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Fwd = [UASR] Re: Brazilian Abduction Has 18 Witnesses; Stones Fall from Sky

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  • Frits Westra
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2002
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      Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:19:09 -0700
      From: "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean1@...>
      Subject: FWD [fort] Re: Brazilian Abduction Has 18 Witnesses; Stones Fall from

      The Brazilian abduction affair includes everything ever invented
      about UFO abductions (except the slightest smidgin of plausibility.)

      I strongly suspect a hoax here for these reasons;

      1)The unsupported claim that 28 people (including the writer)
      witnessed this Hollywoodesque drama but said nothing until "after 48
      hours" had elapsed and the abducted man "was returned" - THEN one of
      them casually notified Rense - is absurd. Why didn't they report
      this astonishing abduction immediately, as anybody would? Wouldn't
      his wife or family have gone to the police, and wouldn't the police
      have said something or done something during those two days? In the
      meantime - multiple witnesses to a man being sucked up by a UFO -
      the biggest world-wide first imaginable - remained silent! Photos!
      Story! Name your own price! Doh!

      2)How did he get back - where did he re-appear - what did he say
      happened to him? Nothing is mentioned. Who is this abductee and why
      isn't he selling his story to the clamouring world press (after his
      third abduction, yet)? He obviously needs a better agent... here's
      my phone number(...)

      3)Apart from not immediately reporting this astonishing abduction
      event there are also no names, dates, times, locations, confirmation
      or supportive evidence provided; even the photos carefully avoid
      identifiable images of the participants, but do give a glimpse of
      army camouflage pants to insinuate an interest by the military.

      4) Crisp sheets that retain their sharp fold-lines despite being
      allegedly slept on, and a nicely fluffed-up pillow lacking the
      impression of a head, lead only to the conclusion that something
      constructed was carefully laid onto a fresh sheet and manipulated to
      achieve the required effect.

      5)The hoaxers' talents didn't extend to drawing a decent outline of
      a human on the ceiling though. Michelangelo managed ceilings OK, but
      this effort falls very far short. Take a look at the ridiculous
      straight lines representing the legs to start with, but also there
      is absolutely nothing marked anywhere on this sham that approaches
      any natural contact point of the human body. Some clueless non-
      artist has randomly burned marks within a (now-erased) chalk outline
      on the ceiling.

      6)I'll also back my hunch that the "stones", or hand-made pot-
      looking things (some with handles)in the final photo, far from
      falling out of the sky, have never been anywhere near the sky.

      Something like what Douglas Adams wrote in "The Hitchhiker's Guide
      to the Galaxy" must have not happened in Brazil that day...

      "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks

      ...but in exactly the opposite way (if you see what I mean).


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