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FOTOCAT Project News

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  • Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
    FOTOCAT (acronym in Spanish for Catalog of Photographs) is an in-progress project from the Anomaly Foundation , a not-for-profit
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2002
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      FOTOCAT (acronym in Spanish for Catalog of Photographs) is an in-progress
      project from the Anomaly Foundation <http:/www.anomalia.org>, a
      not-for-profit organization set up in Spain in 1997 mainly to fund UFO
      research, publish journals and books, and preserve from extintion
      endangered UFO records.
      Started initially with the objective to organize our 35-year photographic
      UFO/IFO archives, when it acquired significant proportions it naturally
      developed into a worldwide catalog with the purpose to integrate all UFO
      reports published in the mainstream literature where photography, film or
      video had been taken.
      FOTOCAT has now 2,500 entries and it is rapidly expanding. We plan to
      release it through the Foundation´s web site for public knowledge and
      usage when its size its considered to be acceptably representative of the
      "UFO photograph phenomenon" at world scale. At this stage, there are still
      some regional or yearly weaknesses.

      LATE NEWS!
      FOTOCAT accepts and looks for material donations in order to become a
      comprehensive tally of this specific segment of UFO phenomenology. One of
      our efforts centers in the acquisition of photographic records from
      various sources. It is with satisfaction that we can report here that a
      collection of 500 slides from the well-known ufologist from Argentina, Mr
      Guillermo Roncoroni (unfortunately deceased) were donated to the Anomaly
      Foundation thanks to the good services of his Argentinian colleagues and
      noted researchers Mr Alejandro Agostinelli and Mr Roberto E Banchs. This
      set splendidly documents such UFO cases in Latinamerica.

      Very recently, Mr Philip Klass has generously donated his personal
      collection of 300 slides to our Project, and we have to thank the
      assistance provided by Mr Milton Hourcade. In this set we may find
      extraordinary photographic coverage of outstanding UFO events like
      Delphos, South Hill, or Socorro, as well as many other excellent

      Finally, a noted figure in the UFO field in the United States, who has
      collected an impressive amount of photographic material, has decided to
      include the Anomaly Foundation in his Last Will as future beneficiary of
      his UFO photo assets.

      We request researchers from all corners of the world to submit us copy of
      any list of UFO/IFO photocases produced or to exchange regional catalogs
      with us. We will gladly submit what we have for a given country for
      correction and improvement.

      Thanks for your time and best regards,

      Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
      Research Director, Anomaly Foundation
      Apartado de Correos 12140
      46080 Valencia

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