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Fwd: Zetas Confirm on Dec 4, 2002 Images!

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  • R.Howe
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      > Zetas Confirm
      > on Dec 4, 2002 Images
      > The team has correctly identified the Red and White
      > candidates for
      > the images taken on the night of Dec 3rd to Dec 4th.
      > Due to the
      > relative overhead position, compared to earlier
      > imaging sessions
      > where the scope was pointed more toward the horizon,
      > the Red and
      > White personas are closer together. Most notable
      > this imaging session
      > will be the increased size of the Red Persona, as it
      > has come closer
      > on its inbound path. This size and brightness will
      > be documented in
      > the usual manner by the team, and this significant
      > imaging session,
      > proving beyond a doubt to any but the most reluctant
      > skeptics, will
      > incite an increase in these imaging session
      > worldwide. Such sessions
      > number already in the hundreds, though remain
      > anonymous due to the
      > heat that Nancy and the team already receive on the
      > Usenets.
      > Nevertheless, the world is not fooled, and if
      > anything the heat on
      > the Usenets, being so out of proportion to what a
      > truly crazy and
      > unsubstantiated claim received, has increased
      > interest in viewing the
      > inbound Planet X. As we stated when Steve imaged on
      > Sep 21st, a wild
      > fire has been lit, and will not be snuffed out.
      > ZetaTalk´┐Ż
      > http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/zeta4.htm
      > http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy3.htm
      > http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm

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