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Re: [UFOnet] Fwd = [B-T] Off Topic: Moon - NASA vs. Photographers!

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  • Cosmic Conspiracies
    i agree with you i think the original footage is the fogged footage and the new is the crystal clear fake footage also the lit up areas in full dark shadow is
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2002
      i agree with you i think the original footage is the fogged footage and the
      new is the crystal clear fake footage also the lit up areas in full dark
      shadow is totaly bogus
      http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/cosmicapollo.html for further analysis

      Many Thanks,

      Dave at Cosmic Conspiracies
      UFORCE International Director(UK)

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      From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
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      Subject: [UFOnet] Fwd = [B-T] Off Topic: Moon - NASA vs. Photographers!
      Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 16:39:50 +0100

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      Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 07:00:05 EST
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      Subject: Off Topic: Moon - NASA vs. Photographers!


      For what it's worth, here's my spin on things:

      My interest in the Moon 'hoax' theory was sparked
      a few years ago - at the Fortean 'UnConvention' in

      A lecture by former 'UK Press Photographer of the Year'
      David Percy featured his stunned reaction to close study
      of the official NASA videos & still pictures of the Apollo
      Moon landings.

      His view (& I'm not saying it's accurate) is that the photos
      released by NASA just don't 'add up', and 'Whistleblowers'
      gave 'clues' to the cover-up.

      Some examples included: 'Wrong' shadows (angles);
      wrong lighting (pools of light, fill-in lighting);
      wrong effects (the flag blowing in a breeze!);
      wrong science (heat/cold/radiation/film stock);
      wrong photometry (cross-hairs on pictures);
      wrong 'framing' (such great pictures? Impossible!)
      wrong effects (thick soft dust UNDER the lander?!)
      and several other 'problems' (like Hassleblad never
      allowing close examination of their 'Moon cameras'!)

      Now - He was looking at this from a photographers
      viewpoint... He admits he was brought up watching
      - & strongly believing in - the Moon landings!

      He was shocked that later, with his new photo-skills,
      he could see deeper problems within the images.

      I'm not here to defend his views, but I do agree that
      many of the 'Official NASA' pictures are NOT 'true'!

      However - that might not mean they never went to the

      It just might mean that NASA couldn't provide decent
      pictures to the Press/Media, it simply wasn't possible.
      So they faked pictures, film & videos to satisfy the
      requirements of National Geographic & Co.!

      I like this, because it means that you can still 'hold
      onto the dream' - & KNOW that NASA really DID get
      there; While we 'conspiracy theorists' can enjoy NASA
      squirming - because they DID fake photos in the desert
      out by Groom Lake AFB - & at the soundstage created
      at Norton AFB utilising Hollywood special FX experts!!!
      (Hence the visual clues from 'whistleblowers').

      The funny thing is that NASA is continuing to deny
      anything/everything! The Jim O'Berg book farce; the
      statements that all (ALL?!) the relevant people are now
      moved-on, or deceased, or lost track-of, means that
      NASA CANNOT now disprove the deception!

      It'd be much simpler if someone (Oberg?) just said:
      "Well... OK... Actually, it's true - we DID take a few
      films out in the desert to replace those that got fogged
      by the radiation up on the Moon..."

      I love it!!!

      Hope that clarifies the view held by a few of us?!

      (I expect there are a few 'Moon-Hoax' Yahoo groups!)
      Clear Skies!
      Bill Turner, B-T 'Admin'.
      Black-Triangle E-Group HQ.
      Near London Heathrow, UK.
      Trust No-One!
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