally "open minded" people. The same effect can be found in the
      printed media before the internet was widely available, for
      example, Flying Saucer Review.

      >Are we in a scientific pursuit of knowledge or do we remain a
      >loosely knit group of people who happen to share a similar
      >interest and have the ability to communicate with one another.

      I think that the answer is both-we are a loosely knit community,
      a large part of which deeply desires and strives for the
      recognition of ufology by the authorities, acadaemia, and the
      publc as a ligitimate area of study. The rational voices of the
      community are drowned out by the raucous squealing from the
      sheep-diviners and high priests of the minority which have
      effectively taken over by virtue of the fact that they make more
      entertaining subjects for the media.

      Cheers, Joe
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