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Fwd = UFO UpDate: F-16 Scramble - NORAD Follow Up

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  • Frits Westra
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      Originally from: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@...> (by way of UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@...>)
      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: F-16 Scramble - NORAD Follow Up
      Original Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 19:07:45 -0400

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      From: Kenny Young <ufo@...>
      To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@...>
      Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 17:06:48 -0700
      Subject: F-16 Scramble - NORAD Follow Up

      Follow Up With Maj. Snyder

      Major Snyder, Command Spokesman for the U.S. Space Command and
      NORAD, was contacted by E-mail on Monday morning, July 29 for
      brief follow up to our Saturday afternoon telephone conversation
      concerning the unidentified aircraft approaching Washington D.C.
      on July 26 as detected by NORAD radar.

      Maj. Snyder was thanked for his earlier answers to some
      questions and the E-mail posed a few more detailed questions to
      him. These eight questions were as follows:

      1) What was the elevation, speed and approximate location of the
      July 26th unidentified radar target when it first appeared?

      2) At what time was the unidentified radar target first

      3) Did the aircraft undertake any flight changes or course

      4) What was the elevation, speed and approximate location of
      this same unidentified radar target when it last appeared?

      5) At what time was it last detected?

      6) What was the duration of the fading process from beginning to

      7) What exact radar sensor(s) detected this unidentified

      8) Did you have time to research whether or not the F-16 jets
      were visible on radar simultaneous to the unidentified target?

      Later that evening, Maj. Snyder responded to the eight questions
      with one brief statement: "Kenny, that's a negative on all.
      These are issues we don't address for operational security
      concerns. Thanks, Maj. Snyder"


      A second-level follow up was then brought before Maj. Snyder,
      where I asked: "One last question please; I noted that much of
      the information was made available concerning the small private
      aircraft intercepted near Washington D.C. last June (where the
      FBI was waiting for the pilot as the plane landed). Why will
      these same issues will not be addressed with this current case
      and what makes this issue different?"

      On Tuesday afternoon (July 30), Major Snyder responded to that
      question with the following comment: "I don't know all the
      details of the example provided. However, it's kinda apples and
      oranges. In that situation, a questionable track-of-interest was
      identified and landed at an airport, which was not the case last
      week. However, in none of the situations we're involved in do
      we release the info you asked about yesterday. Sometimes the
      law enforcement agencies get involved, per below, and might
      divulge details. That's their prerogative. Hope this helps."


      In review of Maj. Snyder's comments, some of what he informs
      appears inconsistent with previous precedent.

      Certain questions regarding the July 26, 2002 suspected
      UFO/radar case have been refused while similar data from a June
      19, 2002 unintentional aircraft intrusion of Washington D.C.
      airspace is public knowledge.

      After this June 19th intrusion, in which a small private
      aircraft ventured briefly into restricted Washington D.C.
      airspace due to a navigational error made by the pilot,
      information was made available to CNN that the off-course
      aircraft of June 19th entered the outer edge of the expanded
      Flight Restriction zone around Washington D.C. about 7:59 p.m.
      Further, a June 21, 2002 New York Times article by Eric Schmitt
      reports that Air Traffic controllers in Baltimore first spotted
      the light aircraft heading to Washington just before 8:00 p.m.

      This revelation informs us of a specific time the June 19th
      plane was first 'spotted' while we have been denied information
      on when the July 26th UFO target was first spotted. From the New
      York Times article we are also made aware of the detection
      method used to spot the June 19th plane; that being Air Traffic
      Controllers at a Baltimore, Maryland air tower. Meanwhile,
      similar information relevant to detection location or sensor as
      per the July 26th UFO target was withheld.

      Further, ABC News was informed that the June 19 plane "skirted"
      the smaller permanent restricted airspace at 10,300 feet inside
      the TFR zone. While the flight elevation of the erring pilot was
      made available, Maj. Snyder stressed the need to withhold the
      elevation of the UFO target of June 26 due to "operational
      security concerns"

      Even more perplexing to the secrecy surrounding the timeline of
      events involving the July 26 UFO target, a full-fledged timeline
      of events has been made available concerning the June 19 erring
      pilot episode. This timeline, reported by ABC News and others,
      is listed below:

      7:59 Baltimore air traffic controllers notified Reagan National
      Airport controllers that an unidentified plane was heading
      toward Washington.

      7:59 - 8:01 National Airport ATC tries to raise the plane on a
      number of frequencies, but are unable to contact the pilot.

      8:01 The plane enters the Temporary Flight Restriction Zone
      around the White House. National Airport officials contact both
      the Secret Service and the North American Aerospace Defense
      Command (NORAD), which is responsible for airspace security.
      Defense Department sources say NORAD was notified at 8:03, and
      that the plane entered the TFR zone at 8:04.

      8:06 NORAD orders F-16s scrambled, according to Defense
      Department sources.

      8:13 Cessna leaves TFR Zone after air traffic controllers
      finally reach the pilot, and he is notified of the violation and
      told that fighter jets had been scrambled.

      8:17 F-16s are airborne, according to Defense Department

      8:24 Fighters make visual contact with Cessna near
      Fredericksburg, Va.


      NORAD and Maj. Snyder have not been prompt in releasing a
      timeline of events or answers to specific information concerning
      a UFO radar target of July 26, 2002, and have advised that this
      information will not be released due to 'operational security.'

      As noted above, Major Snyder said: "In none of the situations
      we're involved in do we release the info you asked about."

      However, as illustrated in this report, the same information was
      indeed released regarding the June 19, 2002 case of a pilot
      making a navigational error near the nation's capitol.

      July 30, 2002
      UFO Research

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