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U.S. UFO Center - News and Updates - Vol. 1, Issue 44

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  • United States UFO Information and Resear
    U.S.U.F.O.I.R.C. News and Updates Volume 1, Issue 44 An Internet Publication of the United States UFO Information and Research Center www.usufocenter.com ~
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2002
      U.S.U.F.O.I.R.C. News and Updates
      Volume 1, Issue 44

      An Internet Publication of the
      United States UFO Information and Research Center
      www.usufocenter.com ~ www.usufocenter.org ~ www.usufoirc.org


      1) The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL - Now available after slight delay!
      2) The ARC - Alternate Realities Conference 2003 - Register Online!
      3) The ARC - New Speakers Line-Up and Update!
      4) New Movie - "A Place To Stay" - Highly Recommended
      5) Visit and Order From Our Online Store Just In Time For Christmas!


      1) The 2nd and 3rd Quarter Issue of The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL is now available at www.americanufojournal.com inside the archive to past and present editions of our newsletters. We are making the Journal available to everyone because we feel that everyone in the world deserves to know the truth whether they can afford to pay for it, or not. The password to access part one of a two part series is: freedom and you must have this password to access the file. Part two will be available shortly, sometime during the next few days.

      Much work goes into the collection, assimilation, and preparation of the Journal as well as its contents. Please help to support the Center and our important work with your donation and become an Associate Member today. Find out how at www.usufocenter.com

      Member benefits include contact information for the reports you read if any Associate Member who is also listed as a field investigator would like to go out and investigate sightings that appear therein. For more information about the pro-active nature of the United States UFO Information and Research Center's Field Investigations Training and Recruitment program please visit www.usufoinvestigators.org

      2) Registration for The ARC - Alternate Realities Conference 2003 is now in progress. In order to help with the costs involved we have begun registration earlier this year than last and are offering wonderful incentives for early registration. Find out more at www.ETconference.org

      3) In order to bring the following speakers to The ARC we need you to register early so that we may confirm their appearance. Proposed speakers for The ARC 2003 include the following:
      Kriss Stephens
      From Mtv's Popular Television Show "FEAR"

      Dr. Rodger Leir
      Speaking on the subject of "Alien Implants"

      Patti Starr
      From "Ghost Chasers International"

      Brian Trafford
      Speaking About NASA UFO Footage

      John Greenwald, Jr.
      Editor "The Black Vault" Website

      Stan Gordon
      Speaking On UFOs and The Unexplained

      Pat Fitzhugh
      Speaking About "The Bell Witch"

      Jules Kennedy
      Speaking On "Connecting With Higher Guidance"

      Adam Sorg
      Talking About Anomalies Known As "Spook Lights"

      With your help we can make this the best year EVER!!!

      4) A new movie has just been released in Europe and Kerry Blower writes:

      "I would just like to recommend everyone going to see the movie 'A Place To Stay'. I was invited to the premier yesterday in London and I wasn't prepared for the content of the movie at all. I cried for hours afterwards along with my husband and mother."

      She continues by adding, "For anyone that has been involved with the circles for many years like us, I feel it will touch you profoundly on the deepest of levels. It is 'right up there' along with 'Close Encounters' for us and we want to see it again and again. I still cry now as I write this just thinking about it."

      5) Books, Videos, T-Shirts, and More are now available from "The E.T. Outlet" at www.ufostore.org
      With the colder weather coming you can stay warm and support the USUFOIRC's building fund all at the same time with our new Sweat Shirts and Long Sleeve T's that bear the Center's logo and website address...

      Through October 31, 2002 all poster orders $35 or more will receive FREE shipping... The free shipping code is: 1LG-GB1-14H-P63

      For more information about the building program please visit www.ufofund.org

      Farewell until next time... Clear Skies, and Happy Skywatching!

      Stacey Allen McGee
      Founder and National Director
      United States UFO Information and Research Center
      www.usufocenter.com ~ www.usufocenter.org ~ www.usufoirc.org


      Pyramid Healing ~ www.pyramidhealing.org
      Southern Appalachia UFO Network ~ www.saun.org
      The ARC - Alternate Realities Center ~ www.spiritofthearc.org
      The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL ~ www.americanufojournal.com
      The ARC - Alternate Realities Conference ~ www.ETconference.org
      Research Center Complex and Building Donations ~ www.ufofund.org
      UFO and Paranormal Field Investigations ~ www.usufoinvestigators.org
      Visit Our Online Store For Books, Videos, T-Shirts, and More ~ www.ufostore.org
      Report Extraordinary Experiences online ~ www.uforeporting.info and www.nationaluforeporting.org

      Mailing Address & Telephone Number:
      Post Office Box 153, Unicoi, TN 37692 USA
      Sightings & Information Hotline: (423) 735-0848
      SAUN Meeting Information: (423) 943-6477
      Email: dreaman@...

      Quotes: "History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again." ...Carl Sagan

      "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The evidence has been denied the American people for over 50 years!" ...UFO Investigative Colleague and Researcher, Clifford Stone

      "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but
      in seeing with new eyes." ...French Novelist, Marcel Proust

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