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Hello. An introduction and invitation

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    Greetings all. I thought I d introduce myself here. My name is Joe Held. I ve been involved online with the UFO and Alien subject for just over 4 years. My
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002
      Greetings all. I thought I'd introduce myself here. My name is Joe Held. I've been involved online with the UFO and Alien subject for just over 4 years. My current projects are http://www.starshipgamma.com, which is an Alien and UFO information archive, at it's capacity of 125megs of storage right now, but I'm upping that to 250 very soon. I also have a couple more sites that I will be using in conjunction with gamma to archive as much info as possible relating to these subjects. I have just added an automated UFO report form to gamma, with a browser for UFO reports. These reports will be kept in a data base, for public viewing at gamma, also, will be backed up daily and kept on a secure hard drive, also, they will be kept on a private and secure seperate server, as well as printed out to hard copy, so there will be no chance of ever losing any of the data. Please feel free to post any events you may have had in your life to help me archive this data for future visitors.

      Let me tell just a bit about myself as well, so you get an idea about what I'm about. I work my tail off webmastering sites related to the UFO phenomenon. I have spent far more than I have ever taken in in books sales and what not. I do this because it is in my blood, and I only hope to learn as much as I can about our true Earth history, and our place and relationship with the numerous alien operatives we have here visiting, or living in our neck of the woods. I have seen two types of aliens, the grey types, not all of which are necessarily grey, and I have seen a dwarf type being as well when I was young. I've seen numerous UFOs over the 43 years of my life as well. There are many of us that have seen these things, so we will never be told any different by our government, or other groups, that these thing do not exist. Many of us down right KNOW they exist, and want to know more about the most important subject in the world before we leave this plane. That is my motive in all of this.

      Now, let me just quickly promote my other main venture. It is an Alternative News site called Informant News at: http://www.informantnews.com which I just launched this morning around midnight. I have a knack for searching and finding good articles and news, and I plan on keeping this thing packed with current, and past articles of interest. I could use as many helpers as I can find, contributors, who would like to share news bits that they may find, as well as exclusive stories and articles from contibutors. So, if you'd like to see your story posted online, please check out the site.

      Thank you in advance for allowing me in this group, and letting promote my sites a bit. I hope to get to know many of you soon, and hope we can all work together towards finding and promoting the truth! This is a very hard and frustrating line of research to be in, and support is vital to sustaining ones sanity.

      Thanks again,


      Joe Held

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