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      From: "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean1@...>
      Subject: Mars: The Land of Broken Paradigms

      Science Frontiers, No. 140, March-April 2002, p. 2


      Mars: The Land of Broken Paradigms

      That's what astronomer B.C. Murray called Mars in an interview on the
      Planetary Society's web site. It seems that the *Mars Global Surveyor*
      did considerable damage to some highly regarded models of the red planet.
      Here is some of the wreckage mentioned by Murray.

      O· The moon has a thick debris layer---about 3 meters thick on a lunar
      mare. "Astonishingly, Mars lacks a debris layer." Why?

      O· "Along with the lack of regolith, Mars is deficient in small craters.
      It is as though something has been operating to either protect the surface
      or scrape it clean, but we don't know what that something is."

      O· ... "all of a sudden we discover there are huge (magnetic) anomalies
      on Mars' surface...First of all, because the anomalies are so large---
      ten to a hundred times the size of crustal rock anomalies on the Earth.
      And on Mars we have no clue what causes them. Second, the anomalies
      are mainly in the southern hemisphere, not in the north. That's a clue
      to something if only we are smart enough to figure it out. And then
      there's Hellas---a huge basic, almost 2,000 kilometers [1,250 miles) across,
      with no anomalies."

      O· "So the same instrument, TES [Thermal Emission Spectrometer], detected
      hematite, which needs moisture to form, and also feldspar, which wouldn't
      exist if moisture were present. While there are those who still argue
      for a warm, wet period on Mars, to me, it's another mystery, another
      broken paradigm."

      The interview ran seven pages and was littered with shattered paradigms.

      (Murray, Bruce; "Mars, Old and New: A Personal View by Dr. Bruce Murray,"
      Planetary Society web site, September 18, 2001.
      < http://www.planetary.org/html/society/advisors/murray/tprarticle.html >.
      Cr. S. Jones

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