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World Of The Strange Newsletter 7/1/02

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      #1. Cattle Mutilations: Senseless Mutilation or High Tech Monitoring? by
      Patrick Cooke padraigco@...
      #2. July's Website Of The Month - Mystical Universe - International UFO
      Reporting Center
      #3. CIA Said To Rue Its Longterm UFO Cover-Up by: Robert Scott Martin Staff
      #4. How to Disappear by: Brendan I. Koerner
      #5. 'UFOs? I've seen 180' No need to go to the US to spot UFOs (BBC News)
      #6.Asteroid Gives Earth Closest Shave In Years
      #7. Can Technology Track Down Spirits? by: Lindsay Martell
      #8. Another Close Chupacabras Sighting In Calama, Chile From Virgilio
      Miami UFO Center ufomiami@... From Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center
      Translation by Mario Andrade Source: El Mercurio de Calama
      #1. Cattle Mutilations: Senseless Mutilation or High Tech Monitoring? by
      Patrick Cooke padraigco@...

      (Editor's Notation: Patrick Cooke will be talking on the Jeff Rense Show,
      Monday, July 1st, at this time I'm not sure of the actual time, but please
      check the website at http://rense.com Patrick is the author of the most
      discussed book, The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection, his
      website is at http://bibleufo.com)

      The Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon, also called "bovine excision", is the
      enigma presented when cattle have been found killed by an unexplained method
      and anatomically mutilated under anomalous conditions. No single example of
      a paranormal event is so physically bizarre or has such a negative economic
      impact on a specific industry. It is generally considered to have started
      with an anomalous mutilation in 1967 of a horse in Colorado. However, seven
      decades earlier, we find this unusual eyewitness testimony from a sworn
      statement dated April 21, 1897:

      "A prosperous and prominent farmer named Alexander Hamilton in LeRoy, Kansas
      told of an attack upon his cattle at about 10:30 PM the previous Monday. He,
      his son, and his tenant grabbed axes and ran some 700 feet from the house to
      the cow lot where a great, cigar-shaped ship, about 300 feet long, floated
      some 30 feet above his cattle. It had a carriage underneath which was
      brightly lighted within (dirigible and gondola?) and which had numerous
      windows. Inside were six strange looking beings jabbering in a foreign
      language. These beings suddenly became aware of Hamilton and the others.
      They immediately turned a searchlight on the farmer, and also turned on some
      power, which sped up a turbine wheel (about 30 ft diameter) located under the
      craft. The ship rose, taking with it a two-year old heifer, which was roped
      about the neck by a cable of one-half inch thick, red material. The next day
      a neighbor, Link Thomas, found the animal's hide, legs and head in his field.
      He was mystified
      at how the remains got to where they were because of the lack of tracks in
      the soft soil. Alexander Hamilton's sworn statement was accompanied by an
      affidavit as to his veracity. The affidavit was signed by ten of the local
      leading citizens."

      This incident seems to fit well into the realm of cattle mutilations.

      Aerial Indications

      Though the above description is unscientific, it shows that the animal is
      being lifted. One very important aspect of this phenomenon is the total
      absence of evidence of physical activity of any sort around the affected
      carcasses. Such a total lack of footprints, tire tracks, or any ground
      disturbance indicates that some sort of aerial device had to be used. There
      is also evidence that the animals may have been dropped from considerable
      heights after the mutilations were performed.

      Predator Absence

      The aerial aspect could also explain why there is no indication that the
      animals died as result of predatory attacks or accidents. A very unusual
      natural deviation occurs at the carcass sites, scavengers will not feed upon
      or even approach the carcasses despite the abundance of meat on the remains
      and often-fresh condition of it. Any flies, a common aspect of carrion, are
      dead on the carcasses.

      Bloodless Carcasses

      The animals chosen, horses, cattle, buffalo, and deer are large and can have
      as much as four gallons of blood in a body weighing sometimes in excess of a
      thousand pounds. The carcasses are completely drained of every trace of
      blood, a condition known as exsanguination, and yet not one drop of blood is
      found around the body. Other body fluids are also conspicuously absent. The
      process of draining such a large body of all blood and fluids would require
      an advanced laboratory setting and highly sophisticated equipment, something
      certainly not commonly found on cattle ranges or in forests. The process of
      removing all traces of those fluids from the body and the surrounding
      environment requires a technology not currently found on the planet. The
      ease of obtaining cattle blood, and the obvious disregard for the monetary
      value of an entire cow, leaves out old-fashioned cattle rustling or any
      criminal intent.

      Unorthodox Organ Removal

      Blood and body fluids are not the only things removed from these bodies,
      which gives this phenomenon its description as an act of mutilation.
      Certain organs are surgically removed from their bodies. Autopsy reports show
      that removal of sexual organs, the digestive tract, and sensory organs are
      most often the organs of choice. Other organs also removed are soft tissue
      organs such as reproductive organs, the tongue, eyes, lips, ears, udder, and
      the rectal area. Internal organs not surgically incised are often found to
      have lost all consistency and are described as in a "mushy" state. And there
      is an unearthly ring to the methods employed. Organ and tissue removal is
      done with perfect surgical precision. No ripping or tearing, as with
      predator attacks, and even scalpels are often eliminated in consideration as
      a tool. The incisions have been done with such fine precision that only a
      laser could produce such surgical exactness. Evidence of cauterization, the
      act of fusing of blood vessels and tissue using heat or chemical methods,
      enforces this theory. Bones are also clearly sliced with no bone fragments.
      Areas of flesh are also severed with high tech precision.

      Please Go To http://www.worldofthestrange.com To View The Rest Of This
      #2. July's Website Of The Month - Mystical Universe - International UFO
      Reporting Center

      This website is really a good one with the sighting from around the world...
      They also include and are still growing with some sights on The Unexplained,
      Haunted Places Mysterious Creatures and so on...

      Below is one such report of a sighting:

      Reported By: Elaine - Clinton, CT - 5/15/02 - 6:25:32 PM
      Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Clinton, CT - Zip Code: 06413 - Date: May
      2002 PM

      County sighting took place: Middlesex - Witnesses: 2 - Objects Shape: Unknown
      - Number of objects: 6

      Object had an Aura or Haze around it - Object hovered - Object became
      transparent - There were aircraft in the area

      There is a Public Airfield in the area - Additional Information: Sky over CT
      or NY

      Event Description:
      This is my second report, I reported once before at the end of April 2002.

      I had seen this light in the sky for 4 nights in a row, and I thought that
      was the end of it. But I have been seeing "them" now, on and off for several
      weeks. In the beginning there was only one, now, on occasion there is more
      than one. I have seen them mostly between 10 PM and 12 AM. Sometimes when I
      go to bed and I can tell there are one or two in the far distance, I don't
      even bother to watch. But then there are special nights, like last night,
      that there was alot going on.

      I have on several nights, awakened my daughter so she can observe too. She
      has a bedroom window facing the same direction as mine, plus one facing north
      - like toward Mass. or VT. - Like night, May 14, we went to bed early, around
      10:30 - at first I saw one-very bright - meaning very close. I went to my
      daughters bedroom, to tell her, and she was watching a a different one to the
      North. I went back to bed and continued to watch.

      The one I could see from there. It seemed as if it were in trouble - meaning
      very erratic from all the other times we'd seen them. It seemed like it was
      lost and confused. It kept making all kinds of rapid movements and flashing a
      more rapid on and off sequence. And it seem to be getting lower and closer to
      earth. And then two others moved directly above it, fairly close together.
      Which formed like a triangle pattern.

      Once the two others were above the one that seemed in trouble, it appeared to
      become stabilized. And then the most amazing part - out of blue, so to speak,
      a large reddish-orange orb, came flashing across the sky in about five or six
      seconds, and passed right above the two 'regular' ones. The direction would
      be like coming from New Jersey direction and going north toward New York and
      then out of my line of sight.

      At first I thought it must have been a meteorite or something like that, -
      but about thirty minutes later, it happened again. The reddish orange orb
      came from the same direction and did the same exact thing.

      Once this happened the others slowly moving away, but still doing the
      maneuvers as before. I must have watched them two hours before I fell asleep.
      Then sometime during the night I woke up, and could see two close together
      like toward NJ way.

      I remember thinking that they must have patrols or patterns they follow every
      night, and that on stormy or bad weather nights I can't see them. I also
      think now, that the on and off light blinking that they do is to like keep
      track of each other, or id each other. I really do not think they mean us any
      harm, they are either observing us, or watching over and protecting us, or
      something like that.

      If they meant us any harm then the six different ones that were in this area
      last night could have done damage. - I've also noticed that in the last few
      weeks since this started happening that airplane traffic to the near by New
      Haven airport has become almost nonexistent - for me to see that is. I also
      don't understand why no one else seems to be seeing these lights. It is
      obvious that they are not stars, - stars don't blink off and on, and stars
      don't move around all over the place.

      If anyone had told me two months ago that they had seen or that I would see
      these "UFO's," I would have called them crazy. Neither myself nor my daughter
      drink, do drugs, take meds., have stress, nor have we ever had any mental
      problems. I did tell one friend, who said as a teen he had a very close
      encounter, and believes me, and wants me to be careful not to attack 'their'
      attention. I explained that 'they' are very far up there, and I'm not scared,
      I've been sleeping fine, except for watching them very late some nights.
      Please tell me someone besides us have seen these light and maneuvers they
      are doing. Please tell me there is an explanation.

      NOTE: If anyone has had a similar experience or witnessed what our Guest
      Elaine has, please contact me: Edit4MUniv@... Thank you. Nancy, Director
      of Operations, Editor

      Full Article

      #3. CIA Said To Rue Its Longterm UFO Cover-Up by: Robert Scott Martin Staff

      Central Intelligence Agency http://www.cia.gov

      CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90

      Not only has the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency admitted its role in trying
      to "correct" public opinion about UFOs over the last half century, it now
      believes the policy caused "major problems" in dealing with the public. In an
      internal report entitled "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90," agency
      historian Gerald K. Haines portrayed the CIA as consistently and
      deliberately working to suppress reports of unidentified aerial phenomena
      since modern UFO sightings began with the Kenneth Arnold case of 1947. Still,
      even in a paper filled with covert attempts on the part of both the CIA and
      the Air Force to "persuade the public that UFOs were not extraordinary,"
      Haines himself continued the suppressive policy, perhaps unconsciously, by
      writing that the CIA "paid only limited and peripheral attention to the
      phenomena" since the early 1950s.

      This tension in the report, written at the request of CIA Director R. James
      Woolsey in 1997, is a telling reflection of the government agency's troubled
      broader relationship with UFO sightings and literature. Haines' history is
      studded with depictions of the CIA not only repressing UFO reports and
      reviewing recommendations that agents monitor UFO clubs for subversive
      activities, but also trying to hide its own interest in the matter. Indeed,
      the struggle to "carefully restrict" and "forbid" any public awareness of CIA
      involvement in UFO investigations eclipses the actual investigations as the
      major thrust of the agency's UFO efforts. Even though the agency had accepted
      the Air Force's conclusion that there was only "a remote possibility" that
      UFOs were interplanetary aircraft as early as 1952, investigations of the
      "massive buildup of sightings" went on, just in case.

      Concealment of CIA interest

      However, after 1953, when negative findings from a civilian panel motivated
      the CIA to "put the entire issue of UFOs on the back burner" entirely, Haines
      said the agency became almost exclusively concerned with covering up its own
      involvement in the world of unidentified flying objects. This aggressive
      policy of public non-involvement was important to the CIA for many reasons.
      First, a number of agency officials and study groups over the years urged the
      CIA to "conceal its interest" because such attention would seem to officially
      sanction to the existence of UFOs. Although the agency itself, like the Air
      Force, believed the chance of flying saucers posing a direct threat was
      minimal, the fear that even unfounded public belief in the
      phenomenon, if encouraged by government interest, could be enough to "touch
      off mass hysteria and panic." Particularly in the 1950s, the Cold War
      heightened this somewhat obsessive concern with hiding any evidence of the
      CIA's involvement, said Haines.

      Although the agency's UFO study group did not see any security threat
      emerging directly out of flying saucers themselves, even if they actually
      existed, the CIA was deeply worried by the possibility that Soviet agents
      could use UFOs as "a possible psychological warfare tool" or cloak a more
      Earthly attack with fake UFO reports. Tantalizingly, Haines also noted that
      at least one CIA Director, Walter Bedell Smith, "wanted to know what use
      could be made of the UFO phenomenon in connection with US psychological
      warfare efforts." The report does not mention whether the agency followed up
      on this opportunity to manipulate UFO reports in a more sophisticated manner
      for its own purposes.

      As the 1950s wore on, the CIA became even less interested in UFOs in
      themselves and more concerned with covering up its own early involvement with
      the phenomenon. In 1955, only the possibility that the Soviets would
      eventually develop a flying saucer of their own kept the investigations from
      ending completely. Meanwhile, ironically, the CIA had built its own
      "unidentified flying object," the U-2 surveillance aircraft, and sightings of
      these planes needed to be kept out of the media. According to Haines, Air
      Force investigators were "careful not to reveal the true cause" of U-2
      sightings. However, having no other means of explaining the encounters, it is
      likely the field agents were forced either to lie or retreat into a
      suspicious silence. The return of the repressed Haines argues that this
      suspicious silence was not a good strategy for the agency, but the
      established need for secrecy left the CIA with little choice while fervor
      over the government's role in "covering up" UFO information grew.

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      #4. How to Disappear by: Brendan I. Koerner

      Your inbox is awash in spam, your boss is chuckling over your credit report,
      and you've got a sneaking suspicion that Uncle Sam counts how many Löwenbräu
      you chug. Yes, your privacy's shot to hell, and you're tempted to shrug and
      settle for an open source life. But privacy isn't like virginity, forever
      lost after the first trespass. With some work, "reprivatization" is possible.
      Use this three-tiered guide to pick a level of solitude. But be warned: Going
      all the way off the grid is more Ted Kaczynski than Howard Hughes.


      Diss credit: Want to be hard to find? Start by dashing off stern opt-out
      letters to the big database companies and credit bureaus - Experian, Acxiom,
      Equifax. These folks may make a mint peddling personal info, but they can be
      cajoled into stopping. First, though, they'll make you jump through hoops -
      like filling out a 1040-sized form or idling in toll-free hell. Junkbusters
      (www.junkbusters.com) has a good list of opt-out addresses.

      Anonymize: Ditch your ISP and sign up with a service that lets you surf by
      proxy, keeping your IP address concealed. Send email via an anonymous
      remailer like Mixmaster, a digital middleman that scrambles timestamps and
      message sizes. And if you're going to be advocating the violent overthrow of
      the government or bragging about your cool new bong, make sure your remailer
      routes messages through multiple machines.

      Grok the fine print: Boring as it sounds, read the privacy statements that
      clutter your mailbox around tax time and sever ties with companies that
      admit, "Our privacy policy may change over time" - industry lingo for "We
      reserve the right to screw you."

      Going Further

      Ditch the digits:Want to drop out?Start by rustling up a new Social Security

      The Social Security Administration doesn't accept paranoia as a criterion for
      granting a new card, but it recognizes cultural objections and religious
      pleas. One stratagem: Contend that your credit has been irrevocably damaged
      by a number-related snafu, or that you live in fear of a stalker who knows
      your digits. Once you switch your SSN, never use it. Instead, dole out
      078-05-1120, an Eisenhower-era card that works 99 percent of the time.

      Call cell-free: Use the humble pay phone. Mobile phones are being outfitted
      with global positioning satellite chips to comply with an FCC mandate. By
      2006, all wireless networks must feature 911-friendly tracking technology.
      Marketers are cooking up ways to capitalize, like zapping burger coupons to
      your Nokia as you stroll by a fast-food joint.

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      #5. 'UFOs? I've seen 180' No need to go to the US to spot UFOs (BBC News)

      Forget Roswell. If you want to spot UFOs, the "Falkirk triangle" is said to
      be your best bet. Here Scottish farm worker Craig Malcolm tells of his years
      scanning the skies for unidentified flying objects.

      My nephew, who is four, loves watching the skies. We did the ET ride at
      Universal Studios and the wee man thought it was brilliant. Now he thinks ET
      is going to come and see him.

      Something in the air
      300 UFO sightings a year in Scotland
      That's more per area than other countries surveyed
      VisitScotland figures

      I saw my first UFO in 1991 when I was 19. My big brother came into the house
      one night pure white - we thought he'd been in a car crash. He said,
      'something's just chased me' - yeah, right.

      We went outside and this thing was above our house. The only way I can
      describe it is a figure of eight rotating through the sky.

      There was no sound; just pulsating lights coming off it. We videoed it, and
      when we played it back, we noticed smaller objects coming off it and flying
      off in opposite directions.

      From there, it just snowballed. I've seen about 180 now, and have got 13
      hours of footage of strange phenomena flying about in the sky above my house.
      I've also filmed planes and helicopters just to compare them.

      Roswell has attracted UFO enthusiasts for decades

      I sent this footage to SETI [the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
      Institute] in the US for analysis. It came back that 95% was UFOs and 5% was

      I'd been a bit of a sceptic before I saw what I saw; I'm a 100% believer now.

      This stuff about Bonnybridge being the Costa del Sol for aliens, I think
      they're having a laugh. But if it creates a bit of interest and gets people
      up here, that's a good thing because tourism has died a death what with

      Conspiracy theory

      I've had a few hair-raising experiences. Something chased me while I was in
      the car with my dad.

      We believe there's something strange here, whether it be government or UFO

      We'd seen something hovering and had got out to have a look when two balls
      came out as if to get us. At that point I jumped back in the car - I was all
      for leaving my dad on the side of the road, I was that terrified.

      As we drove off, we noticed a red BMW sitting in a lay-by so stopped to ask
      if they'd seen it. These two guys said that they hadn't seen anything and
      that they didn't want to talk to us. Then they just drove off.

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      #6.Asteroid Gives Earth Closest Shave In Years

      PARIS (AFP) Jun 20, 2002
      A football-pitch-sized asteroid capable of razing a major city came within a
      whisker of hitting the Earth on June 14, but was only spotted three days
      later, scientists said Thursday.

      Asteroid 2002 MN, estimated at up to 120 metres (yards) long, hurtled by the
      Earth at a distance of 120,000 kilometers (75,000 miles), well within the
      orbit of the Moon and just a hair's breadth in galactic terms.

      It is the closest recorded near-miss by any asteroid, with the exception of a
      10-metre (33-feet) rock, 1994 XM1, which approached within 105,000 kilometers
      (65,000) miles on December 9, 1994, they said.

      "2002 MN is a lightweight among asteroids and incapable of causing damage on
      a global scale, such as the object associated with the extinction of the
      dinosaurs," the Near Earth Object (NEO) Information Centre of Britain's
      National Space Centre said in a press release.

      "However, if it had hit the Earth, 2002 MN may have caused local devastation
      similar to that which occurred in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908, when 2,000
      square kilometres (800 square miles) of forest were flattened," it said.

      Spokesman Kevin Yates told AFP that the asteroid was only spotted on June 17
      -- three days after its flyby.

      Had it collided with the Earth, "the most likely thing is that it would have
      detonated in the atmosphere, creating a blast wave," he said.

      "You're talking in the region of 10 megatonnes -- quite a lot of energy to be
      released in any one place," he said.

      The risk of the Earth being hit by an asteroid or comet is very remote, and
      most objects never come so close as 2002 MN.

      NASA's Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program website confirmed the incident and
      said 2002 MN was spotted by the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research
      (LINEAR), a project funded by the US Air Force and NASA and located in New

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      #7. Can Technology Track Down Spirits? by: Lindsay Martell

      A movie celebrating the antics of a paranormal investigation agency spawned a
      popular catchphrase in the mid-'80s. But forget the proton packs and the
      deionizers. Tonight on "Tech Live," we got the real thing. So, who you gonna

      The Presidio of San Francisco is one of the city's hot spots, known for its
      panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, rich military history, lush forests
      -- and ghosts.

      Mia Andrade, manager of the Lost Ladle Cafe, is convinced she's not alone,
      even when she's the only person in the former military post's Officers Club.

      "From the corner of my eye, I caught a green blur. It could have been a man
      in a green uniform, in a coat, which some people say they have seen before,"
      she said.

      She is not alone. Others have reported sightings of men in old war uniforms
      and the sound of loud knocks from deserted rooms at the former Army post,
      which became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1994. In
      addition to the United States using the area as a post from 1848 to 1994, the
      Presidio served as a military post under the flag of Spain from 1776 to 1822
      and of Mexico from 1822 to 1848.

      Hunting ghosts

      Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach has known about the "hauntings" at the
      Presidio since 1999, when he and a team of paranormal investigators toured
      the grounds.

      Today, armed with a TriField Natural EM Meter and a tiny pad of paper, he
      wanders around the ballroom, assessing the moves of the needle as it jumps
      and spikes.

      "What we have here is an unusual reading. We have an anomaly in the
      environment," he said as he moved the meter from ceiling to floor.

      Tool of the trade

      The TriField Meter is a magnetometer that measures variations in magnetic
      fields. It was originally designed to detect environmental pollution, but
      Auerbach discovered its usefulness for paranormal sleuthing.

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      #8. Another Close Chupacabras Sighting In Calama, Chile From Virgilio
      Sanchez-Ocejo Miami UFO Center ufomiami@... From Jaime Ferrer
      Calama UFO Center Translation by Mario Andrade Source: El Mercurio de

      CALAMA, Chile - Neighbors have reported yet another chupacabras sighting. The
      alleged creature appeared in the middle of the night, making loud noises and
      waking several people up. The phenomenon took place in the area of Manuel
      Rodriguez, in a housing complex on San Antonio street. "It was not a man; it
      did not look like a person. It resembled an ape and it jumped all over the
      roof. It passed right in front of my window and then it came back making all
      kinds of noise. I didn't want to turn on the light, because I was very afraid
      and my windows don't have screens. I was afraid that the animal would break
      in. I cannot explain exactly what happened, all I know is I was very scared",
      said Maria Gavia, a local daycare employee.

      The concern in her words is highly noticeable, in spite of the fact that
      twelve hours had passed after her strange experience. "It was after midnight.
      Suddenly, I heard loud noises coming from the roof. That creature went by my
      window. It jumped a lot. It made very long jumps, unlike the way a person
      jumps. Suddenly, I saw my father coming out of the door on the first floor
      and the creature jumped. It jumped so far that it landed on top of the
      neighbor's house. No person jumps so long without running and gaining
      momentum. Then it finally left. I was able to listen to the neighbor yelling
      'there it is, there it is!' It finally ended up across the street. I knew
      that because the dogs across the street began barking and howling. Moments
      later, there was nothing but silence."


      "I have two dogs. My dad says that the creature could have been in the
      property long before we heard it because when he came earlier, the dogs were
      acting strange. Normally, they come out to meet him at the entrance, but this
      time, they did not come to the patio; he had to call them. One dog seemed
      scared; it was hiding and it did not want to move or go anywhere. The other
      one was nowhere to be found. I had never seen anything like that, as if it
      was a monkey that jumped on two legs and sometimes three. It was about 1.5
      meters tall, perhaps even more, but it was stocky. It made a lot of noise. I
      could not sleep during the entire night."

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