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The Reality Hoax forwarded by D-G:W.

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  • Darren Walker
    THE REALITY HOAX by Val Valerian What I am about to reveal to you here is highly guarded knowledge that people almost never discover. In the past, people would
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2002

      by Val Valerian

      What I am about to reveal to you here is highly guarded knowledge that people almost never discover. In the past, people would be killed almost immediately when they discovered what was really going on, but lately there are forces that are bringing that to a halt.

      What you have been led to believe about the reality you live in is false, both in terms of your relationship to the universe and in terms of the structure of the society you live in.

      For a start, let's cover the data about dimensions a little more in detail. What most people view conceptually as dimensions are more accurately described as density levels. Primary facets of density levels are:

      * One's ability to manipulate space, matter and consciousness.

      * One's general awareness level of other density levels.

      * One's relationship to other beings in the universe. This is fine, but what actually characterizes the different density levels? Let's take a look at them again, this time in a little more detail. We'll discuss the relationship of all this to the Grey beings later on.

      First Density

      The First Density is characterized by the presence of the Life force which pervades all density levels. This Life force is the primary manifestation of the Universal Intelligence Matrix.

      Second Density

      The Second Density is characterized by the previous density plus the presence of Gender, Polarities, Physical Bodies, and Action by Instinct. An example of a second density being would be the animal life on Earth, such as birds.

      Third Density

      The Third Density is characterized by the presence of the previous two densities plus the elements of Self- Recognition and Advancement through Self-Effort. Life forms are under conscious control. Terrestrial humans are among those residing primarily at this density. This density is also characterized by individual control of the mind, or individualized consciousness. Life, Motion and Consciousness.

      Fourth Density

      The Fourth Density is characterized by the abilities of the first three plus the element of Understanding, giving rise to:

      * The progressive state of being where entities understand each other primarily by means of thought transference, or telepathic abilities.

      Thought transference makes it impossible for beings to hide behind false words or meanings. This is the LOWER level of the beings who are flying their disks in our skies as our solar system is progressing into their density level of space. Some of them are here to examine our fit- ness for future survival in this density level. Others, like the Greys, as here to use us as pawns. Humans are used as pawns in several types of games, one of them being the survival game, others being games of amusement.

      Fourth Density is generally the level of Race Consciousness. In those beings with a positive orientation, the concept of Christ-consciousness is possible. In those with a negative orientation, service to Self is a primary motivating force.

      Entities residing totally in 4th density are in the unique position of being to transit between 3rd and 4th density, and are largely what we would term paraphysical entities. These entities use android-type bodies in order to interact within the 3rd density. The Greys are primarily situated as 4th density beings, although there are a small number that are 3rd and 6th density. To 3rd density humans they appear cold, cruel and heartless. They are, in fact, extremely curious about all aspects of existence, highly analytical and devoid of sentimentality. They can experience emotional manifestations radiated from the terrestrial 3rd density human, and use this ability generally as a mood-elevator. The Greys manipulate humans in order to create situations of conflict or extreme pain and emotion to acquire these sensations. They are, in effect, sensation junkies.

      The Greys have the ability to pick out our emotions, thoughts and experiences. For them, this is the closest they can come to experiencing feeling.

      To those beings who have some form of ethical conduct, the Greys appear psychotic and degrading. They are masters of mind-control and mental implantation technique. Their physical attributes reflect their psychotic souls - we could easily consider them to have anti-social attributes as well as tendencies toward meglomania and schizophrenia.

      They have been described by some as being absolutely mad. To make matters worse, they are performing other actions with terrestrial humans that are quite perverse.

      The Greys are playing a game with us that depends heavily on maintaining a situation where humans view themselves as limited, fatalistic beings with no control over their own destiny. They continually manipulate humans

      In higher levels, such as in government, Illuminati, etc., to enable them to achieve their ends. On a paraphysical level, they were responsible for implantation of religious imagery in order to withdraw energy and experience from human Souls when humans physically die. Humans are then re-implanted and returned to the earth to begin the process all over again. It's very insidious and a very nasty business, and they don't want you to know about it.

      We'll discuss more about these items when we discuss more about some of the games they are playing with us.

      Fifth Density

      Beings on this density level are again entirely non- physical, and in this density one has the capability to experience himself as the entire dimension. This density level is the last one in which the element of negativity can be pursued. Entities on this density are capable of interdimensional travel and are chiefly responsible for the continuation of the games. Entities in this density can control an entire sector of physical space. You must understand that a being, knowing it is immortal, some- times gets bored, and games are one of the distractions or activities that can be pursued. The game of Self- Limitation is one of the components that terrestrial humans are being involved in.

      Sixth Density

      A sixth density being is aware of the many dimensions while still maintaining the separation between his many Selves that exist at different density levels and other "probable realities". The other Selves are conscious projections of awareness.

      The Game of Master and Slave

      Some EBEs are playing the game of master and slave with us. Again, they view humans as ants view aphids. Humans are not players in this game, and in order to become a player and leave the game, humans must become aware of the rules of the game.

      Psychological Profile

      A true psychological profile on the Greys may be adequately done by someone proficient in the study of insanity. The Greys are destructive to themselves and all beings with whom they interact.

      The Grey EBE species consists of a broad spectrum of entities. They are led primarily by non-corporeal beings of 6th density, of which there apparently are only a few. These are ultimately the game masters, and each of these beings knows himself to be capable of creation of other beings propogated from himself.

      Characterizing a Solution

      Solutions must be formulated that will resolve the problem of the negative Grey entities and remove them from the terrestrial sphere of influence. However, by raising our vibratory rate ( by virture of the nature of our thoughts and actions ) we will be able to co-exist until we can spiritually grow beyond their reach. Solutions must be reached rather quickly, for they appear to be destroying the Spiritual matrix and the substrata holding what's left of our culture. By their interaction with the terrestrial human Souls, they are slowing the evolution of the human species.

      Other Activities

      As we have seen, the negative Grey entities have been engaged in abduction of terrestrials ( they are not the only ones who do this) and other activities primarily to sustain the 3rd density base for their hold on this planet.

      The Greys that are a little less negatively oriented, referred to previously as the Zeta Reticulans, are primarly interested in scientific research and genetic engineering in order to enrich their gene pool.

      The Greys that are primarily negatively oriented, referred to previously as the Rigelians, are interested in survival. Survival for both the 3rd density entities ( cattle mutilations and genetics) and the higher density entities ( Soul manipulation and implantations).

      Objectives of the Greys

      Over and above what has already been discussed, the Greys' concept of religion is their scientific capability, and they make use of this rather nicely in their efforts toward degradation and destruction of all who oppose them and their activties. I guess this is why the UFO researcher is so subject to being manipulated ? Socially, it appears that they have a high sense of duty and blind obedience, but their negative leanings cause internal social disorder due to their telepathic abilities. This is a prime weakness, as Paul Bennewitz pointed out.

      Their activities are planned around the concepts of conquest and colonization. Their basic game is to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of the population of a planet. They appear to accomplish this primarily by taking out the leaders and replacing then with their own entities made to resemble the leaders that are taken.

      Military Operational Strategies

      Colonization of unprotected civilizations in early stages of formation are the prime motivation. These civilizations are either unaware of the existence of other entities, density levels and the general rules of reality, or are considered prime sources for slave mentalities. The exercise of domination and enslavement of planetary populations, expressed as service to Self, creates power for that group. In doing so, however, it causes rapid dissipation of power of the conquered civilization. This is a result of games of limitation and negativity.

      One of the results of this spiritual atrophy is that it causes them to experience disintegration of their social memory complex , further enhancing the downward devolutionary spiral that characterizes the negative Grey entities.

      Other Planetary Considerations

      The Earth is a somewhat unique planet, as it has such a broad spectrum of beings occupying several densities and from many races. It is inhabited inside, outside, and in the atmosphere in thousands of little pockets and time- stream projections. Earth is a crowded place, a universal nexus, and is highly valued by the Greys as a new home.

      Another way to characterize the basic operation for conquering a planet such as the Earth is to say that the Greys locate terrestrial humans who vibrate spiritually in resonance with their frequency, whether it be on a mental level or a negative spiritual level.

      These terrestrial beings are then informed that they are the "Elite" or the "chosen ones", destined to lead or conquer other terrestrial groups and rule the planet.

      These terrestrial beings ( as far as this pseudo- political policy is concerned ) are often taken physically aboard a craft and transported to a bizarre environment where they are given physical examinations, have control implants installed, or inculcated with technical data for use in some future program ( sleeper agents ) that will bebefit the activities of the Greys.

      The function of the "Elite" terrestrials, as far as the Greys are concerned, is to cause decimation of portions of the terrestrial civilization to enable better management and control. Good examples of this policy on Earth are Adolph Hitler, Nazi vs Jew, and wars in general.

      Life is characterized by games of varying emotionality and complexity as far as the Greys are concerned. When you are aware of the game, then you have the capability to leave the game if you choose. They choose to leave most of humanity in this condition where, according to entities

      Such as Bashar, humans are both culturally conditoned and implanted with programs that will keep them enmeshed in a world of apparent limitation. The world is then perceived to be fragmented. Science and Physics arefragmented. All aspects of culture are fragmented to prevent people from realizing their true power and their true nature - to keep them in a condition where they cannot realize the true God-like powers that they have - to keep them enslaved.

      Now you have a good idea why things are the way they are around you.

      Games of conflict are only PLAYED by beings of less that 5th density. They can, obviously, be implemented by beings of greater that 5th density, especially when it is realized that there is no duality of good and evil that applies. Entities occupying 5th densities and higher know what is happening. It's the players at 4th and 3rd density who most often don't even know that they are pawns in the game.

      In society, the culturally conditoned ego functions of security, sensation, and power are used to manipulate humans into playing the game of domination and limitation.

      The factors of sex, fear and pain are also used to manipulate humans into remaining within the system.

      According to some channeled sources, humans are maintained as "slaves" within the system by hiding the fact that there is a game, removing goals and inhibiting satisfaction of culturally generated ego fixations.

      How Not to Play the Game

      * Maintain ethical conduct with other beings.

      * Find out about chakras and how to keep them balanced.

      * Limit your viewing of public media such as TV.

      * Keep abreast of the world situation.

      * Look for ways that humans may be duped or implanted.

      * Beware of disciplines that are scientific-religious based.

      * Refrain from taking drugs and other substances that are harmful to the body.

      * Find a personal belief structure or a personal philosophy that works for you and dig yourself out.

      * Your best protection is in the knowledge that they're here and not being afraid of them.

      * Try to practice unconditional love and non-judgement.

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