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Fwd: Re: The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: A Symposium

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  • uwrk
    ... you ... in action ... because ... Russian MIA s ... But this is NOT EVIDENCE FOR reptoid involvement! Great nmbers of soldiers could have deserted or
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002
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      > > WW II is proof that this is all nonsense. How many examples can
      > > cite of bodies disappearing mysteriously from battlefields or
      > > concentration camps? What reputable modern source saw bodies
      > > levitated up into the air?
      > >
      > In World War 2, our military had 79,000 soldiers who were missing
      in action
      > and never found. In World War 1 we had only 4,400 missing in action
      > we were only in the war for 1 year. The figures on German and
      Russian MIA's
      > in World War 2 ran into the millions.

      But this is NOT EVIDENCE FOR "reptoid" involvement! Great nmbers
      of soldiers could have deserted or died where their bodies weren't
      found. Btw, German and Russian MIA figures did not run into the
      millions! The number missing in action was small relative to total
      losses on all sides. Also, there is a diffrence beween missing in
      action and missing after beng killed in action! How many burial
      detail units reported that the bodies had disappeared before
      collection or burial??

      During World War 1 the Reptoids started
      > a flu epidemic worldwide that killed 40 million people. It killed
      > people in the US.

      More paranoid garbage. Did anyone see flu victims levitated? Also,
      why kill people that way with so many already dying in war??

      The civil war in Rwanda over the last few years has killed
      > 5 million people. And the UN pulled their peacekeeping troops out
      of the
      > country so it could happen. The consensus of opinion at the UN was
      > they be Reptoid fodder than us.

      The paranoid delusions of this character know no bounds!

      Look up the accounts of UN General
      > Dallaire, and then try to tell me they didn't let it all happen on
      > Art
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