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  • Frits Westra
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      This is Brighton & Hove Welcome

      First published on Tuesday 03 September 2002:

      Police helicopter chases UFO

      by Barbara Davidson

      A police helicopter went on a dramatic high-speed chase - in pursuit
      of some little green men.

      The tale of the unexpected began when a suspected UFO was spotted next
      to the Sussex Police vehicle as it flew 1,000ft above Brighton.

      Inside, crew members Sergeant John Tickner and paramedic Sean Mitchell
      sat mesmerised as the glowing object floated next to them before
      disappearing into the distance. They were so stunned they decided to
      follow it and used a thermal imaging camera to video events as they
      chased the mystery object for three minutes before giving up and
      returning to base.

      Now their video is being pored over by UFO enthusiasts around the
      world in the belief it could provide evidence of life on other

      Experts say they are baffled by the Brighton phenomenon. But both Mr
      Tickner and Mr Mitchell are convinced they did not witness a close
      encounter of the third kind.

      Mr Tickner, 50, who retired last week after 30 years with Sussex
      Police, said: "We were flying back from Beachy Head and at 1,000ft we
      didn't expect anything to join us. Not for a moment did we believe it
      to be anything sinister.

      "We thought it was funny though so we chased it around for three
      minutes and were laughing and joking about little green men. None of
      us took it seriously."

      The bizarre incident happened on the evening of August 11, 2000.

      The crew passed the film footage to a TV company making a documentary
      about their work.

      The story was picked up by a magazine and the film has been screened
      at a UFO conference.


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