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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl (Frits Westra) Originally from: UFO UpDates - Toronto (by way of UFO UpDates - Toronto
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
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      Forwarded by: fwestra@... (Frits Westra)
      Originally from: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@...> (by way of UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@...>)
      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Terminology
      Original Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 23:21:56 -0500

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      From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs@...>
      To: UFO Updates <ufoupdates@...>
      Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 10:12:16 -0700
      Subject: Terminology

      Now that Ufology is undergoing a massive campaign through the
      SciFi Channel's media arm, it seems apropo to consider changing
      the terminology of Ufology to better reflect how Ufology has
      evolved over the last 55 years.

      There is little doubt that the field of study, commonly referred
      to as "Ufology," has become muddied over the decades, as many
      Fortean areas have unfairly been assigned to the UFO phenomenon.
      As an example: Chupacabras, crop circles, Mothman, spook lights,
      etc. have been inserted into the category of Ufology. Although
      it is possible that some of these may touch on the phenomena of
      UFOs, they are not actual parts of the UFO phenomenon as
      conceived by early Ufologists.

      Astute researchers realize that Ufology is the study of unknown
      aeronautical crafts that defy known aeronautical theories and
      rules and the theories of possible origin of these manufactured-
      appearing machines, appearing under intelligent control.
      However, over the course of 55 years, everything Fortean has
      been added to the mix, sparking a lot of redundant discussion
      and massive confusion among both researchers and those
      interested in the phenomenon.

      I believe it is time to rework the terminology for the field of
      Ufology. Although it is not certain, enough documentation exists
      to suggest that the acronym, "UFOs" was brought to prominence by
      Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt during the early Project Blue Book
      investigations. At the time the acronym was being used the USAF
      was collecting reports of any and all unidentified aerial
      objects, including such things as lights in the sky and
      astronomical unknowns.

      In order to cement the historical base of Ufology that is being
      laid, new definitions seem mandatory, thus clearing the way for
      the next step in making Ufology a legitimate science. In other
      words, scientists, researchers, historians and the general
      public needs to agree on what constitutes Ufology.

      As many List members know, I have been working on the
      terminology issue for a long time. The following terminologies
      and acronyms are ones I use to replace the aged terminology of
      the early days of Ufology, which leaves much to be desired.

      Crypto-Aeronautics: This term removes most astronomical and
      Fortean elements from discussion. It denotes that the field of
      Crypto-Aeronautics is the study of unknown manufactured craft
      that are seen in our atmosphere and in near space. To qualify as
      a research case an object must appear to be manufactured, appear
      intelligently controlled and exceeds currently known aerodynamic
      principles. Crypto-Aeronautics replaces the older term,

      Crypto-Craft (UCC): An unknown flying craft that appears
      manufactured, under intelligent control and defies current
      aeronautical maneuvers and known propulsion systems. Replaces
      the old acronym: "UFO(s)."

      Crypto-Aeronautist (CCA): A person who studies, researches and
      investigates Crypto-Aeronautics. This term only refers to those
      who maintain more than a passing or general interest in the
      field of Crypto-Aeronautics by actual research and/or on-site
      investigation and follows academic and scientific protocol.
      Replaces the term, "Ufologist."

      Crypto-Aeronautic Historian (CAH): A person who devotes their
      research efforts to document and preserve the history of Crypto-
      Aeronautics without prejudice. The CAH maintains Crypto-
      Aeronautic archives for the benefit of researchers. Replaces the
      old terminology: "UFO Historian."

      Crypto-Aeronautic Specialist (CAS): Researchers who specialize
      in one area of Crypto-Aeronautics. For example a Crypto-
      Aeronautic Trace Specialist would be designated by the acronym
      (CAS-T). Photo Analyst (CAS-P), Database Specialist (CAS-D),

      Crypto-Entity(s): CE(s) denote cases involving the appearance of
      unknown entites with a crypto-craft (UCC). There are two types:
      CBE(s), which denote biological entities and CRE(s), which
      appear to be robotic or mechanical in appearance.

      In order to update the types of cases first designed by Dr. J.
      Allen Hynek, I propose the following types of cases:

      CA1: Case involving UCC(s) that are observed in the atmosphere
      or in near space.

      CA2: Cases involving witnesses that are within 50 yards of a

      CA3: Cases involving witnesses who come into contact or enters a

      CA4: Cases involving observation of CBE(s) or CRE(s).

      CA5: Cases involving witness(s) who encounter and interact with
      CBE(s) or CRE(s)

      CA6: Cases involving people who have been abducted by a UCC and
      their occupants.

      CA7: Cases involving UCC(s) that leave evidentuary traces

      CA8: Cases involving UCC(s) that have been recovered.

      Thank You,

      Wendy Connors
      Faded Discs

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