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  • Linette Sukup
    The key problems for establishing this type of group are time and money. People can be full of enthusiasm, but there is only so much energy to go around. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2002
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      The key problems for establishing this type of group are time and money.
      People can be full of enthusiasm, but there is only so much energy to go
      around. The proposal outlined here would required a group of independently
      wealthy loners.


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      > Subject: A New Model for UFO Groups
      > A New Model for UFO Groups
      > The best known UFO groups are MUFON-affiliated groups. There have been
      > several attempts over the past 5 years to initiate Skywatch groups to no
      > avail and Skywatch International has mainly remained a network.
      > Most MUFON groups have monthly meetings, inviting some experiencer,
      > researcher, or author to speak to their local membership. This has helped
      > keep the public interested and informed, but has hardly advanced our
      > which is to study the UFO phenomena and learn more about it. To do so
      > a host of disciplines and experts from every walk of life. We believe
      > it should be a scientific enterprise and follow some of the same
      > and standards as any other scientific research program. This has hardly
      > happened and only a few scientifically-trained Ufologists have carried
      > of the burden of research and investigation. Facts are few while theories
      > and opinions abound.
      > There are many facets to modern UFO research. It is not as simple as
      > interviewing witnesses of sightings of UFOs. There are many branches on
      > UFO tree and many take one preferred branch while some try to embrace the
      > whole tree.
      > The real problem is too much socializing and a lack of participation and
      > organization in developing a core research program. UFO research may have
      > outgrown the day of the lone field investigator interviewing a witness.
      > need more than just monthly meetings or internet messages flying back and
      > forth.
      > We need to get organized. We need to get trained. We need to get
      > professional. We need a new approach, a pro-active approach. Of course,
      > this means devoting precious time for little or no reward to help advance
      > our knowledge and it promises bigger returns than just finding out UFO
      > shapes or behavior. We all sense that there is something very BIG behind
      > all this and some of us are driven to find out what that is and how it
      > in with all of our other studies of the universe.
      > I can only propose an elementary outline here of what I imagine to be a
      > approach for all UFO groups who seriously want to find answers to the UFO
      > question and develop this in proportion to the feedback I receive.
      > First, members should be recruited to take on positions of responsibility.
      > No member should just be a member of a UFO group, but an active member
      > something to do.
      > Next, members should attend classes on the UFO subject given by those who
      > have already demonstrated competence. Next, teams should be formed and
      > members assigned to teams. For example, members trained in computer
      > programming can become members of the Database Team and add and maintain
      > records on UFO events. They can also use software that will help analyze
      > photos and videos. Another team could be designated a Skywatch Team
      > with going to UFO hotspots or good sky watching locations and recording
      > evidence. There could be a UFO Forensics team who will analyze samples
      > specimens gathered from various sources. Each team will follow a set of
      > protocols and file reports. The idea is to organize the activity and
      > contribute to an accumulation of data and analysis that will lead to the
      > developments of hypotheses and the writing of research proposals that will
      > contribute to the bettering of our general knowledge.
      > The UFO topic is usually framed as a 'problem' or question in need of an
      > answer. The topic statement will invite your reader to ask why it is
      > significant and 'worth doing'. A good research proposal identifies in the
      > research topic a 'problem' to be investigated.
      > Your proposal needs to show how the proposed research relates to a body of
      > related studies, or literature. The orthodox way to do this is to write a
      > brief version of the literature review on a traditional science model.
      > is not always possible, especially if there is little related past
      > Now, we can imagine a UFO group as a beehive of activity with most of the
      > active members engaged in UFO investigation, research, or even attempts at
      > sending, receiving, and recording signals from UFOs.
      > A study of how other scientific groups conduct their research will be of
      > benefit to this effort.
      > Then, what about all those meetings we love so much where we can hob-nob
      > with the poor and famous and meet with our friends to hear juicy tales of
      > extraterrestrial abductions? They have their place, but imagine
      > a public meeting where a celebrity speaker is brought in to give a
      > presentation and alternate this where group team leaders give a public
      > presentation.
      > Each group should have a journal to report its findings to the public.
      > Each group can even have teams that work on government disclosure.
      > The idea is: why wait for the flying saucers to land and leave permanent
      > marks on the ground? Why not take action just as the amateur astronomers
      > are out there looking for that next comet to be named after them, we
      > have teams sky watching around the clock and rapid deployment skywatch
      > networks so that teams can verify a sighting during its occurrence or
      > shortly after.
      > I like to socialize just like anyone, but that doesn't get the job done.
      > Every member of a group needs to become a UFO expert. They need to read
      > literature and study the subject and even attend training classes and take
      > quizzes! It demands a lot from a person, but with everyone on board
      > it could make the job easier.
      > Sincerely,
      > Bill Hamilton
      > Executive Director
      > Skywatch International, Inc.
      > Website:
      > http://www.skywatch-research.org
      > Fiat Lux et Veritas
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