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Argentina: Residents Blame Mutes on "Red Magic"

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    Subj: Argentina: Residents Blame Mutes on Red Magic Date: 7/1/2002 11:13:37 AM Eastern Standard Time From:
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      Subj: Argentina: Residents Blame Mutes on "Red Magic"
      Date: 7/1/2002 11:13:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
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      > SOURCE: NORTE Edición Digital (<A HREF="http://www.diarionorte.com.ar/index.htm">http://www.diarionorte.com.ar/index.htm</A>)DATE:
      > "RED MAGIC"
      > SAENZ PEÑA (Agencia) " This is a matter of "Mandinga". No animal can die
      that way, it didn't scream, something weird is going on," said Maria Eusebia,
      referring to the strange case involving a mutilated horse missing an eye, its
      tongue and its anus. It was found by residents of La Chiquita, located some 8
      km, east of Presidencia Roque Suarez, located on National Route 16.Stories
      received yesterday regarding this event made evident the consternation felt
      by local residents, who point out that these events "are the work of
      practitioners of red magic."On the night of the alleged animal mutilation,
      "the dogs slept like bears and didn't bark, despite the fact that they slept
      right next to the horse," added Maria Eusebia. Daniel Acuña, who happened to
      pass that location on his way to work in the early morning hours, claims
      having seen red lights over some trees on many occasions, "like an evil
      light, which I was told are those who practice red magic."The event, as was
      indicated yesterday, occured over a month ago, adding to the mysterious
      mutilation of more than 60 animals found in the provinces of La Pampa, Rio
      Negro and Buenos Aires, but the case was only made known on Friday, after the
      horse had been buried. "They took out its eye completely, but there was no
      bleeding. They also took out its tongue and anus, but there was no blood on
      the ground, nothing at all," said Emilia Lopez, another resident of the ranch
      in which Agustina Torres, the horse's owner, also lives. Torres "in order
      not to suffer, since she misses [the horse] so much, went off to Quitilipi,"
      said locals.In the property where the mutilation took place, located some 8
      km of Saenz Peña, almost on the tracks of the Belgrano Railroad, there are
      several neighboring ranch dwellings, in which the horse--named Dominga by the
      local children--"was like a pet.""He was tame, good, young and had just grown
      out of colthood, " said Adriana, a young girl saddened by the horse's fate.
      "But doña Agustina Torres became ill, because that was the horse with which
      would pull her cart to seel firewood and coal in town. She won't be able to
      feed herself now, " she adds.One of the woman's children, Diego Torres, is
      still amazed: "It's not normal. We buried him because here in the countryside
      we know nothing about the Chupacabras that the TV talks about. But the
      incisions were perfect--there was no blood, and if [the perpetrators] were
      human, the horse should have whinnied a little, beacuse it's not going to let
      its tongue be cut out. It's also weird that the dogs didn't bark, either."The
      animal's owners and neighbors cannot find an explanation to the event
      "because we have seen other animals die of old age or disease, but never like
      this, without screaming or bleeding." For this reason, some women did not
      hesitate to assign the event to "practitioners of red magic," in their own
      words.===============================================Translation (C) 2002.
      Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Pablo
      Omastott, CEUFO.

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