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Nancy Leider - Source for 2003 - Hazelwood Under Fire

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  • Jason Martell
    From: Nancy Lieder Organization: ZetaTalk People are looking for Mark, people he s taken money from. You can get this real fast from
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2002
      From: Nancy Lieder <nancy@...> Organization: ZetaTalk

      People are looking for Mark, people he's taken money from. You can get
      this real fast from reading Brent's e-mail. If this were NOT the case,
      you'd not be worried, would you. You're his publisher. You know where
      he is. I currently get these e-mails and don't know what to tell folks
      except to say that I warned them as best I could.

      Is it a SECRET where your firm is, the location? Legitimate publishing
      houses are NOT at secret locations. MY publisher is noted on each book
      sold. HE has an address. HE is not worried about folks looking for me,

      due to he kind of actions implied by Mark in his correspondence with
      Brent. Brent has a canceled check, I'm sure, to back up his statements,

      and there are a large number of people who remember Mark Hazelwood when
      he came onto the Troubled Times lists soliticiting money so "we could
      all prepare". He was banned for this, as my web page indicates, and not
      by ME, by the Posse, and elected group.

      WE are concerned about helping folks, not ripping them off.

      From: Nancy Lieder <nancy@...> Organization: ZetaTalk
      > >
      > > Mark Hazelwood, Blindsided, has taken
      > > almost ALL of this information from my
      > > book and website! 2003, the pole shift,
      > > what is will be like, etc etc, and even
      > > the inbound path of Planet X!

      Hazlewood joined the Troubled Times mailing lists in 2000 and was
      promptly banned for continuously soliciting money for various
      get-rich-quick schemes. Few are honest enough to admit they have been
      fleeced especially sending money to a stranger, where no laws except
      let-the-buyer-beware can govern. Please note per this link that once a
      victim has been lined up, requests for large amounts of cash were
      unhesitatingly made, all without any paper backing or oversight of the
      transaction. Having found a reason for folks to panic, i.e. the coming
      pole shift in 2003 and ZetaTalk accuracy, Hazlewood set out to make
      himself the spokesperson, to be subject at later dates to
      disinformation, generating an electronic book composed entirely of
      material lifted from the ZetaTalk site, the Troubled Times site,
      Sitchin’s books, and others. He didn’t write a book, he cobbled it
      together from other copyrighted material, and then demanded money for it
      from those he flooded with his e-mail promotions. He did not generate
      information or content, or make a contribution, just plagarized. The
      information is given free on the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times sites, the
      straightforward warning and information on self-help, but Hazlewood
      neglects to mention this.

      > >
      > > ZetaTalk, ISBN 1-893183-15-7 Granite Press
      > >
      > >
      > > Please let me know where I should send
      > > all the people seeking Mark's physical
      > > address, whom he's taken money from,
      > > who are looking for him. I would also
      > > like YOUR pnysical address as when they
      > > can't find him, they'll be looking for
      > > YOU!
      > >
      > > http://www.zetatalk.com/index/px2003.htm
      > >
      > >

      > -

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