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Argentina:: Mutilated Boar and Strange Lights

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    Argentina:: Mutilated Boar and Strange Lights Date: 6/28/2002 9:55:35 AM Eastern Standard Time From: lornis1@juno.com
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      Argentina:: Mutilated Boar and Strange Lights
      Date: 6/28/2002 9:55:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From: <A HREF="mailto:lornis1@...">lornis1@...</A>

      SOURCE: Diario La Nueva Provincia (Bahia Blanca, Argentina)
      DATE: Thursday, June 27, 2002

      **Wild animals are also experiencing strange mutilations**

      The case is suggestive, because wild boar are highly distrustful and
      detect--through their sharp olfactory system--the presence of strangers. On
      this occasion, an eight month old boar was mutilated. This is the second
      instance of a wild animal being mutilated since the appearance of a mutilated
      guanaco in Chubut.

      While the mutilation count is now reaching 170 and the cases recorded extend
      to nine Argentinean provinces, a new ingredient has been added to the
      phenomenon: the discovery in Rio Colorado of a wild boar carcass showing
      strange incisions. This is the 6th species hit by the phenomenon, since the
      mutilated remains of cows, horses, sheep, pigs and even a guanaco (in the
      province of Chubut) have been found.

      Cattleman Nestor Soulé, owner of a rural property some 55 km from Rio
      Colorado, in the Department of Pichimahuida, found the boar speciment last
      Sunday near a gully. The animal, he explained, had geometrically perfect
      incisions and was missing the anus, tongue and jaw. To the surprise of the
      rancher and the farmhand escorting him, the animal was still soft in spite of
      the -14 C temperature marked by the thermometer.

      "It's impossible that an animal could remain in this condition after dead and
      after the cold, but I was surprised not to find any tracks nearby," said
      Soulé, who is aware of the "map" presented by the animals and the varying
      forms and conditions of the pasture surface. The rancher chose not to file a
      police report, but did put the boar carcass in his pickup truck to show his
      neighbor. He later left it in the wilderness.

      "Due to its traits, a boar is an animal that is able to smell any living
      creature a quite a distance, even thought [the boar] may be young....this is
      why it flees at the slightest sign of any peril," Soulé explained. The
      rancher thus made clear why this case is so fascinating and different to the
      ones involving breeding animals. "I'm not a researcher or anything similar,
      and that's why I don't know what to say, but this is strange and I never saw
      anything like it before."

      **In La Pampa**

      The carcass of an Aberdeen Angus bovine missing parts of its body were found
      last weekend in a field located 2 km from the town of Embajador Martini,
      province of La Pampa.
      The professionals who analyzed the case verified that it was missing part of
      its tongue and mammary glands, and that its left maxillary had been sectioned
      off. A mysterious situation also occured to the north of the Pampan town of
      Rancul at the "Los Caldenes" ranch, where a cow had died of natural causes in
      the afternoon only to be found with incisions on its jaw and missing its
      tongue the next day. The province of Entre Rios has also the epicenter of
      these events: in a field located 2 km from Rt.11, a rancher found a 170 kg
      heifer and a 500 kg. milk cow some 800 meters from each other, both
      presenting the notorious incision marks.

      **In Carhué**

      Cases involving strange animal deaths are still a subject for discussion in
      this city given the fact that mutilations continue to appear day after day
      for unknown reasons. The discoveries made by veterinarian Fernando Lopez are
      complemented by those of his colleague, Horacio Volpe.
      Last week, the professional was summoned by the owner of a rural property
      located 25km from Carhue--no personal information mentioned for privacy
      reasons--where an 8-9 month calf showing the trademark incisions recorded in
      the area had been found.

      The professional noted that his attention was drawn by the perfect incisions,
      the flacidness of the animal --"which seemed recently dead," he noted -- and
      the absence of blood.

      While Volpe preferred not to hazard a theory, he pointed out that an employee
      of the property told him that his brother, who was cultivating during the
      night, "saw some intense red lights, as though from a laser, moving very
      quickly across the countryside."

      Veterinarian Omar Fernando Lopez also observed a new case in a rural
      establishment close to this city: it involved a pregnant cow found in the
      fields of Juan Carlos Robilotte, showing the same incisions, with the
      difference that the cow was about to give birth. "There was a circle [on the
      left flank, above the udder] through wihch half of the calf's body was
      protruding, but I couldn't ascertain if there were any lesions, since it was
      in an advanced state of decomposition."

      * A Racehorse *

      A racehorse belonging to the Quarter Horse breed, belonging to stables near
      the Rio Negran town of Choele Choel, was found dead with strange mutilations.
      "It was as though it had been hollowed out from within," reported police
      sources in describing the stud horse, of considerable economic value.

      Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio, who certified the case, reported that the
      horse was missing an eye and part of its tongue, but no incisions on the
      maxillary had been performed. It had also been castrated and a significant
      part of its small intestine and rectum had been removed. The expert dismissed
      the possibility of an atatck by "yellow-jacket" wasps: "the surgical
      incisions presented by the animals cannot be made by insects," said

      **Lights Over Carhué**

      Several residents claimed to have seen strange lights allegedly related to
      the presence of UFOs. Manuel Alesso and Raul Blengio, two rural livestockers
      owning property in the Paraje Cilley area, 10 km from Carhué, saw these
      lights in the same way as did other witnesses from different parts of Buenos
      Aires province. "Between 7:30 and 8 p.m., I was touring the fields of Arroyo
      Venado when I saw two lights to the northeast," said Alesso. He added that
      he stopped his pickup truck and flashed his headlights at the lights. "The
      light began to shine even brighter and seemed to descend, which is why I went
      over to where Raul (Blengio) was planting and asked him to look. The lights
      were white, round and gave off a sort of haze," he noted. He said that behind
      the light there was another less shiny one.

      Raul Blengio added that the lights moved slowly: "The weren't stars...they
      were strange moving lights," explained Alesso, while adding that a third
      witness accompanying them also saw the lights."I'm certain they have
      something to do with the cattle mutlations," he added.

      Carolina Montenegro, a young Carhuensan about to graduate with a devgree in
      Business Administration, spoke of having a similar experience: "On Friday
      night, around nine, I was in the countryside and to my surprise I saw a small
      light, orange in color and smaller than a star, and at the height of said
      lights there were no other stars to be seen. As I watched, the light changed
      colors from orange to red, then to green and then back to orange until after
      5 minutes it became smaller and vanished."
      Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special
      Thanks to Proyecto CATENT.

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