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    CTV TRAVEL - http://www.ctvtravel.ca/shows/?mode=1&id=53 Creepy Canada MON 8:00 P.M. (EST) / 5:00 P.M. (PT) PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 9TH Dare to enter a world of
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      CTV TRAVEL - http://www.ctvtravel.ca/shows/?mode=1&id=53

      Creepy Canada
      MON 8:00 P.M. (EST) / 5:00 P.M. (PT)


      Dare to enter a world of unexplained phemonena, ghosts, strange
      creatures and alien encounters. No matter where you live, the
      unexplained is closer than you think!

      Across the country, hundreds of unexplained phenomena occur on a
      regular basis, including ghosts, strange creatures and UFOs. Each
      week, Creepy Canada will take a firsthand look at these stories
      through investigation, interviews and re-enactments. The adventurous
      traveler can always explore these phenomena for themselves as the
      show spotlights places accessible to the general public including
      Torontos' Elgin Theatre, believed to be home the spirit of the late
      John Dillinger; the Great Lakes Vortex, home to many missing ships
      among other unexplained mysteries; the strange sightings of the
      Scugog lights; Ottawa's UFO 'flap' where on-going reports and
      encounters occur; the lake monster in Quebec's Lake Memphremagog; the
      haunted Prince George Hotel and much, much more. Creepy Canada
      promises to entertain; amaze and possible frighten the entire family.


      EPISODE 1:

      Ottawa Youth Hostel: The Ottawa International Youth Hostel may be
      accommodation for travelers and students, but it was once the home of
      Canada's most notorious maximum-security prison. Many of its inmates
      were falsely accused men, women and children who endured horrendous
      suffering at this hell on earth. Those who died were dragged outside
      and burned, with no proper burial. To this day many of their spirits
      can be seen and heard throughout the cellblocks and tunnels. The
      former death row cellblock is still home to Patrick Whelan, one of
      the most controversial and effusive of the ghostly spirits dwelling
      in the cellblock. Many have felt his presence. Perhaps it's because
      many feel he was innocent of his crime and he may be trying to clear
      his name. Whelan was also hung during the 11th hour of the 11th day
      which is against the superstitions surrounding hangings. The Ottawa
      International Hostel is an amazing place, you can make arrangements
      to stay the night in a death row cell but few have made it through
      the night!

      The Young Teaser: In 1813 the Young Teaser, a pirate ship, was
      trapped by British warship in Mahone Bay. Rather than allowing the
      ship to be caught and hanged, Lieutenant Frederick Johnson threw a
      torch into the ship's powder magazine, blowing the ship from the
      water in a fiery blaze, killing himself and the entire ship's crew.
      Soon after the explosion, locals began to report sightings of a ship
      resembling the Young Teaser, burning on the horizon. When rescue
      boats were sent out the ship simply vanished. Those who see the
      burning ship claim to see panicking men shrouded in flames on her
      decks. Perhaps they are paying the ultimate penalty for piracy,
      doomed to relive this tragic moment in history over and over. To this
      day, the residents of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia pay tribute to this
      legend by re-enacting the burning of the Young Teaser at their annual
      Wooden Boat Festival.

      Watson's Mill: In 1859 an entrepreneur named Courier opened Watson's
      Mill. It was the fruition of a dream and before long became the
      lifeblood of the community. Soon after he met and married the love of
      his life. But tragedy ended it all, when just two months after their
      marriage, when the newly weds were touring the mill with friends her
      long dress got entangled in the machinery. Before she could get help
      the machine spun her around and she struck her head against a post,
      killing her. Courier sold the mill, unable to associate it with
      anything but pain, and never returned. Many feel that his fallen
      bride has never left. Tales of ghostly sightings, strange noises,
      footsteps, strange shadows and objects moving began to circulate
      among staff members. The attic at Watson's Mill is said to haunted by
      a male ghost who appears to be a former mill worker. Patrons have
      reported a spirit who is angry and they get a real feeling of dread
      from him.

      Brockamour/Willow Inn: Each of these beautiful inns offers more than
      exceptional hospitality; both are homes to ghostly women from the
      past. Brockamour Manor, was named after General Brock, a great
      British hero of the War of 1812. During his command, he met and fell
      in love with Lady Sophia Shaw. The two were devoted to each other and
      about to be engaged, but her family considered it unacceptable, as
      Brock was not born of nobility. Although strictly forbidden, the two
      continued a clandestine affair. Unfortunately, while serving in
      battle, General Brock was mortally wounded. It was an emotional blow
      that Lady Sophia would never recover from and she eventually died a
      broken woman. She is now commonly spotted wandering the beautiful
      halls of the inn crying in despair, longing for the man she loved.
      Francois Desjardin originally owned the Willow Place Inn, in the
      1820's, a staunch Patriot who had been planning a rebellion against
      the Loyalists for some time. Maude, his servant but a faithful
      Loyalist, learned of the plot and turned him in. Shortly afterward,
      she was found murdered. Today, in room number 6, which used to be
      Maude's bedroom, many have felt her presence. Guests of the Inn have
      spoken of strange breezes or somehow feeling they were being watched.
      The wheelchair Maude used still sits in the corner of Room 6. Guests
      there have even reported that the chair had mysteriously moved across
      the room while they were sleeping!

      EPISODE 2:

      Fort George: Fort George was one of Canada's strongholds during the
      War of 1812. Thousands of British and Canadian troops spent their
      entire lives there, enduring hardship, sudden death and loneliness.
      Many of those who suffered are still seen wandering the grounds to
      this day. A tour guide once approached a young boy who was talking
      into thin air. The boy identified his imaginary friend as a soldier
      wearing yellow facings – the same color as soldiers once stationed
      there. There have been a dozens of reports about a woman, in period
      clothing combing her hair, reflected in one of the mirrors in the
      Officer's Quarters. Oddly, people are now reporting the same woman
      sitting in the room as if she somehow escaped from the mirror and is
      now free to roam the building. Bizarre reports have also emerged from
      the tunnel that leads to a powder magazine located outside the forts
      walls. Two tour guides once found themselves locked in the bunkhouse
      after they had spotted strange shadows moving around the ground floor
      bunkroom! Fort George is a fascinating place well worth exploring.

      Ghost Road: Scugog and Port Perry, Ontario are small towns
      inextricably bound by the many mysteries surrounding both. The most
      famous story is Ghost Road. Not only do these rural areas boast many
      ghost sightings but also consistent reports of UFOs and strange
      creatures. Hundreds of urban legends about Ghost Road have developed
      over the years; stories of headless riders, hook men, and many more.
      One tale tells of a farmer who was shot while looking for something
      with a lantern. Many claim to see an indistinct figure holding a
      lantern on that road, and believe it to be the spirit of the dead
      farmer. Others have reported strange electrical anomalies. One couple
      parked there suddenly experienced a dead ignition then the radio
      started up, the dashboard lights began to flicker and the headrests
      started banging. The Jester's Court Restaurant in neighboring Port
      Perry features native spirits, ghostly forms, UFO sightings, and
      accounts of alien abductions. One man recounts that when he was a
      young child he was out walking his dog, he spotted something strange
      in the bushes. His dog barked wildly and when he went to investigate
      further he encountered what can only be described as alien and also
      experienced an ear-piercing scream. When it subsided, he and his dog
      both ran for home.

      Five Fisherman Restaurant: The building in which the Five Fishermen
      Restaurant is located, was once a funeral parlor and is tied forever
      to two of Canada's most horrific disasters. The Titanic was one of
      the deadliest maritime tragedies of all time. It was at this funeral
      home where many of the wealthier victims were embalmed and some of
      the wakes took place. All of these victims met tragic and unexpected
      deaths. Many people speculate that these confused spirits are still
      wandering the building. In 1916, a munitions ship collided with a
      freighter and exploded in the Halifax Harbor. The resulting blast
      killed over two thousand people and there were so many bodies the
      funeral home had to stack them like cordwood. Ghost sightings,
      strange events such as water taps, lights and stoves being turned on
      and off by themselves, and glasses flying off shelves are a regular
      occurrences. The spirits seem to focus on employees working after
      business hours but recently the numbers of sightings has grown to
      include the general public.

      Washington Avenue Grill: Haunted by a young woman struck down by a
      car in front of the grill and the love interest who committed suicide
      shortly after her death. The restaurant's staff as well as a number
      of startled customers has reported seeing the two spirits. One
      gentleman, observing from a window, saw a woman walk out of an
      adjacent graveyard and up the stairs to the restaurant. A woman was
      having dinner in the empty dining room, when she felt what she
      thought was a moth fluttering around her ear. When she turned to swat
      at the moth she noticed a male apparition. She was more annoyed than
      frightened and told the ghost to leave her alone and he did as she

      Rob McConnell, President & CEO,

      The `X' Media Group - rob@...

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