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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Dave & Andy's Not So Weird World!
      Original Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 04:45:36 -0400

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      From: Andy Roberts <aj.roberts@...>
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      Subject: Dave & Andy's Not So Weird World!
      Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 18:58:15 +0100

      People may be interested in the following article which is the
      lead story in the Ministry of Defence's in house Journal, Focus.
      It features details of the Flying Saucer Working Party and is
      written up by Tony Matthews, of D News, the MoDs press agency.

      We are surprised that Nick Pope didn't mention it in his recent
      Nick Pope's Weed World, as the MOD are still Nick's employer.
      Has Nick been covering this up? And if so why? The public should
      be told!

      By Tony Matthews

      If ET ever wants to phone home from MOD he will have a problem.
      After half a century of investigations, the department decided a
      couple of years ago that - on balance - he didn't exist.

      At least that was when the Defence Intelligence Staff told the
      Air Staff to stop sending them reports on unexplained aerial
      phenomena - unidentified flying objects to you and me. For the
      previous 30 years not a single one of thousands of reports from
      both military and civilian sources had yielded any valuable
      information whatsoever. No extra-terrestrials or bug-eyed
      monsters looking to take over the planet. Not even any Earth -
      based enemies keen to penetrate UK air space. Just nothing!

      But hold on, little green men never die; they only fade into the
      cosmos until the next time they are needed. Hence widespread
      interest in the latest revelations on UFOs with a BBC Radio 4
      programme, a new book being published on May 9, and a
      forthcoming TV documentary covering the work of "ufologists"
      David Clarke and Andy Roberts who claim to have exposed an
      official cover-up dating back to the 1940s.

      There's not much secrecy about it these days but a high point of
      their painstaking research in the Public Records Office and the
      British Library was locating a once classified report to MOD's
      Joint Technical Intelligence Committee by the short -lived
      Flying Saucer Working Party which existed 1950-51. Mysterious
      high speed, cigar-shaped missiles, sometimes emitting bright
      lights, had been spotted over Scandinavia in 1946 and "saucer-
      like discs" over Britain itself and the US from 1947-50. Were
      the Martians coming or the Soviets trying to frighten the free

      With the Cold War at its height, Ministry officials were
      relieved to report mundane explanations for all the Scandinavian
      sightings while the Americans were said to have put the blame on
      misinterpretation of aircraft, balloons, meteors, stars or
      fireballs as well as mass hysteria and deliberate hoaxes. As for
      UFOs over Britain, these were largely put down to meteorites.
      Three particular sightings by RAF officers at Tangmere and
      Farnborough were explained as a weather balloon whose speed had
      been over-estimated and ordinary aircraft whose flying positions
      against the light had probably produced optical illusions. The
      Flying Saucer Working Party, recommending no further
      investigations, was promptly wound up.

      But the story was far from over. The Working Party had been
      based at what was then the Air Ministry's Metropole Building and
      Clarke and Roberts have found reports that years later,
      technical intelligence officers were continuing to monitor UFOs
      there from a former attic room on the ninth floor. The pair
      unearthed a Sunday newspaper reporting in 1957 that, while "at
      airfields all over Britain fighter planes are kept ready to
      intercept and if necessary engage any unidentified flying object
      within combat range" (hardly surprising during the Cold War),
      the Air Ministry also had "a special department" in the
      Metropole Building which had accumulated 10,000 UFO reports over
      10 years. Though most had been "cleared up", some remained
      unexplained. Defence chiefs were "taking the Flying Saucer
      SERIOUSLY" the paper proclaimed.

      Clarke and Roberts claim to have pinpointed the exact location
      where this UFO department operated in the Metropole Building -
      Room 800 in Dome D, now empty. They visited it recently along
      with a TV camera crew for the forthcoming Discovery Channel
      programme. But in keeping with their claim of an official cover-
      up of UFO investigations, they point to the lack of any
      available files revealing what the department found.

      A big mystery? Well maybe - until you remember the DIS decision
      a couple of years ago. Are valueless files really worth keeping?
      With no prior background information now available about him, it
      looks like ET will simply have to join the ordinary queue for
      his MOD security pass.


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