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  • Tim Edwards
    Just in from the Current Encounters list.! If any members are located near Trumbull County Ohio I would appreciate any additional info available regarding
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2002
      Just in from the 'Current Encounters' list.!

      If any members are located near Trumbull County Ohio I would appreciate
      any additional info available regarding this event.




      Kenny Young wrote:

      > Apparently something unusual is taking place as of this
      > writing in Youngstown, Ohio (Trumbull County). At
      > around 11:15 p.m. I was alerted to the situation by a
      > resident of Youngstown, Ohio who left a telephone
      > message on my voice mail. The caller, name and
      > telephone number on file, said that a UFO sighting was
      > 'in progress' in his neighborhood and that the police
      > and media were on the scene.
      > "You wouldn't believe what all is going on," he said.
      > Details are not fully available right now, but around
      > the 11:00 p.m. time frame, an unusual object was
      > reportedly viewed to the west behind a home on
      > Truesdale Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio.
      > I did not check in to receive the message until
      > midnight, at which point I placed a return phone call
      > and spoke for a few minutes with the wife of the person
      > making the initial report. She said her husband had
      > left with the police to pursue the UFO and also advised
      > that it was her husband who had first called the police
      > regarding the object. He sought to alert them, she
      > said, so "someone could come out and verify this thing
      > we are seeing."
      > At some point, she informed that someone in the news
      > media must have been tipped off to the event because a
      > lead anchor with Channel 27 News in Youngstown, Ohio
      > was seen in the neighborhood.
      > "We had the actual anchor-man with Channel 27 on the
      > scene here," she said. "The place is like a zoo, all
      > the neighbors are out and watching this thing."
      > She said that after her husband had placed the call to
      > the Youngstown police department (time of notification
      > not yet available), an officer responding also saw the
      > object and stood outside watching it for about
      > 20-minutes.
      > While I spoke with the woman, her husband called in as
      > per 'call waiting' and she put me on hold to change
      > lines to speak with him. After their conversation, she
      > came back on the line to say that her husband was still
      > in the company of a Youngstown, Ohio police officer -
      > in separate vehicles - pursuing the UFO. Its position,
      > formerly in a western direction from their first point
      > of observation, is now viewed in a northeastern
      > direction from their vantage point at Bruce and
      > Sheehigh Avenues.
      > "My husband said they are standing out there looking at
      > it now," she said, "and they can see something yellow
      > around it. It has red and green lights and it's
      > definitely nothing anyone has seen before."
      > She reported that the event was still underway as of
      > 12:12 p.m. We discontinued the call as I asked that she
      > have her husband call me direct from the scene. I will
      > report any follow ups when the information becomes
      > available.
      > Filed, 12:25 p.m.
      > Monday, August 26, 2002

      *So much to learn and so little time!*

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