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Fw: [uforesearch] Is ufology dead, or just dozing?

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  • Joe McGonagle
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      >My own personal opinion regard taking Ufology [very short
      >Ufology currently is a mix of various aspects of subjects that
      take up those few book shelves in your local store - we are next
      to Witchcraft and Spells, when we should be next to Urology.
      >Ufology is the study of U.F.O's
      >I agree some people take this study to be say E.T or planet X or
      inter dimensions or ancient matians etc.. whatever.. These are
      different subjects - I agree some authors have tried to link them
      to UFOs but that does not make them part of Ufology.
      >Look at it this way :
      >When your at school you study Biology, in these classes you may
      learn the biology of a bird. You don't learn the mathematics of
      how it maintains flight as this is a completely different subject
      ie physics/mathematics.
      >Its a completely different discipline as is E.T to UFOs I agree
      certain people have beliefs that link them but this does not make
      them the same discipline.
      >The study of Ufology should be re-clarified re assessed and then
      presented again away from the surrounds sub-domains.
      >10% of sightings cannot be identified. Ufology is finding out if
      a sighting falls into this 10%.
      >Once you have a case that does fall into this 10% then is leaves
      the main domain of Ufology and falls into the hundreds of sub
      aspects e.g ET, time travel, swamp gas, lighthouse, cookie
      monster etc..
      >I agree these other sub domains are interesting and attract
      passionate people to their subjects as does ufology , but it
      isn't Ufology its the study of Et or Time travel or whatever.
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