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Re: Reply.......To Skeptics Reading This List

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  • tooflirtcop
    Sandy, I d say being a skeptic opens your mind to other possibilitie. It s not always a bad thing. Mike ... things with an ... pretty ... say or do ... in
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2002
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      I'd say being a skeptic opens your mind to other possibilitie. It's
      not always a bad thing.


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      > In a message dated 07/02/2002 3:32:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      > gary@g... writes:
      > > > What is wrong with being a skeptic? What is so wrong about being
      > > > skeptical? Why are people labeled "Skeptics" on this list and
      > > > other lists as if they have some type of horrible disease?
      > >
      > Being a skeptic automatically limits a persons ability to see
      things with an
      > open mind. Being a skeptic tells other people that your beliefs are
      > much set in stone, and that there is not very much someone else can
      say or do
      > that will change your mind. Being a skeptic keeps a person living
      in their
      > nice little cozy box, and not wanting to leave the comfortable
      > that they have gotten use too. Being a skeptic a person never
      learns anything
      > new. Being a skeptic means that people are afraid to challenge the
      status quo
      > belief system...........Being a skeptic means that skeptics are
      more willing
      > to believe what someone else has told them is true, instead of
      > going out and learning and finding out if what they were told is
      really true
      > or not...........Being a skeptic means never having to take a
      > a skeptic means that that person is just another face in the crowd,
      > there is nothing to distinguishes him from the rest of
      > humanity..........Being a skeptic means that the skeptic is no
      different from
      > anybody else, and it doesn't matter what he accomplishes in life
      > someone else has probably already accomplished the same
      > a skeptic means that your belief system is limited to earthly
      beliefs instead
      > of universal beliefs...........
      > I don't have all the answer, but at least I am no longer taking the
      word of
      > someone else who says he has all the answer.........
      > A question........If the universe is all there is as some people
      say it is,
      > then what is on the back side of the universe?
      > Sandy Nichols
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