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      Original Subject: _____________PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT____________
      Original Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 14:49:54 -0500

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      _____________PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT____________
      Think About It Enterprises presents The 1st Annual Think About It
      Symposium - Shelbourne Beach Resort, 1801 Collins St., Miami Beach, Florida
      November 30th - December 3rd, 2002

      Contact - Bret Walters
      Ph - 319-866-9560
      Fax - 319-866-9560
      Email - bret@...

      Oct. 4, 2002

      Free Thinkers to Descend on Miami

      Free Thinkers from around the world will meet at the Shelbourne Beach
      Resort, in Miami Beach, Florida, November 30th - December 3rd, 2002, to
      discuss if life does indeed exist beyond the earth. In so doing, This
      Symposium, will perform a valuable service to all of humanity by
      presenting the most knowledgeable speakers on alien abduction, individual
      extraterrestrial experiences, covert government activities; involving the
      relationships with the grays, the reasons involved in keeping this secret
      from the public; the true relationship between humanity and the
      extraterrestrial intelligent, DNA alterations and testing of humans,
      Native American knowledge of the Star Nations, Who are The Men In Black,
      and who or what are making the Crop Circles among other topics.

      Highlights of the 1st Annual Think About It Symposium in Miami, Florida
      will include:

      James Gilliland - well known talk show guest recounting experiences and
      providing documentation of Spiritual based UFO activities in Trout Lake,

      Colin Andrews - is a well-known researcher and author and is widely
      acknowledged as the world expert on the crop circle phenomenon.

      Dr. Steven Greer MD - Head of the Disclosure Project

      Standing Elk/Golden Eagle - Is a member of the Dakota Ihunktowan Band of
      South Dakota, Spiritual advisor, and one of the seven Sundance Chiefs of
      the Yankton Sioux.

      Dennis Michael - remote viewer for the United States government.

      Al Bielek - has lived a life most would not choose to live. While many
      would think that time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret
      projects are exciting ventures, Al paid a big price for the privilege.
      Because those who set the agenda wish to keep their activities secret, Al
      was robbed of his family, his memories, and ultimately, his identity.

      Heidi Hollis - is an advocate to bringing the UFO topic to a comfortable
      level where it can be spoken of frankly and openly. She is also the author
      of the first book written on the Shadow People which was written previous
      to any mentioning of the topic elsewhere, entitled The Secret War: The
      Heavens Speak of the Battle

      Jerry & Kathy Wills - editors of Xpeditions Magazine. Jerry is a healer
      who has appeared on FOX TV and many other TV news programs.

      Haktan Akdogan - pioneering Turkish UFO researcher.

      William Henry - is an investigative mythologist who lives in Nashville,
      TN. His primary expertise and mission is finding and interpreting ancient
      stories which feature advanced.

      Dr. Richard Sauder - Is the premier underground bases researcher in the
      USA today. His best selling first book, "Underground Bases and Tunnels:
      What is the Government trying to Hide?=94 has opened thousands of =
      people's eyes to the reality of clandestine, underground bases. In his
      second book, "Kundalini Tales", provides substantial, conclusive evidence
      of patented, electronic mind-control technology.

      Sandy Nichols - became involved with UFO and abduction research when
      repressed memories of his abductions began to surface in 1996. In 1998, he
      formed ARG (Alien Research Group), a free service, which specializes in
      finding support group and counseling for others who have been abducted

      James Bartley - is an Abductee who has been exposed to high levels of
      Spiritual Warfare. He also speaks of the different alien species.

      Barbara Hartwell - A survivor of CIA MK ULTRA and PHOENIX Project, trained
      and utilized by CIA as a deep cover operative and professional CIA asset,
      under mind control programming, which the perpetrators of this mind
      control believed was "guaranteed under National Security". Since 1996, I
      have gone public by exposing what I learned about these illegal covert
      operations through my own involvement and subsequent research, having been
      victimized and exploited by the U.S. Government since childhood.

      Eve Lorgen - Her interest in the UFO phenomenon began early in life as a
      result of multiple witnessed UFO sightings with family members. She has
      written and published several articles since 1989 when she began her
      pioneering work with abductees and survivors of anomalous trauma

      Sweeps Fox - Head of the Irish Mufon Society

      Robyn Quail - has been a pioneer in contact regression for 30 years. She
      has worked with hundreds of abductees and contactees, as well as authored
      the book, "Prodigies, Extraterrestrial Telepathic Intelligence Phenomenon.
      Robyn speaks internationally on the subject of alien contact, past lives
      and the paranormal.

      Dr Roger Leir - author of the "Aliens and the Scalpel" has been said to be
      one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research
      involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed
      nine surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of
      ten separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants.

      John Greenewald Jr - owner of the largest internet site dealing with
      Freedom of Information Files, The Black Vault, which has not only caught
      the eye of the UFO community, but has caught the eye of international
      television audiences.

      Aleuti Francesca - Director and Doctor of Spiritual Science. Miss
      Francesca is a sensitive and Tele-Thought contactee for Light Being from
      Space. Aleuti was born in London, England and at the age of 16 started to
      study ancient teaching and the UFO phenomena. She has lectured to
      thousands and has appeared on both television and radio shows

      Jason Martell - Jason's research first started 8 years ago where he became
      fascinated with possible artificial structures on Mars, and NASA's
      explanation for these objects. Jason also speaks on the theory that, there
      is another planet, orbiting our sun. Known too many as Planet X or the
      12th planet

      Robert Sterling - in the twilight world of conspiracy theory, Robert
      Sterling is one of the few researchers able to temper his moral outrage
      with the bracing sting of humor. Sterling's web-site 'The Konformist' was
      one of the first to offer an extensive links collection to the online
      conspiracy community.

      Ricardo Gonzalez - is a serious and spiritually responsible physical
      contactee. He was born in Lima, Per=FA and is only 27 years old, and
      already claims to have experienced five physical contacts..

      Jim Marrs - award-winning Texas journalist and New York Times best-selling
      author In 1989, Marrs book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, was
      published to critical acclaim and became a basis for the Oliver Stone film
      JFK. In May, 1997, Marrs in-depth investigation of UFOs, Alien Agenda, was
      published by HarperCollins Publishers and in 2001 he published "Psi Spies"
      in a paperback form. Rule by Secrecy, in which Mr. Marrs traced the hidden
      history that connects modern secret societies to the Ancient Mysteries.
      Mr. Marrs has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, The Discovery
      Channel, History Channel, This Morning America, Geraldo, Montell Williams,
      Today and The Larry King and Art Bell radio programs.

      Dr. Louis Turi - His first contact with extraterrestrials was at age 7 and
      continued as he grew up. As an adult, he had three other dramatic
      contacts. On one, he and his wife were taken aboard a ship. At that time,
      the extraterrestrials downloaded crucial information into him about the
      working of the Universal Mind. He publishes Moon Power, a book of
      Universal Guidance and Predictions yearly. One of his most dramatic
      predictions was for 9-11, which was written almost 2 years before, you may
      investigate this prediction at www.drturi.com <http://www.drturi.com/> .
      Born and raised in Provence, France.

      Nancy RedStar - Author of books about the Star Nations

      and many more speakers from around the world.

      "To educate the public with serious discussions relative to published and
      unpublished information for the well being of all and the planet as a
      whole, to be "the pioneer" for the public release of all pertinent data
      that has been kept secret regarding extraterrestrial life as a true
      reality..... "

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