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  • Frits Westra
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      Subject: Triangles Seen Near Military Base

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      Subject: Triangles Seen Near Military Base
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      This is just a FYI report that contains few details and allegedly
      occurred two years ago, according to the percipient. I offer it for the
      interest of the List since a connection has been made by NIDS and others
      between the large, silent, triangular craft and military bases. The
      question remains: are these black project US craft traveling between
      military bases or crafts from "somewhere else " keeping tab on our
      Last year I moved from Cincinnati to Indiana and found employment in
      Edinburgh, Indiana. Nearby is Camp Atterbury, a large military training
      facility. Last night at work, the subject of UFOs came up and one of my
      co-workers, a 30 year old male, told me that two years ago he had seen a
      triangular "ship" of some sort hovering over a field near Camp
      Atterbury. He said it "had a light on each point" and just made a
      "faint, low, humming sound." He said he watched it for several minutes
      and when it left it was gone "in a second." He said he had seen the same
      or same type of craft in the same area a couple of months later and that
      both sightings were late at night. He was of the opinion that they were
      secret military aircraft, powered "electromagnetically." I got the
      impression he didn't believe in "aliens" or true UFOs.
      Note: This base is approximately 25 miles SE of Indianapolis and is a
      training faciity for all types of military combat. Although they have a
      runway, they have no control tower as of last report. I don't know if
      they have hangars or how large they would be. I visited the base on two
      occasions and did not see any. There is also a large correctional
      facility located on the land.
      For Kenny: I've seen flares deployed there on several occasions. They
      were amber in color, lasted from 1-2 minutes and looked nothing like
      UFOs or the Phoenix Lights. ( I realize there are different types of

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