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"physical" Hyperspace vs. the "mental-quantum" Multiverse

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  • stealthskaters
    Being a physics layperson, I was always confused about Hawking s Wave Function of the Universe , the Multiverse, Hyperspace described by 10/11-dimensional
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Being a physics layperson, I was always confused about
      Hawking's "Wave Function of the Universe", the
      Multiverse, "Hyperspace" described by 10/11-dimensional superstring
      and M-brane theories, and in general how the "mental-quantum aspects"
      can govern/influence physical-or-time events. I received an e-mail
      from Dr. Jack Sarfatti that offered an explanation. Its
      applicability to so-called "StarGate" machines may be why UFO-like
      technology is so formidable to our science:

      "… This is Murray Gell-Mann's position in "The Quark and the
      Jaguar". You can think of the many quantum wave worlds of the qubit
      Multiverse as valleys separated by mountains on a thought-like
      mindscape or landscape. The many quantum wave "qubit" worlds of
      David Deutsch's "Multiverse" should not be confounded with the
      parallel brane worlds of hyperspace described by Stephen Hawking
      in "The Universe in a Nutshell". The rock-like geometrodynamic brane
      worlds of hyperspace get their marching orders from the qubit mental
      worlds of the Multiverse. The Multiverse "pilot wave" and the
      hyperspace brane worlds (or super hidden variable) together form the
      post-Bohmian "Super Cosmos" …"

      The entire e-mail can be accessed at item #10(c) on
      http://www.stealthskater.com/UFO_Science_URLS.htm .
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