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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 7 Number 40

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 40 October 1, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 7, Number 40
      October 1, 2002
      Editor: Joseph Trainor



      "The story of the so-called Chupacabra, the shadowy
      character that attacks and slays animals, emerged once
      again in Ponce," a city on Puerto Rico's southern coast,
      "when 19 fighting roosters, rabbits, ducks and
      chickens turned up dead at a residence in the La Calzada
      "'This is weird. I think it was the Chupacabra who
      slew my animals. I'm scared and alarmed by what
      occurred,' said the animals' owner, Ramon Luis
      Guzman Colon."
      "Some of the animals were found yesterday morning
      (Sunday, September 22, 2002) by Guzman Colon outside
      their cages and others still within them. A rooster was
      dragged 30 meters (100 feet) from its cage and was still
      agonizing on Sunday afternoon. Four of the fighting
      roosters were dead, one beside the other, and in a
      strange case, two roosters were changed from their
      respective cages and were found dead facing each other."
      "'It's weird. They swapped the roosters from one
      cage to another,'" he said.
      "All of the animals have wounds on their necks or
      backs. Dozens of neighbors and curiosity seekers from
      other sections of Ponce swarmed around the humble
      dwelling for a glimpse of the strange event."
      "'At two o'clock in the morning, I heard the dog
      barking in the alley, and when I came downstairs, the dog
      vanished. I heard no noise whatsoever and went back to
      bed,' noted Guzman Colon, 53, who is unemployed since the
      shutdown of the Central Mercedita sugar refinery."
      "'I got up at 6:30 in the morning and found the 19
      animals, largely roosters, dead. This is very weird,' he
      added, 'The way in which they were bitten, the same area
      (cannot be attributed--S.C.) to dogs.'"
      "A black-and-white dog was (found) hiding in the
      hollow of a tree on Sunday."
      "'Even the dog is scared. Something weird is going
      on,' said Guzman Colon, who showed some large tracks
      which he alleged 'belong to the animal that did this.'"
      "'Look at these tracks. They're not those of a dog.
      They belong to a strange animal.'"
      "Guzman Colon pointed out that he has 12 chickens
      and roosters left and showed some of the broken cages.
      'The animal responsible for this is short (in stature--
      S.C.) because it broke the cages from below,' he
      "Carlos Soto, a neighbor of the affected party,
      believes that a snake could have dragged itself from the
      adjacent lot and caused the deaths, but Guzman Colon
      insisted that serpents cannot break into cages."
      "The legend of the Chupacabra emerged several years
      ago," following widespread reports in Puerto Rico in
      1995, "when it allegedly killed cows, dogs and other
      animals. It is even believed that it did the same thing
      in Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic (and
      Brazil--J.T.). The alleged incidents began in the
      municipality of Canovanas, P.R." (See the Puerto Rican
      newspaper Primera Hora for September 23, 2002,
      "Chupacabra reappears in Ponce, Puerto Rico." Muchas
      gracias a Scott Corrales y Jose I. Gomez para eso
      articulo de diario.)


      On Sunday, September 8, 2002, at 11:30 a.m., Scott
      McIntosh "was sitting on my stoop" in Bellmore, Long
      Island, N.Y. "and saw something come over the house.
      Living between John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports,
      that's not uncommon. But this wasn't an airplane."
      "When it got above the house behind ours, it seemed
      to stop for a matter of two or three minutes. Long
      enough for me to have my girl friend and her mom come
      "We watched this for a long time as it turned west
      and was gone out of sight. I was even watching it
      through glasses, so I got a good look at it. But it
      wasn't like anything I've ever seen. This was
      triangular-shaped and made no noise whatsoever."
      "The object was white with some black on it. Was
      hard to tell. It was pretty high up. There wasn't a
      cloud in the sky. When it came over our house, it was
      moving fast but seemed to stop. I first thought it was a
      military aircraft." (Email Form Report)


      On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 7:40 p.m., B.H.
      was on the deck outside her home in Prescott Valley,
      Arizona (population 23,535), about 100 miles (160
      kilometers) north of Phoenix, when she saw something
      unusual in the sky.
      "I usually sit on my deck at night to stargaze," she
      reported, "This object, very large, cigar-shaped, was
      approaching rapidly out of the northwest. When I observe
      something like this, I fix my binoculars on a nearby star
      to get an idea of the speed of the object. I tried this
      four times but the craft was moving too fast."
      "It had deep red and bright white lights pulsing
      back and forth down the length of the craft that seemed
      to be moving about as fast as the object itself was.
      There was no sound as it flew low, as I have seen twin
      engines (airplanes) do just taking off from our airport
      nearby. I watched it disappear from sight to the
      "Approximately five to six minutes later, I heard a
      roar in the sky behind me (the east--B.H.) and turned to
      see the strobing flash of two jet fighters dropping down
      out of the sky to about the same altitude as the UFO.
      They made a turn in the same direction (southeast) and
      followed the same flight path out of sight."
      The UFO's "exact speed unknown, but as fast as I
      have seen jet fighters fly. It flew right over our
      (Prescott Valley) airport, which is probably what
      triggered the jet fighters being sent out." (Email Form


      The UFO flap in Canada's Quebec province continued
      last week with a sighting over the Champlain Bridge in
      On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 7:40 p.m., the
      male witness "was driving on the Champlain Bridge, going
      south. It was raining. I was in the middle lane and
      almost on the high point of the bridge when I saw from
      the corner of my eye what looked like a plane flying
      extremely low, coming from my right (the west--J.T.)."
      "As I was getting to the highest point of the bridge
      (under the metal structure), the lights flew over the
      bridge in a horizontal flight pattern. It slowed down
      when crossing over the bridge. I then had a good look at
      this light formation. It then increased speed, when it
      broke its flight line (flight path--J.T.) at a right
      angle, going up into the sky over St.-Lambert," Quebec,
      "As I was driving under the (metal) structure, I
      realized that what I was looking at was not a plane. The
      light formation was not a plane or anything I had ever
      seen before. It seemed that cars slowed down. I was
      "The basic shape of the craft looked like a small
      square which is wider at the top, almost like a truncated
      triangle or a geometric U that widens halfway up."
      (Editor's Note: Sort of like this...\_/...)
      "The whole thing was the size of a small truck. I
      have a feeling I was looking at the end of the craft
      because I saw a light formation with lights that were
      circular, flat and red, and the diameter of the lights
      was the size of a dinner plate. Four lights on each side
      and three lights at the bottom of the geometric U."
      (Many thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike for these


      On Monday, July 15, 2002, "in the early morning
      between 1 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., a friend and I were going
      out for a cigarette when my friend noticed something in
      the sky," eyewitness J.C. reported, "It was triangular in
      shape and extremely silent for an object hovering roughly
      350 to 450 meters (1,155 to 1,485 feet) in the air. As
      the object started moving, it made a slight 15-degree
      turn right and then another 15-degree turn right before
      going straight off into the cloudy night," eastward
      towards Winnipeg, the largest city in Canada's Manitoba
      "Color of the object seen was reddish-brown. It was
      triangular in shape and fairly large (larger than a
      single-engine plane--J.C.). Underneath the body was a
      highly-definable boomerang shape. In the boomerang shape
      were roughly five to seven glowing reddish balls that
      illuminated the sky."
      "The speed of the object was extremely slow. It was
      practically hovering in one spot for four seconds before
      it began moving. Last seen heading east of the city
      "Coincidentally, my father, who was at work a few
      weeks later, was listening to (Canadian radio station)
      CJOB in the evening, when a caller called and reported
      seeing the same type of object roughly around the same
      time that we had seen ours." (Email Form Report)


      On Thursday, September 26, 2002, at 9:40 p.m.,
      Morgan Cathbadh was at her home in Portland, Maine
      (population 64,249) when a tremendous reverberating boom
      rattled her house.
      "This is not a sighting but a 'hearing'," Morgan
      reported, "We had a big sonic boom, which lasted a very
      long time. Several minutes, at least. Rolled along like
      thunder. The reverberations shook the house. But it
      wasn't a jet's sonic boom, and it wasn't thunder. It was
      very strange."
      "We live near the airport. Sonic booms are common.
      But this one was very different. There has been a lot of
      UFO activity here in Portland, Maine since the 1980s.
      Did anybody else hear it?" (Email Form Report)


      "Lisa Vaughan says her log cabin in the woods was so
      peaceful that sometimes the only sound that could be
      heard was the trees swaying in the wind."
      "Now she's listening for lions."
      "In the past week, four 600- to 800-pound African
      lions believed to have some connection to a nearby exotic
      animal farm have been killed near" Quitman, Arkansas
      (population 714). "And residents say the terror may not
      be over because no one knows for sure whether more lions
      are on the loose."
      "'I had a terrible headache, and my blood pressure
      has been up...It's been a terrible ordeal,' says Vaughan,
      whose husband, Johnny, killed two of the lions with his
      30.06 (calibre) rifle."
      "'Everybody is scared around here,' neighbor Arvil
      Skinner says. 'People have to sit out with a high-
      powered rifle just to let their kids play in the yard.
      That's just how serious it is. It might be all right,
      and it might not. They might still be out there. We
      just don't know.'"
      "The Vaughans say they believe that the lions belong
      to animal farm operator Steve Henning, who moved in on
      the other side of the patch of trees almost a year ago.
      He brought with him 11 African lions, 30 tigers, five
      mountain lions and a lynx."
      "Henning says the lions killed in the woods were not
      his. He speculates that someone who tried to give him
      lions last week turned them loose on the 44-acre property
      of Safari Unlimited, the lion and tiger farm he
      "The farm is not open to the public, Henning says.
      Aside from the pens where Henning keeps his (big) cats,
      the property is not fully fenced."
      "Neighbors express disbelief over Henning's
      response. 'That really blows my mind how anyone could
      believe that story,' Lisa Vaughan says."
      "Henning was not able to give Cleburne County
      Sheriff's deputies or the Arkansas Fish and Game
      Commission the name of a person they could track down,
      authorities say. 'Mr. Henning told us the guy goes by
      different names, and he doesn't know where he lives,'
      Deputy Jack Allen says."
      "Sheriff Dudley Lemon, who has inspected Safari
      Unlimited, says he thinks Henning is telling the truth.
      But, he adds, believing Henning's story does mean more
      big cats could be roaming the woods."
      "Johnny Vaughan says he will be the first to
      apologize to Henning if it's proven the lions that have
      been killed didn't belong to him."
      "But he and his neighbors in this town of 700 people
      about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Little Rock want
      local laws amended so that Henning can't keep lions and
      tigers in their neighborhood."
      A few days later, "The Turpentine Creek Wildlife
      Refuge near Eureka Springs," Ark. (population 2,500)
      "said it would accept 56 tigers, lions and other big cats
      now living at Safari Unlimited."
      "Four lions were shot and killed last week after
      roaming free in the woods near Safari Unlimited...The
      farm's owner said the animals weren't his." (See USA
      Today for September 24, 2002, "Four lions killed; Ark.
      town fears more are loose," page 9A., and USA Today for
      September 27, 2002, "Arkansas," page 5A.)
      (Editor's Note: In Forteana, this type of event falls
      under the heading of phantom panthers. Black panthers
      are the usual animals seen, caught or killed, but
      occasionally it's lions or tigers. Classic phantom
      panther cases include Pittsburgh, Pa. in July 1907;
      Gardner, Mass. in December 1909 and Decatur, Illinois in
      July 1917. More recently, in January 1999, an out-of-
      place Siberian tiger was shot and killed in central New
      Jersey. For more on this tiger, see UFO Roundup, volume
      4, number 5 for February 1, 1999, "Mysterious tiger on
      the prowl in New Jersey," page 6.)


      "A 400-pound (1,000-kilogram) Bengal tiger escaped
      from its owner's trailer and hid in shrubbery just
      outside a residential neighborhood" in Bloomington,
      Illinois (population 64,808) "for about eight hours
      before police shot and killed it."
      "Residents had been warned to stay indoors Saturday
      morning," September 28, 2002, "while police and zoo
      experts tried to capture the tiger using tranquilizer
      "They fired four darts but failed to hit the tiger
      and ended up shooting it when it tried to sneak away from
      the area where officers had it cornered, Bloomington
      Police spokesman Duane Moss said."
      "The tiger had escaped from the trailer at a truck
      stop about 5 a.m. and hid for most of the afternoon near
      a six-foot (1.8-meter) high fence line just beyond homes.
      Police shot it when it started toward a truck on which
      two Illinois Conservation Officers were standing."
      "Police said the escaped tiger belonged to a Texas
      woman who was convicted in Illinois of endangering a
      child after the tiger bit a young girl. Mary Jeane
      Williams, 44, had been ordered by a judge on Thursday,"
      September 26, 2002, "to remove the tiger from the state."
      (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for September 30,
      2002, "Officials kill escaped tiger," page 2A.)
      (Editor's Comment: Although, unlike Quitman, Arkansas,
      this tiger's ownership and presence have been clearly
      established, it's strange that we've had two "big cat"
      episodes in the USA during the past week. Synchronicity,


      The controversry over "switchover mode," UFO
      Roundup's method of printing measurements in both English
      and metric, generated a lot of reader responses. The
      majority responding were in favor of keeping it, as
      you'll see in the letters below:


      Jean Waskiewicz (USA) - "Joseph, I, for one,
      appreciate the metric conversions and would like them
      left in your newsletters. These conversons, as well as
      your geographic notations, are a great help to me in
      visualizing where the event took place. Please keep both

      Gary Smith (USA) - "I think Bob was a little too
      critical in his comment. I see you trying to put out
      something of interest in your way related to what few
      others try to do. It is easy to critique the cooking of

      Dale Hoover (USA) - "Regarding Bob Reid's
      complaints, please continue with the 'switchover mode.'
      Those millions of us in the U.S. with just a public
      school education are so lacking in geography knowledge,
      metric system knowledge and so much more! Your
      thoroughness in this regard is so very helpful and
      appreciated. Perhaps Bob can just speed-read over the
      parts that 'bug' him."

      Peter van der Male (Australia) - "Please continue
      with the metric measurements in your articles. Those of
      us not used to Imperial (English in the USA--J.T.)
      measurements and such are glad that you are taking the
      time to put in the metric measurements. '14,000 feet'
      means nothing to us, whereas in metric it's a little bit
      more helpful."

      Doris Render (USA) - "Don't listen to this guy. You
      are trying to make things clearer for everyone. If I
      already knew it--no harm. If I don't, you've taught me
      something. I especially enjoy your historical stories at
      the end. I really like them."

      Jim Deardorff (USA) - "Regarding your question on
      metric-English units, I wouldn't mind seeing your
      inclusion of the metric units continue, myself. It's
      subliminally educational for those who have fallen back
      into depending only on English units and have forgotten
      the metric, especially during the Bush years when only
      the United States and our systems count."

      Dr. Grey M. Woodman (South Africa) - "I am not too
      proud to accept your help in translation from inches to
      meters. Keep right on with the good work."

      Jim Corbett (UK) - "Your cogent and thoughtful use
      of crossover empirical and observation data is very well
      accepted. Your readership is aware of both systems, but
      the general mass only uses one of the two in their
      everyday life...and having the familiar measure at our
      immediate reference actually makes the intake of the data
      much smoother than stopping to interface or convert the
      data to the other format."

      Rose Vrabel (USA) - "Keep them conversions coming.
      I don't know a meter from a mile and really don't intend
      to learn. You do a great job."

      David Baker (USA) - "I like your use of the
      'switchover mode,' even to the extent that I have adapted
      it in some of my writing, as well. It adds to my
      understanding of the story, and it conveys to me that you
      have an interest in your readers. Thank you."

      J.M. Kriek (South Africa) - "I personally appreciate
      the explanations. I cannot make these conversions

      (Editor's Comment: However, Bob Reid has his supporters,
      too. Read on...)


      Sonya Porter (UK) - "By all means, tell the
      Americans that a torch is a flashlight, but I should
      forget about metric measurements. Even young children
      still measure their height in feet and inches; try asking
      a a teenager his chest size or a woman of any age her hip
      size. Everyone can calculate in metric (which was
      wrongly measured to begin with, back in the late 18th
      Century and is not a division of the world's surface,
      after all--S.P.) since it's been taught along with
      Imperial for over a century. But people know what
      Imperial is. Even the French still sell tomatoes and
      bread in pounds and cut wood lengths to one metre, 20
      centimetres so that it can be divided into thirds,
      quarters, eighths, etc. And I gather that all sorts of
      odd things are still sold and calculated in Imperial
      because it is more practical. So--you can save space by
      omitting metric in your reports!"

      From the UFO Files...

      1995: SAUCER LANDS IN

      "On 15 September 1995, at 22 h 20 (10:20 p.m.) local
      time, a black farmer, Mr. Peter Lachasa, notified Sgt.
      Thobo of the Leribe Police Department that he found a
      very strange-looking craft on his farm, which lay 12
      kilometers (7 miles) west of the Madibamatso River in
      (Editor's Note: Lesotho is a small independent nation
      entirely surrounded by the nation of South Africa.)
      "According to Mr. Lachasa, at 21 h 15 (9:15 p.m.)
      local time, he heard a strange sound in the sky near his
      farm which frightened his cattle and livestock.
      Approximately two minutes later (9:17 p.m.) a dull
      explosion was heard. The complainant then went outside
      his house to investigate the cause."
      "Friends of Mr. Lachasa, who also live in the
      boundaries of his farm, informed him that they had been
      watching a bright light in the sky that was slowly
      descending on a course toward the Lesotho foothills.
      According to the witnesses, the object exploded on
      impact, giving off a series of blinding flashes."
      (Editor's Note: From this point on, the Leribe Police
      report refers to Peter Lachasa as "the primary witness.")
      "According to the primary witness (Lachasa), an
      electronic humming sound emanated from the craft, after
      which the light around it diminished, and the object
      became dull grey in colour. An intense heat field
      surrounded the craft, which made close-up inspection by
      the primary witness impossible. Dry grass in the area
      was set alight by the intense field surrounding the
      "Fearing that the craft might have injured
      occupants, the primary witness decided to inform the
      local police department at Leribe of the incident."
      After Lachasa visited the Leribe police station, "at
      22 h 34 (10:34 p.m.) local time, Sgt. Thobo and Constable
      Nandi escorted the witnesses to the site to investigate
      the complaint. On arrival the police officers made the
      following entry into their Incident Report."
      "(1) A large, round, disk-shaped object lay within
      the boundaries of Mr. Lachasa's farm."
      "(2) The object measured approximately 18 meters (60
      feet) in length and 3 meters (10 feet) in height."
      "(3) The object was dull grey in colour."
      "(4) No windows/portholes or any form of entry/exit
      could be seen on the craft."
      "(5) The craft did not appear to have any external
      damage breakage even though the terrain surrounding the
      craft was severely disturbed."
      "Sgt. Thobo radioed his observations to the Leribe
      Police Department whilst on the site and was instructed
      to return to the department and make an official report."
      "At 00 h 15 (12:15 a.m., September 16, 1995) local
      time, a Lesotho Government official was contacted, and a
      report consisting of two pages was faxed to South African
      Military Command, SAI Intelligence Unit in Bloemfontein
      (South Africa) on authorization of the Lesotho
      "The Intelligence Unit at 1 SAI received a fax from
      the Lesotho Ministry of Defence in Maseru at 00 h 17
      (12:17 a.m.) local time regarding a crash of an alleged
      unidentified/unconventional flying object that impacted
      on the farm of Mr. Peter Lachasa, a black cattle and
      livestock farmer who is located 12 kilometers west of the
      Madibamatso River near Leribe."
      "Due to the nature of the incident, it was decided
      to request information and possible confirmation from
      military air traffic control in Bloemfontein on any
      military/civilian aircraft in the sector at the time of
      the incident."
      "It was noted that there was no aircraft in the area
      other than a routine (South African) Air Force Puma
      helicopter, which patrolled the South African/Lesotho
      border approximately 30 minutes before the alleged
      incident took place."
      "Commander George Human from the Airborne Division
      at 1 SAI/1 PARA (Parachute or Airborne--J.T.) Battalion
      instructed an aerial assessment of the area in question.
      Two (SAAF) Alouette rescue helicopters were sent into the
      area. At 01 h 17 (1:17 a.m.) local time, Captain Manie
      Louw reported that he was at the designated area and that
      a fierce veldt (prairie in the USA--J.T.) fire had
      engulfed the area."
      Captain Louw "then went on to report his
      observations of the area as follows:"
      "(1) An area of approximately 400 square meters
      engulfed in fire."
      "(2) A disc-shaped, metallic-looking object of about
      20 meters (66 feet) in length that seemed to be intact."
      "(3) The terrain around the object was torn up and
      severely disturbed by the impact."
      "(4) Due to the fact that it was night, and smoke
      from the fire obscured vision, clear observations could
      not be made at the time."
      "Captain Manie Louw was instructed to patrol/secure
      the area until further instructions were given."
      "Military Intelligence in Pretoria (South Africa's
      capital--J.T.) was informed and instructed 1 SAI Intel
      (Intelligence Unit) to maintain a sterile area of 150
      meters (500 feet) around the craft, after which they will
      take complete control over the situation."
      "Third Battalion from 1 SAI Intelligence Unit was
      flown to the area to guard/secure the object until
      Foreign Technology Recovery Division from (SAAF) Valhalla
      Air Force Base arrived at the site."
      "At 03 h 47 (3:47 a.m.) local time, the area and
      object was secured and Operation ROLD TSR came into
      effect. Due to the fact that this was a military
      intelligence operation dealing with an unidentifiable
      foreign technology, all members of Third Battalion were
      issued orders to arrest any intruders who strayed into
      the secured area."
      "The area remained sterile until Foreign Technology
      Recovery Unit arrived at 05 h 55 (5:55 a.m.) local time."
      (See Extra-Terrestrial Association Newsletter #3 for
      1999, "Leribe Police Department Secret/Geheim Priority
      Internal Report" and "Military Report, Military Command/1
      SAI Intelligence Unit, Bloemfontein," pages 4 and 5.
      Many thanks to Roger Day of South Africa's Extra-
      Terrestrial Association for the copy of the newsletter.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven
      days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from
      around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper
      that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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