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UFO Physics Conspiracy (1) Free Energy

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  • Roger Anderton
    UFO Physics Conspiracy: (1) Free Energy There are those who believe that the only reason we don t have free or fuelless technologies already is because of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2002
      UFO Physics Conspiracy: (1) Free Energy

      "There are those who believe that the only reason we don't have free or fuelless technologies already is because of some grand, or not so grand conspiracy (or even a set of smaller conspiracies) that has bought out, suppressed or simply killed off technologies and their inventors before they had a chance to hit the market."

      "Stories abound of 200 miles per gallon carburettors which have appeared in a newspaper one week, never to be heard of again. Depending on your mindset, you either believe (10) they're all true; (2) some of them are true; (3) none of them is true. As with many things in this field the evidence can be elusive as ever." ##

      ## - just like evidence in UFO cases can be elusive.

      "Professor Martin Fleischman believed that there were forces within governments that acted against the early developments of cold fusion. But how can an intelligent, rational scientist believe that people in government offices would do such things? Surely you'd expect to see governments getting involved in promoting research on future energy technologies - after all it's in their long term interest."##

      ## - such physics is connected to UFOs, so one wouldn't expect 'no' conspiracy.

      "Like many other countries, including the UK, the United States has a Department of Energy with a specific commitment to develop future energy technologies. Yet some critics have claimed that not only does this department ignore new energy technologies, but that there is evidence it has been actively hostile to them."##

      ## - So the Department of Energy has the job of covering up UFO physics. Now follows an example of it in operation:

      "In early 1999 ....Tom Valone ... decided to set up a Conference on Future Energy (COFE) in Washington DC..... Valone sought the support of the departments of government which he believed had an interest in the topic. He started at the State Department, gaining its interest and sponsorship to hold the conference under the Secretary of State's 'Open Forum' initiative...."

      "Valone had not bargained on the actions of Dr Robert Park of the American Physical Society and Peter Zimmerman, the newly incumbent science advisor to the Arms Control Agency at the State Department. Dr Park is an avowed enemy of anything he views as 'pseudoscience' and publishes weekly diatribes against scientists he regards as 'fringe' in his What's New? webzine ... When he heard about the up-and-coming conference, he e-mailed his friend Zimmerman: 'Pete, if you can't get that killed, what's the point of having a State Department?'......." ##

      "Within days the conference was cancelled at the State Department, and when attempts to get interest from the Departments of Commerce and Energy were made, Zimmerman's influence was still felt."

      ## - Park and Zimmerman have their personal opinion on some matters and think this personal opinion is more important than anyone else's, and when they look at the Department of Energy with its policy to develop future energy, what they obviously must think it means the opposite namely to suppress future energy. They then use their influence to enforce their personal opinions as Dogma. Not only that they are proud of their achievement:

      "Zimmerman and Park both spoke about the conference at a meeting of the American Physical Society on 22 March in Atlanta, Georgia. Zimmerman, an appointed official of the government on a salary consisting of Us taxpayers' money, made a proud boast about managing to get the conference moved on from the State Department: 'That's one of the accomplishments I'm proudest of within the last year.' He also announced that he and Robert Park intended to work to exterminate every trace of cold fusion from the federal establishment."

      My conclusion:- This conspiracy against Fleischman - Pons Cold fusion reminds me of the conspiracy against the great scientist Kristian Birkeland. If you never heard of Birkeland, then that's because of the conspiracy. He suffered the same problem- a pompous scientist with influence believing that he knew everything and then using his influence to conduct a conspiracy against Birkeland; hence you don't know about Birkeland. What did Birkeland do? He worked out the cause of the Northern Lights: Aurora. See next e-mail article.

      Reference for main information above: The Search for Free Energy, Keith Tutt, Simon and Schuster UK 2001

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