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    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl (Frits Westra) Originally from: George A. Filer Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Filer s Files #49 --
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      Originally from: George A. Filer <Majorstar@...>
      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Filer's Files #49 -- 2002
      Original Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 18:10:02 -0500

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      FILER'S FILES #49 -- 2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
      George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
      December 4, 2002, Majorstar@... Webmaster: Chuck
      Warren -- My new website is at [ http://www.georgefiler.com


      The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
      photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
      world and in space. Features this week are: You can help, stop
      missile attacks, Aliens are tourists, NORAD launches fighters
      against contrail, Vermont UFO photographed, Eastern bolide,
      Maryland strange bright cloud, Virginia UFO photo, Georgia UFOs
      photographed, Ohio cylinder videotaped, Indiana hovering craft,
      Michigan flying triangle, Wisconsin flying triangle, Minnesota
      pilot sees UFO, Nebraska lights, Colorado two UFOs, California
      flying triangle, Western states see Russian space debris, Canada
      lights and UFO goes in lake, Brazil silver cylinder, Uruguay and
      Argentina, and Chile cattle mutilations, English sighting, UK
      releases Rendlesham UFO report, Italian sighting, and Australia
      UFO sighting. Announcing the Grand Opening of our website with
      100 stores for all your Holiday shopping at fantastic prices.


      The FBI has warned airports that portable rocket launchers could
      be used against airliners in the US. During the holidays you are
      likely to pickup or leave off a loved one at your local airport,
      so consider watching out for suspicious persons or objects.
      Notify authorities if you see someone suspicious. Ufologists
      have videotaped UFO and missile like objects near airports.
      There is a high risk because hand held rocket launchers are
      relatively small weapons about the size of a shotgun, easy to
      purchase and easy to hide. Small surface-to-air missiles, like
      the Russian SA-7 Grail, or American Stinger can be carried by a
      single person and fired from bazooka-like tubes. Thousands of
      illegal immigrants cross our borders each day and some could be
      carrying portable rocket launchers. The US Border Patrol says
      25,050 illegal immigrants were arrested by agents in just the
      Tucson sector of Arizona during October, this is 4,000 more than
      last year. It is not known how many millions infiltrated into
      the US each year.

      Many terrorist groups have access to the shoulder-fired
      antiaircraft missiles that can be purchased for as little as
      $5000. Their relatively small size and couple-mile range makes
      them ideal weapons for terrorists targeting airliners.
      Terrorists in the spring used an SA-7 to try to shoot down a US
      airliner taking off from the Saudi capital of Riyadh. A
      shoulder-launched Strela was used in an attack by rebels in
      Chechnya that brought down a Russian MI-26 army helicopter in
      August killing 118 people.

      An Israeli Boeing 757-300 Arkia passenger jet with 261 people
      aboard narrowly evaded two heat-seeking Strela missiles on
      takeoff from Mombassa, Kenya on November 26th. Two SA-7, heat-
      seeking missiles were fired from a four-wheel drive vehicle one
      mile from the airport. During my flights into Israel, I learned
      they were working on programs to protect their airliners from
      missile attacks with equipment similar to what we use on our
      combat aircraft. The plane may have launched decoy flares and
      was not hit, but passengers reported hearing explosions. Rafael
      an Israeli arms manufacturer has developed scramblers which
      throw missile-guidance systems off course. The Israeli aircraft
      was likely equipped with antimissile technology, while US
      commercial aircraft are not.

      That's where you come in. Terrorists would likely hide within a
      couple miles of the end of the runways. With a car you can
      greatly increase the security of your loved ones by checking out
      these areas prior to their flight. Normally the missiles are
      fired just after takeoff or just before landing. If you see
      anything suspicious notify the authorities. Honking your horn,
      flashing of headlights, yelling and if necessary ramming a
      terrorist vehicle's wheels can be effective, but dangerous. Many
      people do not understand, we are at war and you can play a part.


      David O'Hara writes, "Let me propose a thought I've had for
      quite awhile about the UFO phenomena. If you look at the general
      behavior of the craft and the "occupants" as reported by the
      people of Earth, who have seen them, somewhere between the lines
      is a behavior pattern that suggests an advanced society many
      orders of magnitude ahead of us. But the daft operation of this
      equipment that these alien folk indulge in and the use of this
      advanced technology to just erratically cruise our skies,
      indicates we have a bunch of tourists on a lark to the quaint
      3rd rock from the sun. They may be giving their kids the keys to
      the "car" so the little devils can finish up that science
      project that's overdue. We are not the center of attention of
      some cosmic overlords instead we are some yokel out worlders on
      some third rate tour guides list of 'interesting sights" Thanks
      to David O'Hara -- david_ohara@....


      On November 27, 2002, at 4 PM, (EST) North American Aerospace
      Defense Command received unverified reports of a contrail of
      unknown origin in the vicinity of the Turks and Caicos Islands
      in the Caribbean. F-16 fighters were scrambled from several
      bases to intercept the unknown that was heading northwest toward
      the US. Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail
      over Florida and later over Indiana. A contrail is a white trail
      of condensed water vapor that sometimes forms in the wake of an
      aircraft. No visual or confirmed radar contact was made with the
      actual source of the contrail. Since the September 11, 2001,
      attacks, the Pentagon has taken greater precautions to monitor
      U.S. airspace.


      My name is Ellie Quigley and last month in October my aunt and I
      were driving up to Vermont from CT. While my Aunt was driving, I
      was taking pictures of the colorful foliage. In one of my
      pictures, I noticed later when we got home, there are weird
      streaks in view. When I took the picture I didn't even notice
      it. I took the picture thru the windshield of the rental car we
      were in. The is at Filer's Files UFO CENTER PHOTOS, Thanks to
      Ellie Quigley


      On December 2, 2002, a bright light many people saw streaking
      across the sky between 5 and 5:30 AM, early Monday morning was a
      bolide or fireball, said Geoff Chester, a spokesman at the US
      Naval Observatory. "This is basically a large meteor. We're
      talking about a rock here that's on the order of size of a
      suitcase or something like that. The object entered the Earth's
      atmosphere at altitude of between 80 to 100 miles and vaporized
      leaving a very bright trail of light behind it."


      BALTIMORE -- Bill Bean sent me a video tape of a strange cloud
      he videotaped on October 6, 2002, at 6:35 PM just after the sun
      set. Virtually all the clouds in the sky except one appeared
      cloudy and dark. One was bright and very strange in appearance
      as if electrified plasma. Thanks to Bill Bean. Photographs at:
      Filer's Files UFO CENTER PHOTOS


      WHITE HALL -- On November 9, 2002, I took my family to the
      reservoir at Sugar Hollow just outside of Shenandoah National
      Park. I was using a digital camera to take photos of the kids
      and scenery at 11:51 AM and did not notice any object in sky
      while on site. Later I reviewed the images on the computer and
      noticed a distant object in one scenic mountain shot.

      A dome-shaped triangular object appears in only one shot taken
      at 11:51 AM. The other shots I took were probably spaced 30
      seconds to several minutes apart, most of which were in the same
      general direction as the shot with object. If this is indeed an
      object and not some kind of digital noise, I estimate that its
      position places it somewhere over the National Park. I think
      object is slightly blurred, which would indicate very high rate
      of speed given distance to object and sunny conditions. If it
      were a balloon, however, I would have likely imaged it in one or
      more photos I took before and after the one that recorded the
      object. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ http://www.ufocenter.com/


      MACON --Annamarie Johnstone reports that daylight photos of
      chemtrails taken by Mr. Heard on November 26, 2002, contain
      anomalous objects. A cylinder shaped object is sighted between V
      chemtrails. His photos show 3, 6, and 7 show disc shaped
      objects. Thanks to Annamarie Johnstone PhD.


      PORTSMOUTH -- Dave Crisp wrote, "While I was video taping
      chemtrails in Southern Ohio on November 20, 2002, I was looking
      up and noticed this white cylinder traveling somewhat slower
      than a jet aircraft.´ Flying east, I did not think it was
      anything. Actually, I thought it was a plane. I am near-sighted.
      So, at the time I thought "Big deal, maybe it's a jet connected
      with the chemtrails, I'll get it on film." After looking at it
      closely, it was not anything I have seen. Taken on November
      20th, 2002 at 3pm. No sound. No lights. I would guess moving 400
      mph. Slow for a UFO. I do have a good video of it. Thanks to
      Dave Crisp.


      HAMMOND -- A craft silently hovered above normal air traffic
      heading to Chicago at 8:15 PM on November 13, 2002. It was
      motionless for ten+ minutes, and then it began to move silently
      to the southwest, stopped, and remained motionless for an
      additional 7 or 8 minutes. They moved very slowly and totally
      silent toward the north until I could not see it, because it
      went behind the tree line. Thanks to Peter Davenport [
      http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


      MILAN -- Two high school students were heading home in their
      mini-van at 9:30 PM, when one saw a big triangle shaped craft
      over downtown on November 15, 2002. The student reports, "It was
      really low, and was flying well below the extremely low clouds.
      It was triangle shaped, with alternating red, blue, and pulsing
      white lights on each angle. It did this weird dead stop, and
      just did a complete V turn in the opposite direction. It sped
      off really fast but turned around again, like it was circling
      something. I've seen things like this before, one time an object
      almost exactly the same passed over my house, just above my
      tree, then three others followed, but I have never seen one do a
      turn like that and then speed up. Anyway, I soon went in, but as
      far as I know, it's still circling down town. It may be
      coincidence, but last night 3 brothers were killed in a fire
      close to downtown, where they flew. [ http://www.ufocenter.com/


      EAU CLAIRE -- Larry D. reports, "I am filing this report for my
      daughter Amy, who saw a flying triangle on November 25, 2002,
      directly over our house. The triangle was low on the horizon, 3
      blocks southeast of the airport flying ESE lower than a normal
      landing pattern. It was roughly half again as fast as most jets
      that land over us and its shape was "stealthy", but an
      equilateral triangle, not a pointy triangle. It made no noise
      and was seen for thee seconds and gave my daughter "the chills"
      seeing it. Its color was a medium gray, not black. I showed her
      a photos of the F-117 and she felt this was more triangular, and
      flatter on top. I drew several drawings and she chose one which
      has a small soft bump in the middle of the flat wing section.
      The speed and location of this plane are totally out of the
      norm. This is the landing area for the airport, and there is no
      cross low flying traffic allowed for safety, so my only opinion
      left is a triangular UFO. Thanks to UFOWisconsin Report


      SAVAGE -- MUFON's Bill McNeff reports, "A pilot observed a
      delta-shaped object in clear skies on October 14, 2002, flying
      south at 1:22 AM". The object had three soft white lights at its
      vertices which shone downward. It was about forty feet in width
      flying at about 1500 feet altitude and at 150 knots. The pilot
      stated, "It flew straight and level for about five seconds, then
      rolled right to a 45 degree angle which caused the downward
      lights to shine brighter, as they were directed more toward me -
      - the object then rolled left back to a straight and level
      position without making a sound." The object never appeared to
      change course or altitude during this rolling activity and was
      lost on the horizon. The object was observed passing in front of
      the beams of light from the Mystic Lake Casino. The observer is
      familiar with the air traffic around Minneapolis International
      Airport, about 20 miles to the northeast. This object did not
      conform to any recognizable aircraft navigational lighting or
      flight patterns. The sudden rolling activity and lack of sound
      is very uncharacteristic for commercial aircraft. Thanks to Bill
      McNeff at w.mcneff@...


      MULLEN -- For four nights after work my boyfriend and I have
      been driving home and have seen lights making loops, bouncing
      and doing all sorts of strange maneuvers. On November 9, 2002,
      it kept up with our car at perfect speed and got very close at
      11:00 PM. I got scared but once we reached town we watched it
      move around for several hours. On November 9th, we saw at least
      five of these lights that seemed red, white, and blue. We looked
      into the video camera and it was an assortment of all colors
      changing very fast every few seconds. We watched this for
      several hours again and it was still there when we left. I have
      this on video showing it moving at incredible speeds and
      changing colors rapidly. Thanks to Peter Davenport [
      http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


      GRAND JUNCTION -- I was walking towards the supermarket on Rood
      Avenue just minutes before sunset on November 14, 2002. It was
      still very light out but there was an orangish coloration on the
      mountains. There was a "starish" metallic shine in the clear sky
      that faded in about ten seconds, but I could see that it was a
      metallic object going away a lot slower than a jet. There were
      two pods melded together at 7 to 10,000 feet altitude and
      another one apparently appeared!! I looked elsewhere and saw no
      other objects in the sky except a second one, that looked like
      the first one except closer. I looked closely at the second
      object: still that weirdness to it that didn't quite look like a
      jet with apparently two pods with those two bubbly portions left
      and right. Think of a shorter and fatter cigar shapes craft
      hanging horizontally in the sky but with two pods for each side
      bulging out. It also appeared to be subtly change shape. A
      closer inspection of the object revealed a slight faint spray
      exhaust coming out of the tail like a jet fuel spray. Then they
      both suddenly were GONE! Thanks to Peter Davenport [
      http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


      SAN PEDRO -- The witnesses observed 7 to 10 red flashing lights
      in a triangular shape moving silently and slowly due south at
      7:00 PM, on November 13, 2002. Many other small planes in
      relatively the same area were moving much more quickly than this

      HACIENDA HEIGHTS -- The boyfriend was driving his sick
      girlfriend home who was laying down in the back seat on November
      13, 2002. The witness reports, I looked towards Turnball Canyon
      at 6:15 PM, and saw a huge round strange orange object with lots
      of red and white lights around it. It was round like an upside
      down charcoal gray bowl with red lights around the rim. I could
      see some white lights underneath the object like it was
      searching for something. There were little white lights just
      enough to see very dim. I yelled "Is that a UFO?" My boyfriend
      freaked as he saw it moving. This thing was huge maybe as big as
      an air balloon, when you look at it while it is still on the
      ground. Out of excitement, terror, or amazement I stared
      tearing. Just as fast as I took that look is how fast it was
      gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ http://www.ufocenter.com/

      Editor's Note: There seems to be a fleet of Flying Triangle
      aircraft flying low over the US. I wonder if they belong to us?
      They might be a new type of dirigible.


      SEATTLE (AP) - A ball of fire streaking across the sky on
      November 28, 2002, was seen throughout the Northwest. The
      burning light came from a Russian rocket body re-entering the
      Earth's atmosphere about 6:15 a.m. Witnesses said it had a long
      tail, which seemed to break into two pieces and appeared to move
      more slowly than a shooting star, but faster than a plane..


      TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On November 23, 2002, Brian Vike
      received a telephone call around 5:15 p.m. from two separate
      witnesses explaining that they just had witnessed some strange
      lights over Thron Hill Mountain. Five people watched moving
      lights near some large towers. One of the witnesses said the
      bright white light was double the size of the planet Venus. The
      witnesses watched the light for 10 to 15 seconds until it grew
      smaller and disappeared. The witnesses mentioned the sky was
      clear except for a large cloud which hung over the mountain
      where the lights were spotted. Since it was so stormy and windy,
      the witnesses all found it weird that the cloud stayed in the
      same position and did not move until all the lights were gone.
      Fifteen minutes later two lights showed up over the same area,
      and blinked out in less than a minute.

      ONTARIO, CANADA -- The witnesses were having a party at a lake
      in Northern Ontario several years ago, when an object was
      observed dropping down from the night sky and straight into the
      lake. He explained that all of them were amazed at what they
      just saw. The next morning, "early" all of the witnessed said
      they noticed military helicopters flying over and around the
      area. The fellow I talked with was surprised to see nothing in
      any newspaper about what they all witnessed. Thanks to Brian
      Vike UFO Field Investigator, HBCC UFO Research & Canadian


      RIO GRANDE DO SUL -- A silvery cigar-shaped UFO was sighted in
      several cities near the border with Uruguay on November 1, 2002.
      Hundreds of people saw a silver UFO flying rapidly over the
      cities of Gravatai, Cachoeirinha, and Canoas. The same day, at
      4:35 PM, a silver UFO was spotted in Praia do Cassino, a town on
      the South Atlantic shore. Eyewitness Eduardo Enderle Oliveira
      reported, "I was playing ball on the beach with my son and his
      friend when the boys sighted something unusual in the sky and
      saw it was a metallic fuselage in the form of a cigar. There
      were no wings. I called the attention of several beachgoers to
      this object, which flew at a very high altitude overhead. There
      was a brilliant gleam in the sky, most likely a reflection of
      the sun, and, as it departed, it resembled a brilliant sphere
      which gradually diminished in size."

      On November 18th, dozens saw a UFO over Casimiro de Abreu. The
      object was videotaped by Sergio Chapelin. On November 22nd, at
      8:50 PM, "witnesses observed the overflight of a ring-shaped
      object over port city Santos with rapidly alternating yellow,
      white and blue lights around the rim. The object flew southeast,
      and was seen by hundreds of people. Thanks to the Brazilian
      newspaper O Globo 11/19/02, Eduardo Enderle Oliveira, Rodrigo
      Branco of Ufologia Brasileira, and UFO ROUNDUP Vol.7, #48,
      11/26/02 Editor: Joseph Trainor http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      LAGUNA DEL SAUCE -- On November 2, 2002, in a rural area in
      Maldonado province, "a man who works in the (rain) forest claims
      to have seen a V- shaped object with two white lights on it. It
      was moving backwards." Two days later they found several
      mutilated calves" near that location. "It seemed as if something
      had extracted the flesh and the organs from the animals. There
      were no brains, no tongues, no flesh, and the cowhide was
      affected only in the place where the anus should be." On
      November 8, 2002, a mutilation took place in Establecimento
      Stella Maris. Many ranchers feel the cases are related to
      extraterrestrials, while the government authorities blamed a
      kind of wasp or a red mouse that could attack cows. Thanks to
      Carlos Barboza of eso informe.


      CONCEPCION DE LA SIERRA -- Julio Frette a veterinarian stated
      that there were four more mutilation cases" in northern Misiones
      province during August. He added that they were not reported
      earlier due to the ignorance of the parties who made the
      discoveries. At the town of Apostoles, a rancher found a
      mutilated animal and set it on fire." A zebu hybrid cow was
      found dead, and strange incisions were found on its body. "The
      animal suffered the mutilation of its internal organs, tongue,
      jaw, ear, larynx, pharynx, rectum, large intestine, genitals,
      and esophagus. The abdominal cavity was open and a calf missing.
      One of the incisions was perfectly cauterized. The tissue
      rapidly acquired an almost shiny black coloration. Police
      officers, the owner, and the veterinarian examined the bovine.
      The carcass gave off intense odor and there were no sign of a
      struggle by the animal.

      MALBRUN -- A mutilated animal was discovered on November 10,
      2002, in a field on the property of Oscar Suarez, who said, "The
      cow was missing the hide off its jawbones, one ear the tongue,
      left eye, and four teats." Thanks to Scott Corrales and Liliana
      Nunez, Institute of Hispanic Ufology


      EL OSO WILDERNESS -- Diario "El Liberal"reports a cow was found
      with a mutilated head and genitalia on November 15, 2002, in the
      Aguirre Department. The mutilated animal was discovered last
      Sunday in a field 33 km south of Malbrán, and is the property of
      Oscar Suarez. Suarez told EL LIBERAL: "The cow was missing the
      hide off its maxillaries, its tongue and left eye, an ear and
      four teats, but the remainder was quite sound even though it had
      been dead for several days. Thanks to Guillermo Aguilera and
      Raul Gajardo Leopold and Diario "El Liberal.


      COVENTRY -- The witness reports, "I was watching the stars at
      1:03 AM on November 15, 2002, while walking home and saw
      something shoot across the sky, that I thought was a shooting
      star." Then I realized it was not a shooting star as the craft
      hovered for five seconds before shooting off, at a speed that I
      could hardly tell it had gone. The craft when it was stationary
      seemed to glow green in color, and left a green streak as it
      left from my vision. One of my friends who was with me claims to
      have seen the exact same thing.


      Ministry of Defence's restricted "Rendlesham File, a detailed
      account of a UFO near a Suffolk RAF base more than 20 years ago
      was finally released by the British Government under the Freedom
      of Information Act. The sighting of a glowing triangular
      'strange glowing object' in Rendlesham Forest near RAF
      Woodbridge in the early hours of December 27, 1980, is described
      in colorful detail. US Air Force men witnessed the object hover
      in the darkness, transmitting blue pulsating lights, and sending
      nearby farm animals into a frenzy. In the report entitled
      "Unexplained Lights," Lt. Col. Charles I Halt, Deputy Base
      Commander at RAF Bentwaters, witnessed an object emitting a "red
      sun-like light" moving through the trees. USAF security police
      patrolmen first spotted "unusual lights".and three patrolman
      investigated and saw a strange glowing triangular metallic
      object in the forest. It was two to three meters across the base
      and two meters high. "It illuminated the entire forest with a
      white light and a pulsing red light on top with a bank of blue
      lights underneath. " As the patrolmen approached the hovering
      object, it maneuvered through the trees and disappeared. At this
      time the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy."

      The UFO was spotted an hour later near the back gate to the
      base. Next morning Lt. Col. Halt and his men discovered three
      circular depressions, seven inches in diameter, in the ground.
      Radiation measuring 0.1 milliroentgens was recorded in the
      depressions -- a level 10 times higher than normal. "Later in
      the night a red sun-like light was seen through the trees. It
      moved about and pulsed. At one point it appeared to throw off
      glowing particles and then broke into five separate white
      objects and then disappeared. "Immediately thereafter, three
      star-like objects were noticed that moved rapidly in sharp
      angular movements and displayed red, green and blue lights for
      an hour. The object to the south was visible for two or three
      hours and beamed down a stream of light." The UFO did not show
      up on RAF radar. "No evidence was found of any threat to the
      defense of the United Kingdom


      ORBASSANO --The Italian Center for UFO Studies reports, "A
      clamor was raised all over Italy because of a mysterious object
      sighted by a night watchman in Turin, in the early hours of
      September 28, 2002. The watchman said, "The UFO phenomenon was
      preceded by control monitors in the surveillance cabin failing,
      and at the same time that the electronic-controlled gate opened
      by itself in the truck rest-area at 4:27 a.m. The young man went
      outside to investigate and felt something akin to a slight
      breeze, which was accompanied by a whistling noise. He then
      found himself enshrouded in a beam of light emanating from
      above. He saw a luminous disc approximately 3 meters in diameter
      rotating on itself, which streaked out of sight after a few
      seconds, as if swallowed up by the sky. The monitor then came
      back on. The frightened watchman then telephoned the Carabinieri
      and appeared shaken when the patrol squad arrived.

      There were 38 observations in October, for a total of 615
      sightings in Italy for the first ten months of this year. Thanks
      to UFOTEL, Edoardo Russo, http://www.proz.com/translator/723


      ALICE SPRINGS -- Researcher Conway Costigan reports he received
      a call from three witnesses who observed four silver oval craft
      high in the daytime sky that emerged from a cloudbank on
      November 27, 2002. The craft were traveling in a diamond
      formation. While they were viewing this they heard a 'snap'
      noise and a white triangular object with rounded corners and
      dark ovoid highlights on the top surface seemed to appear from
      nowhere. This craft was suspended under a large parachute. It
      drifted out of sight of the witnesses. The four silver craft
      appeared to trail it for a few seconds and faded from sight. The
      witness who is in the aeronautics industry estimates the white
      triangular craft is roughly the size of a 747 jumbo jet in
      length. This was a one-shot and I can't phone this guy back. I
      did verify that the call originated from Australia, although I
      don't know how they got my number. They said that they were
      familiar with my attempts to analyze sightings Thanks to Conway


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      Filer's Files is copyrighted 2002 by George A. Filer, all rights
      reserved. Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites
      if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list
      the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and
      comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send
      your letters to Majorstar@.... Sending mail automatically
      grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please
      state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story

      Regards, George Filer [ http://www.georgefiler.com ]

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