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Clones, Ghosts, Hoaxes and Secrets

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  • Roger Anderton
    Clones, Ghosts, Hoaxes, Science Issues and Secrets As well as the main news and the gossip about celebrities, the papers have other stories. Two of interest in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002
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      Clones, Ghosts, Hoaxes, Science Issues and Secrets

      As well as the main news and the gossip about celebrities, the papers have other stories. Two of interest in Sunday Express Dec. 1 2002:

      First Article: Me, baby clones and Galileo :

      "Notorious fertility doctor Severino Antinori, who has just announced the imminent birth of the first human clone, believes he is guided from 'the other side' by the sixt[eenth]- century Italian scientist Galileo.

      "The gynaecologist, 58, who has courted controversy since giving successful IVG treatment to a 63 year old woman in the early 1990s, says he has been in contact with Galileo since he was a boy.

      " 'It is the great Galileo himself who, from up there, guides my research activities and gives me strength to overcome the moral lynching to which I am subjected by certain scientific circles,' he told an Italian magazine. Last Tuesday Antinori announced that three women would be giving birth to cloned babies in January.

      "He refused to identify the teams of scientists involved, nor to identify the mothers. Nor did he provide any scientific proof of the pregnancies. He said he would wait a year before presenting the baby to the world, or 'it would be treated as a freak.'

      "Scientists are sceptical about his claims. A former colleague, Dr Panos Zavos, claims that Antinori recently urged him to falsely announce a cloned pregnancy and 'see what happens.'

      "Antinori once claimed to help movie star Jane Fonda to conceive a baby at 55, which she denied."

      Several points here-

      1. Is it just me or are others not able to cope with scientists claiming to guided by spirits?

      2. Antinori seems to be involved in hoaxing, because he wants to gauge the moral climate of how his work will be perceived by the general public. Whether he will be labelled as a Frankenstein etc. A lot of the Frontier Science seems to have this problem. - Make a claim and withdraw it as a hoax if not acceptable by the public. Remember the claim that life was found on Mars (via a meteorite) not long ago, and which was then partially withdrawn?

      3. If he has genuinely cloned humans, then what will be the moral response? Is it a crime or not?

      4. Cloned animals had side effects as far as I remember.

      5. Another article related has about - Human eggs are being sold. If human eggs and sperm can be easily bought, then why do aliens supposedly go to the trouble of abducting people to steal it? The likes of scientist Antinori would sell it to them.

      Conclusion: The whole world is crazy, and mixed up unable to deal with scientific issues such as human cloning .

      Next article: Revealed : Hitler's £300 million plan for his 'puppet' the Duke by Meg Milne

      "Hitler's plan to install Edward, Duke of Windsor as puppet king after a German invasion has been revealed in newly translated secret Nazi wartime documents.

      "The Duke and Mrs Simpson were to be paid £5 million - in excess of £300 million today - to return to Britain in the autumn of 1940. Then, at Balmoral, Hitler would bestow on the couple the official titles of Prince and Princess Regent..."

      Hitler thought it would be easy to invade Britain and set the Duke back on the English throne. WWII was more than 50 years ago, and its taking that long to be leaked secrets of what was really going on. No surprise that other secrets would be kept for longer if they concerned National Security issues (such as UFOs) still affecting the Modern world scene.

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