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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: CCCRN News: Circular Conciousness
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      The E-News Service of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network


      July 7, 2002



      Paul Anderson
      Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
      July, 2002

      Web version of this article with photos, illustrations and links:

      This short article is essentially a personal summary of some of my thoughts
      on the nature of the crop circle phenomenon as of the summer of 2002 and
      how are conciousness may be connected to or involved in the creation of
      formations, a possibility that I have become increasingly interested in.

      When I first heard about crop circles around 1990, after seeing an episode
      of Unsolved Mysteries, the first thing that came to mind, as for many
      people, was the idea that these were communications from another
      intelligence, possibly containing an encoded message of some sort. The
      nature of the long pictograms of the time seemed to suggest that,
      resembling an unknown language. They did not however seem to be simply
      landing marks left by UFOs as some had suggested. Something else was going
      on. Having a graphic arts background, I was immediately hooked and
      fascinated by these 'signs' appearing overnight in farm fields worldwide.
      This phenomenon was like no other.

      Over the years however, the phenomenon evolved and changed, in unexpected
      ways. The patterns still suggested intelligence, the more complex ones at
      least, but now a wide range of symbolism was showing up in fields
      worldwide, from advanced mathematics to astronomy to icons of the oldest
      religions and beliefs. This no longer seemed to me to be a straightforward
      attempt at communication by 'aliens' in the conventional sense, but perhaps
      something deeper. Of course, the prevailing notion took over that all of
      these formations were merely human artwork, nothing more. To a point, I
      believe there is some truth in this, that human hoaxing and 'land art' have
      become more prevailant in recent years and for many have frustratingly
      clouded the issue.

      But many formations, both simple and complex ones, continue to provide
      evidence for another, genuine phenomenon. It was the overt physical nature
      of the phenomenon, plus the scientific evidence, that drew me to it
      initially and still does. I am actually fairly conservative, wanting
      evidence or better yet proof, for things unexplained. I consider myself to
      be an 'open-minded skeptic' or 'skeptical believer' as such. I grew up
      watching and reading Carl Sagan and similar leading thinkers of our time,
      who while waxing poetically about the nature of the universe, took a dim
      view however, at least publicly, of any such 'fringe' topics like crop
      circles. Early on, I had no idea I would become as involved as I have in
      the study of this phenomenon, I couldn't have predicted it, although I was
      doing research in other areas (and still do) and had life-long interests in
      unexplained phenomena or anything that challenged our pre-conceived notions
      of how the universe worked. After all, we're essentially talking about
      nothing more than flattened field crops! For me however, I became more
      fascinated the longer I looked into the subject. I was already open minded
      about such concepts as quantum physics, life elsewhere and so on, so why
      not crop circles? There appeared to be only two main possibilities, either
      they (the non-manmade ones) were the product of an alien intelligence (as
      in non-human, not necessarily aliens from another planet) or they were a
      not yet understood natural phenomenon. The phenomenon seemed suited for me
      it felt like, as the prairies had always been in my blood with many in my
      family coming from or living in Alberta and Saskatchewan (and some still
      do) and I had always had a love of the open country as well as a good
      mystery. I had even worked as an assistant curator for the BC Agricultural
      Museum in the early 90s. Bingo, the perfect mystery!

      The reports from many people of other, stranger experiences, threw a twist
      into many of the conventional theories floating around. The classic story
      back in the early days from veteran UK researcher Busty Taylor being a
      prime example; while flying near Cheesefoot Head in August of1986, Busty
      stated 'All we want now is to find all the formations we have seen to date
      wrapped into one, like the Celtic Cross'. The next day just such a
      formation was there, seen when Busty flew over the same spot again. The
      previous night had been wet with heavy rain. Similar accounts have come
      from many over the years, even from self-professed hoaxers. The experiments
      of the Southern Circular Research team in the UK, of attempting interaction
      with the circle-making intelligence(s) or force(s) and creating a formation
      with their own minds, are compelling, as outlined in the book Quest for
      Contact by Andy Thomas and Paul Bura. The phenomenon seemed to exhibit
      characteristics seen in other phenomena such as UFOs, of 'playing games'
      with people such as always staying one step ahead of the latest hypothesis
      (as soon as a new conclusive answer to the mystery would be provided, the
      phenomenon would then seem to do something to demonstratably nullify it) or
      of even interacting more directly with people. What did this all mean?

      One of the most dramatic and unusual such occurrences was the witnessing,
      by well known and respected researcher Nancy Talbott, of a formation
      apparently being made in August of 2001 in Holland, while staying there for
      research purposes (Holland being a country of frequent crop circle
      activity). After expressing frustration from a difficult day and weeks of
      tiring work in the fields, Nancy asked 'why can't this phenomenon be more
      obvious, more direct'? shortly before retiring to her bedroom. At about
      3:15 am, while reading in bed, Nancy reported hearing bauling cattle
      outside, then seeing a bright beam of white light hit the ground outside
      the house through her bedroom window. Although she still had the bedroom
      light on to read, the light was bright enough to light up the room. This
      was quickly followed by two more similar shafts of light, also witnessed by
      Robbert van der Broeke in the house, the whole event over in only a few
      seconds. To their surprise, a new circle with attached 'T' shape was now in
      the bean field where they had seen the beams hit. Upon inspection, the
      plants were still apparently 'steaming'. The account is similar to others
      over the years; is it only a coincidence that the new formation occurred
      where it did (within a couple hundred feet of the house, in full view), and
      when it did?

      Full report:

      Almost everyone I know who has become involved in these studies have had
      unusual experiences in their life they can't explain. Whether more than
      average, I am not sure, but it seems so. I've also had many such
      experiences since childhood, including premonitions, synchronocities (many,
      even in the circumstances of close family members passing over, such as
      when my grandmother told me matter-of-factly one day a few years ago that
      she knew her time had come, only about a week before she died, and had
      still been in ok health when she told me, until she went into hospital a
      few days later for heart problems), detailed lucid dreams, shared dreams,
      and even possible PK (or poltergeist?) occurrences such as when a heavy
      glass ashtray literally blew apart in half right beside me for no apparent
      reason on a quiet day while watching TV when I was in my early teens (my
      mother also witnessed it happen). These seemed to increase after 1988, when
      I first started getting actively involved in more serious research. One of
      the books that got me thinking more 'outside the box' as such was The
      Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, offering the concept of the
      universe as a sort of giant hologram, containing both matter and
      conciousness entertwined together. Also coming from a conservative
      Christian background in terms of my beliefs, this phenomenon seemed to
      challenge views I had since childhood; I now see this as a learning curve,
      not necessarily negating my or anyone else's beliefs, but perhaps expanding
      upon them in a positive way. I had always believed in God, but also that
      our understanding of the Who, Why and How may be far beyond the reach of
      our human brains to fully comprehend. My experiences caused me to ask many

      Relating to the crop circles, one of the strangest experiences I had so far
      was a very vivid dream I had one night in August of 2000, of looking down
      on a pattern in a field which appeared to have two circles in it, one a bit
      larger than the other. The whole 'scene' was in vivid colour, orange-red,
      like looking through an infrared filter or something similar. Inside each
      circle was what I could only describe as bright glowing 'twisting bands of
      energy', like coiling snakes. I had many crop circle dreams before, even
      apparent premonitions in a couple instances, but nothing so vivid as this.

      It was the next day that I received a message from Nancy Talbott of a new
      formation at Moosomin, Saskatchewan, reported to her by a contact of hers.
      When our (CCCRN) Saskatchewan coordinator Dennis Eklund, in Saskatoon, went
      to the site shortly after, he was surprised to find that many of the plant
      stalks inside the formation, a 250 foot classic dumbbell with two attached
      circles in wheat, were deformed with 'somatic developmental abnormalities';
      the stems beneath the seed heads were twisted around, almost 'knotted'.
      Other seed heads themselves were bent at about a 90 degree angle. If a
      coincidence, a most unusual one. Similar anomalies had been found in a
      formation at Whitefish, Montana, USA in 1999 and later in the huge Milk
      Hill formation in England in 2001. I initially interpreted this as a basic
      premonition of sorts, although it is not known precisely when the formation
      itself was actually made (the condition on the ground did indicate quite
      recently however). Was this an indication that the phenomenon can and does
      interact with us, or that we are 'tapping into it' somehow or both? The
      dream felt like a piece of the puzzle being viewed or presented for unknown
      reasons. Does it relate to how the formation was made (the scientific
      evidence for microwave and electromagnetic-like energies being present
      inside some formations, particularly soon after creation, has grown and
      others have even reported plants still feeling warm to the touch or even
      steaming after a new pattern has formed in a few cases)?

      Another time a few years ago, I had a dream of a number of random circles
      in a field of grass. Again, it was the next day that I received a report of
      a similar set of circles farther north in BC, on an Indian reservation.
      Another coincidence?

      In late August of 2001, before going to Saskatchewan and Alberta for Crop
      Watch 2001, I had expressed a private thought or 'request' of wanting the
      phenomenon to produce formations near enough to where our team would be
      staying, which would be primarily Estevan, Saskatchewan, and perhaps more
      complex than what is usually seen in Canada. I later repeated this while in
      the formation at Drayton Valley, Alberta. The next day, our pilot assistant
      in Estevan, Saskatchewan, John Erickson, notified me of three new
      formations he had just found there near Midale, a hot spot in recent years.
      These were the first of seven formations in all to appear within the
      following six day period. Some of the formations were indeed a 'notch or
      two' more complex, in terms of design, size and ground detail (complex
      layering, bunching and 'weaving' of stalks, etc.). Before leaving to go to
      the prairies, I had been pessimistic as to having many formations that
      year, expecting few if any due to a widespread drought. Another case of a
      request granted?

      Shortly after this in early September, the largest known crop formation so
      far in Canada (422 feet across) was found near Red Deer, Alberta. What was
      unusual was that it was a stylized version of a Middle Eastern Star of
      David or hexagram. When the terrorist attacks in the US happened on
      September 11, some people wondered if the formation was a warning or
      foreshadowing? While the formation itself was actually less impressive on
      the ground than most others seen here, it is still an interesting
      coincidence in terms of its timing, as such symbolism has rarely been seen
      in Canadian formations before, although circles with Crosses attached have
      previously appeared and a number of formations have been found on Native
      Indian reservations over the years.

      So what does this all mean? Before dismissing such experiences, it may be
      worth noting the directions that studies in quantum physics and related
      fields have taken us in recent years; how is it that atoms have been
      observed to 'respond' or alter their behaviour in relation to the
      scientists observing them? What is thought? What is conciousness? Recent
      experiments such as those for the Global Conciousness Project at Princeton
      University have provided more evidence of 'mass conciousness', reflecting
      current ideas like those in The Holographic Universe, demonstrating how key
      events such as major disasters can trigger strong measureable responses in
      the collective psyche among many people worldwide more or less
      simultaneously, even shortly before those events happen (relating to
      premonitions, shared dreams, etc.). Does the crop circle phenomenon play a
      part in our undertanding of these issues? Rather than being an independent
      phenomenon, I am coming to the conclusion that the circles are but one part
      of a larger puzzle, a physical manifestation of perhaps many things, even
      our own knowledge, beliefs and fears; this may be occurring as direct
      interaction in tandem with an unknown external intelligence or is it also
      possible the humanity may be communicating with itself, in ways not
      previously thought of? As long as the circles continue, so will the search
      for answers.

      This article may be linked to or reprinted providing copyright given.
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