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The Enigma Channel

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  • Stig Agermose
    Source: UFOINFO. E-Mail submission from Christopher Everard (20th May 1999), http://www.ufoinfo.com/ufoinfo/news/enigma.html Stig *** The Enigma Channel The
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 14, 1999
      Source: UFOINFO. E-Mail submission from Christopher Everard (20th May 1999),




      The Enigma Channel

      The World's First Totally FREE Global TV Station broadcasting on the Internet

      Christopher Everard


      The Enigma Channel is one of two new TV services being launched in
      association with EAVAP - the European Academy of Video & Audio Production -
      which is having a new broadcast studio complex being built inside The
      Chocolate Factory Studio Centre at Alexandra Palace in London, England.

      The Enigma Channel will be a completely FREE TV service offering
      documentaries and movies on demand. There are several programme categories
      for viewers to choose from including UFOs, Crop Circles, Earth Mysteries,
      The Paranormal, New Science, Religion & Politics.

      The Enigma Channel has a potential english-speaking on-line audience of 600
      million people - far bigger than any cable or satellit TV station presently
      in operation. Arabic, Spanish and Japanese sub-titled services of the
      Enigma Channel will be launched in 2001.

      Test transmissions will start at 9pm on the 9.9.99. Viewers will be able to
      apply for their FREE Enigma Channel TV License at www.enigmatv.com later
      this year.

      The Enigma Channel will be launching an on-line interactive TV Guide called
      "ZAP! Magazine" which will list all the programmes on The channel plus
      information about other on-line TV stations such as ProteinTV and
      Millennium Arts TV.

      The Enigma Channel is dedicated to bringing viewers documentaries which
      would not normally be broadcast by the major TV Networks. Our programming
      policy is to give an effective voice to the thousands of independent video
      producers and programme makers out there who make in-depth documentaries
      about UFOs, Crop Circles, Earth Mysteries, 'hidden' history, politics and
      other esoteric subjects.

      We have started a Production Partnership Programme which allows independent
      programme makers to screen their documentaries and sell VHS copies via the
      Enigma Channel Bookstore. Because of the system used to carry the video
      signal into viewer's homes, documentaries broadcast on The Enigma Channel
      cannot be successfully recorded onto videotape. Therefore, the copyright of
      the film- maker is preserved.

      Consequently, there are no broadcast fees paid to programme-makers - but
      instead they are encouraged to sell VHS copies of their documentaries and
      any associated books and newsletters through the Enigma Channel's on-line

      The Enigma Channel can centrally process Mastercard credit card orders and
      arrange for dispatch anywhere in the world. We charge just $5 handling fee
      per order, which can be included in the retail price of the video cassette.

      The Enigma Channel will pay profits into an Independent Production Fund and
      use this money to finance the production of documentaries by all the
      independent film-makers and video distribution companies who submit
      documentaries for screening and join our Production Partnership scheme.

      By screening your documentaries on the Enigma Channel, you will gain access
      to a huge on-line audience, enabling you to sell your products worldwide
      and also reap financial benefits by applying for an Enigma Channel
      Production Grant which will help your organisation fund the production of
      further documentaries in the future.

      The Enigma Channel would like to hear from independent film-makers and
      distribution companies who have already produced documentaries exploring
      the following subjects:

      abductions, encounters, alien technology, eye-witnesses, amateur ufo
      footage, historical events etc.

      Crop Circles:
      crop circle research projects, orgone, sacred geometry, eye-witnesses,
      geometrical decoding, discussions etc.

      Earth Mysteries:
      Stone Circles, geomancy, ley lines, dowsing, underwater exploration, hollow
      earth, landscape art, anomalous archaeological finds etc.

      Space exploration, extra terrestrial archaeology, the nature of SpaceTime,
      NASA footage analysis etc.

      The Paranormal:
      Life after death, seances, oujia, mediums, channelling, psychic powers, out
      of body experiences etc.

      New Science:
      Zero Point Energy, Tesla, aether, Reich, Inamato, Spiritual Science,
      Magnetism, ELF, free energy research etc.

      Sacred Sites:
      Temples, Maonastries, Cathedrals, Churches, sacred architecture, spiritual
      communities etc.

      Buddhism, Islam, Chrisianity, Hinduism, gurus, sfis, babas, Earth
      Religions, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Meditation, religious experiences,
      awakenings, pilgramages, spiritual healing, past lives etc.

      'Behind Closed Doors' political movements, Nuclear Politics, Secret
      Societies, World Leaders, Alternative Voting Systems, government
      corruption, taxation systems, alternative eco- politics, monetary policy,
      gold, currency exchanges, european political issues, historical political
      movements, socialism, cashless society, CND, Greens, non-violent resistance
      networks etc.

      If your organisation has made a documentary which covers any of the above
      programme categories, then please send a review copy to:

      The Enigma Channel
      163 Churchbury Road
      London SE9 5JB

      You can write to me at the above address, or get further information by
      e-mailing me at:


      If your organisation wants to make a documentary, but does not have any
      facilities to do so, the European Academy of Video and Audio Production in
      London has a suite of video-audio production studios and distance-learning
      programmes which help members of the Enigma Channel Production Partnership
      scheme to make documentaries.

      I hope we can join forces and bring your documentaries to a wider, global
      audience, boost your sell-through VHS sales and assist you in the making of
      documentaries in the future.

      With mainstream TV stations offering such a poor and unimaginative agenda
      of mind- less television, we hope The Enigma Channel will grow into the
      world's most informative and interesting TV networks, giving viewers what
      they need most - the TRUTH.

      Kind Regards,

      Christopher Everard
      Chairman/CEO, The Enigma Channel
      London, England
    • tedwards@tcia.net
      DreamScape News is proud to present The Enigma Channel Watch streaming audio/video programs on Crop Circles, Aliens, UFOs, Earth Mysteries, The Paranormal, and
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 4, 2000
        DreamScape News is proud to present The Enigma Channel

        Watch streaming audio/video programs on Crop Circles, Aliens, UFOs, Earth Mysteries, The Paranormal, and New Age Science

        (Streaming in Quicktime 4 format)


        "Where Science Fiction And Science Fact Become One"

        In DreamScape And DreamScape News You Will Encounter Research
        Concerning Very Interesting And Highly Speculative Information

           I Like To Refer To This Research As The "Extra-Terrestrial Sciences ©"


        DreamScape News

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