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Fwd = UFO UpDate: Ombudsman "MOD Blocked Rendlesham File Release"

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      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Ombudsman "MOD Blocked Rendlesham File Release"
      Original Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 10:12:50 -0500

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      From: David Clarke <cd292@...>
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      Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 09:18:34 -0000
      Subject: Ombudsman "MOD Blocked Rendlesham File Release"

      Source: BBC News Online


      3 December 2002


      Details of one of Britain's most famous UFO scares was among
      information repeatedly suppressed by government defence chiefs,
      according to a Westminster watchdog. Parliamentary Ombudsman Ann
      Abraham said the Ministry of Defence (MoD) broke open government
      rules three times in recent months over cases including the
      Rendlesham Forest UFO scare.

      Complaints about the MoD's refusal to list countries prioritised
      for arms sales or reveal details of an armed services survey
      were also up-held.

      Former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle said the examples
      outlined in the report on the Ombudsman's work between May and
      October were symptomatic of a "culture of secrecy" in the MoD.

      "It is one of those departments that have always opposed freedom
      of information and are not very attuned to what is required in a
      modern, open and accountable government," he said.

      "Other departments and Whitehall as a whole have a problem with
      openness but the MoD is on of the more incorrigible cases of
      government by secrecy," he said.

      Details of the alleged sighting at a Norfolk RAF base more than
      20 years ago were released last week after the Ombudsman ruled
      the MoD were wrongly suppressing them.

      The "Rendlesham File" concerns a sighting of a "glowing"
      triangular object by US Air Force police in Rendlesham Forest,
      near RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk.

      The documents have only previously been made available to around
      20 people who used the American Freedom of Information Act to
      gain access to them.

      In the early hours of 27 December, 1980, a number of US Air
      Force men witnessed the object hover in the darkness,
      transmitting blue pulsating lights and sending nearby farm
      animals into a "frenzy".

      While the actual documents had not been released, the details
      were widely known, the Ombudsman said in her report.

      "Given their age and the fact that these documents contained no
      information not already in the public domain, the Ombudsman saw
      no reason why they could not be disclosed," the report said.

      The Ombudsman also partially upheld complaints against the
      Cabinet Office, DVLA, Driving Standards Agency and the
      Department for Work and Pensions, the report revealed.

      Restrictions on the MoD's "Rendlesham File" were dropped as part
      of an opening-up of the inner workings of Whitehall.

      Ministers are attempting to lift the official veil of secrecy by
      repealing or amending a raft of legislation banning access to

      Government departments will now be required to release
      information on the internal workings of Whitehall, including
      minutes of meetings of top civil servants.

      Ministers say they will repeal or amend up to 100 items of
      legislation which are currently prohibited from disclosure.

      *** For the full text of the Ombudsman's judgement go to:


      click 'What's New' and then 'Parliamentary Commissioner for
      Administration - Access to Official Information - Investigations
      Completed May-October 2002.

      Ministry of Defence - Case A29/02 - Refusal to release
      information relating to the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident can
      be found on pgs 9-11 of the file in pdf format.

      "Mr E" who made the complaint is of course Eric Morris of the
      British UFO Studies Centre.


      Dave Clarke


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