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FWD: [UASR] Recent Scottish UFO activity part 2

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  • Frits Westra
    Posted by : Dave LedgerHere is part two of the recent sighting reports recieved via the UFO Scotland website.All the best to you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 1999
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      Posted by : Dave Ledger <dledger@...>

      Here is part two of the recent sighting reports recieved via the UFO
      Scotland website.

      All the best to you all,

      Your friend,

      Dave Ledger (UFO Scotland)
      Bizarre sightings in Dundee leave witnesses baffled!
      Name :Eye-witness names witheld by request.
      date: : 27th and 28th January 1999
      location: : Dundee
      time : 18:20hrs GMT (27th) and 08:40hrs GMT (28th)

      Case Researchers: Thanks to Mr Allan Robertson for bringing this case to
      our attention and also to UFO Scotland researcher Jeannie McKay for the
      follow up work.

      Sighting Submission : Dear Sirs, I have been asked to forward this UFO
      sighting report to you by someone who knows of my interest in the
      subject, but who wishes, at present, to remain anonymous.
      I have typed up this report from hand-written notes that the person has
      given to me. The reason he wishes anonymity stems mostly from the fact
      that when it was reported locally,(to a local newspaper and our local
      observatory) it was dismissed as a "star or maybe Venus" that was seen,
      and this has caused some concern that only more ridicule will result
      from further reporting of the sighting.

      The person in question is an A.D.I.approved driving instructor,and the
      incident has had a great effect on him. From listening to his verbal
      account of this sighting it is apparent that he would like to pass on
      this information to someone who will take it seriously. With this in
      mind, I believe that should someone wish to investigate this further, I
      think he would be more than willing to discuss it more fully provided
      that any contact was made via myself in the first instance. He does not
      even want his family to know he has made this report as they are so
      fearful of ridicule.

      To perhaps assist with the 'geography' of the place names given in the
      report, a few
      distances/ directions might help. The Fairmuir Park mentioned is about
      2 miles
      north of the Tay and the Thomson Street mentioned later is about half a
      mile north of the Tay.
      Dundee's small airport's traffic consists mostly of small private
      aircraft which are very
      familiar to locals.Also, a few miles away in Fife, is the R.A.F. base at
      Leuchars, so that
      military aircraft are also a common sight crossing Dundee. This fact
      makes the observers
      reaction to being unable to identify what he saw all the more strange.

      --------------- (report follows)-----------------------

      Dundee Report:

      (Witness name witheld by request)

      "Dear Sirs,

      On Wednesday evening, 27th January 1999,during a driving lesson with a
      17 year
      old pupil, at approx. 6:20pm, I saw a black diamond shaped UFO flying
      through the sky. It had
      no flashing lights which you would see on any normal aircraft. The
      driving lesson continued
      when approx. 20 - 25 minutes later we stopped to do a Reverse Exercise
      at a local park known
      as Fairmuir Park. I looked up in the sky to see if I could still see the
      UFO I had seen
      earlier on. It was hovering high in the sky glowing like a star. I
      recognised it as the UFO I
      had seen earlier because of the shape. I got out of my car to look at it
      and after about 1
      minute it rotated anti-clockwise and directly underneath there was an
      orange coloured beam
      which came down from the UFO and went back up again. At this point I
      shouted to my pupil to
      come out of the car.

      I could not see any lights nor could I here any sound.
      We were both standing in the park trying to find out what we were
      looking at. We had never
      seen anything like it. About 2 - 3 minutes later it started moving off.
      We jumped into the car
      and followed it for approx.10 minutes. It was glowing a brilliant
      white/very light yellowish

      It was almost round in shape but a little oval in the centre now. We
      could not believe what we
      were looking at, it was definitely not from this world it was
      extra-terrestrial. We watched it
      travelling through the sky getting smaller and smaller as it got
      further away. At this time
      it was bright white just like a star. I watched it till it disappeared
      over the River Tay and
      into the hills of Fife. The time was now approx 7pm.
      I found out on the Friday (29th January), that without
      knowledge of my sighting, that on the next day, Thursday 28th January,
      at approx. 8:40am, a
      relative of mine with her 2 daughters were travelling down Thomson
      Street, which overlooks the
      River Tay and one of her children said there
      was a shooting star over the Tay. It was hovering over the water with
      two yellow beams coming
      from underneath. Then it started to rise vertically into the sky. They
      lost sight of it
      because of a building obstructing their view. They described it as
      shining like a star, very
      bright white/ yellowish colour. After they could see the Tay again the
      object had completely
      vanished. They had obviously seen the same UFO as me.The two girls (13
      yrs. and 9 yrs.)& their
      mother all saw this as well as me and my pupil the night before."
      --------(report end)-----------------------------------

      There are, unfortunately, no photographs of this sighting, but there
      are some rough drawings available. I reported this sighting to a UFO
      magazine several weeks ago, but they have not acknowledged it to date.
      This has made the person even more anxious that nobody is taking it
      seriously. With this in mind, I hope that even if no follow up is
      required with this incident,you will be able to at least e-mail me with
      some sort of 'note' that I can pass on to the person concerned. I'm sure
      that even this would go some way to easing his anxiety.

      (Follow up E-mail interview by UFO Scotland Researcher Jeannie McKay):

      The incident took place 6.20pm on Jan 27th. The subject then saw a
      black diamond UFO fly thru the sky.

      1. At that time of the year it is dark at that time. How low was
      the UFO at that time? At what approx. speed was it moving and
      in what direction? How large was the craft? What shape does the
      subject deem to be "diamond"?

      In the direction he first seen it he could probably have observed
      the craft silhouetted against any remaining 'glow' in the western
      At that time he and his pupil (who was driving) were travelling
      west along a road about 2.5 miles north of the River Tay.
      The instructor saw the object in the general south/westerly
      direction. He estimates it was about 40 - 45 deg. above the local
      horizon and travelling in the general direction of the Sidlaw Hills
      ie. north. Although I tried to get him to estimate the craft's
      size/ altitude, he was not prepared to guess. All he would say was
      he reckoned the craft was probably about the same size as his thumb-
      nail at arms length. As this part of the sighting only lasted 5 - 8
      seconds and was from a moving car, during a driving lesson, I don't
      think he can say much more on this. As for the diamond shape, I cut
      out a piece of paper in the shape of the diamond he had drawn when
      he first told me about the incident (see attachment Fig. 1 from the
      first e-mail I sent) and he agreed this was the shape when he first
      saw it. He also said the craft was moving in the direction of it's
      shorter axis.

      20- 25 minutes later Instructor and pupil see object again. He
      recognises that it is the same one seen earlier because of the shape.

      2. How low is the craft now and in what direction?

      This part of the sighting was from the park which is about 2
      miles north of the Tay and about 1 mile east of the 1st sighting.
      He estimated that the craft was about 70 - 80 deg. above the local
      horizon in a west of south/west direction. At this time he estimated
      it was the same size as a pen, end on, held at arms length. Again
      he couldn't estimate size/altitude.

      The craft was "glowing like a star".

      3. What colour was it glowing and how brightly? Was the outline of
      craft clearly visible?

      The outline of the craft was clearly visible. This was the
      reason he was able to recognise it when the car first stopped at
      the park and he looked around, from inside the car, to see if he
      could spot what he had seen earlier. When I asked him what colour
      it was and if it was very bright, he just said again that it was
      "like a star" but recognizable as the diamond and just hovering.

      The craft rotated anti-clockwise.

      4. How many degrees did it rotate? How fast did it rotate?

      I'll try to find out about this.

      Orange beam came down from UFO and went up again.

      5. How far down did orange beam come? Was the craft hovering at the
      time? What would have been underneath craft at time beam came
      down (approx.)? Did craft appear to be searching for something?
      How fast did the beam go down and up? Was the beam a single shaft
      of light?

      (Again, see the e-mail attachment mentioned above, Fig. 3 for
      relative sizes).
      The craft was hovering at the time the "beam" was seen.
      As with size estimates etc., he compared the "beam" to being
      like the tail of a kite in length. The "beam" was described as
      "being like a row of Christmas lights coming on one after the other
      in sequence, first down from the craft, then back up towards it.
      The craft was hovering at this time, he estimates it was above the
      general area of the Dryburgh Estate in Dundee. He didn't recognise
      it as anything like a helicopter or even a "blimp" type airship.
      From his (animated!) description of the "beam" event, it seems to
      have lasted only a couple of seconds. I'll check on this.

      Instructor followed the craft for ten minutes.

      6. Did he follow it in his car? Or did he stand observing for 10

      The instructor and the pupil followed the object in the car
      for about 10 minutes. They drove in a generally westerly direction
      along several roads until they ended up about 1.5 miles west of the
      park at which point they stopped as the object had, they estimated,
      passed over Invergowrie Bay and went into the distance over the
      hills of Fife.

      It was then glowing a white/very light yellow

      7. Is the glow coming from the craft itself or is it a glowing field
      around the craft? Was the glowing light pulsating?

      His description was of the craft glowing but I'll check again
      on this and on the pulsating.

      The UFO is almost round in shape - but a little oval in the centre

      8. Would the Instructor say that the craft changed shape? Or was he
      viewing from a different angle?

      When questioned, he agreed that he could have been looking at
      the craft from a different angle.

      9. When the craft was last seen at what speed was it travelling?
      Was the UFO seen at the same height during the sighting?

      Since the craft appears to have travelled from approx. above
      Dryburgh to the hills of Fife in a general south west direction
      which is about 10 - 11 miles in about 10 mins. the speed may have
      been 60 - 66 mph. As to height, it appears to have been relatively
      smaller above the park than it was when it was first seen. I'll
      have to check to see if it appeared to change altitude as it was
      flying away into the distance.

      10. Not personally knowing the area, was the craft always travelling
      in the same direction (e.g when it rotated)?

      When first seen, it appeared to be travelling in a northerly
      direction. After the park part of the sighting, it appeared to
      move off in a general south/westerly direction. To clarify the
      park part of the sighting, it was observed hovering for about 1
      minute before the "beam" was seen, then the craft rotated and again
      remained hovering for about 2 - 3 minutes before it moved off in
      the south/westerly direction.

      Also, further to your mention of similar sightings, I noticed in the
      current issue of UFO Magazine (May/June '99), that at the end of
      in the Hull/Flamborough area, sightings of diamond shaped craft were
      reported. I particularly note that close up observers reported
      diamond shaped craft, and observers probably too far away, reported
      of light.

      I also noted from the copy of the report you sent me which you had
      forwarded to Skywatch was headed "Fife" rather than Dundee. Will this
      matter too much?
      Again I'll try to get more info on the childrens sighting the following
      morning, but this appears to have been of short duration. I don't know
      the children personally and will see if the Instructor, who is their
      uncle, is willing to ask a few more questions of them.

      (Further E-mail Follow-up):

      The craft rotated anti-clockwise.

      How many degrees did it rotate? How fast did it rotate?

      It rotated a full 360 deg. and this took about 5 -6

      Orange beam came down from UFO and went up again.

      How far did orange beam come? What would have been underneath
      craft at time beam came down? How fast did the beam go down
      and up?

      It did not come down to the ground, it only came down
      about a hand length on an outstretched arm. The
      instructor was also a little unhappy about saying that
      it seemed to be hovering above Dryburgh Estate as he
      said that not knowing it's altitude or size, this made
      it difficult to say where it was hovering. The beam
      took about 2 - 3 secs to come down, paused for about
      2 - 3 secs and then again, 2 - 3 secs to go back up.

      It was glowing a white/very light yellow.

      Is the glow coming from the craft itself or is it a glowing
      field around the craft? Was the glowing light pulsating?

      It was the craft itself that was glowing, and the
      glowing light was not pulsating.

      Was the UFO seen at the same height during the sighting?

      As it moved across Invergowrie Bay towards Fife, it may
      have started to gain altitude.

      I hope that helps to clarify these points. The instructor also
      has some more details now from the childrens sighting.

      (Further E-mail follow-up):

      I'll try to give you the best
      information I can about the children's sighting that I've
      been able to gather from the Instructor during three or four
      visits from him.

      I'll include with this e-mail a couple of scans I've made from
      drawings the chidren made within a short time of their sighting.
      The scans (Figs 5 & 6) on the original report I sent you were
      the instructors interpretation of the drawings that the children
      had shown him. (You will note that the 9 year old refused to
      colour in her 'object' as she insisted that she didn't have a
      colouring pen of exactly the right colour so she would rather
      leave it blank!)

      I think that I should also mention a little about Thomson Street
      where the sighting took place. As mentioned, the top of this
      street is very approx. half a mile from the Tay and exits at
      the bottom onto Magdalen Yard Road almost directly opposite the
      northern end of the Tay Rail Bridge. Thomson Street is very
      narrow with quite a steep slope down towards the river. There
      are usually cars parked half on the pavement, half on the road,
      leaving hardly enough room for a car to pass. There are buildings
      on either side of the street making the view of the river quite
      restricted to the sides.

      The report...

      At approx. 08:40 am on Thursday 28th January, the two girls and
      their mother, after having collected their car from a lock up
      near the top of Thomson Street, were driving down this street
      when the the youngest child said that there was "a shooting
      star" in the sky above the river. When her older sister looked
      at it she said it wasn't a shooting star but a comet, "because
      it had a tail". It had two yellow beams coming from underneath
      it. It started to rise vertically into the sky. Their view was
      retricted because buildings were obscuring their view. They said
      it was shining like a star, a very bright white/yellowish colour.
      The mother saw the object as well.
      After they turned into Magdalen Yard Road and had a clear view
      of the river, the object had vanished.(One of the children later
      said to her father that they had seen a UFO because it was going
      up vertically and she knew that "aeroplanes couldn't do that!")

      I got the Instructor to ask the girls and their mother some

      1..... How long did the sighting last?

      Answer: About 5 minutes.

      2..... Who saw it first?

      Answer: The younger girl.
      (My comment: I note that she was the one who drew the craft as an
      almost round object, whereas her sister drew a shaped object.)

      3..... Were you in the back of the car?

      Answer: Yes.

      4..... Which window did you see it through (ie in which direction)?

      Answer: Front and side.
      (My comment: This would have them looking in the general direction
      of the railway bridge.)

      5..... How high was it (ie if you were pointing at it, how high
      would your arm be)?

      Answer: Shoulder level.
      (My comment: This would put the object probably at a fairly low height
      ie. straight ahead)

      6..... What size was it ( like a penny, 10 pence, 50 pence or
      whatever held at arms length)?

      Answer: A football.

      7..... Did you all see it hovering?

      Answer: No.
      (My comment: This again may explain why the youngest girl drew an
      almost round object. She did see it hovering.)

      8..... Did the air around the object glow or was it just the object
      which glowed? Did the light pulse?

      Answer: The bottom of the object glowed.
      (My comment: There was no answer to the pulsing question.)

      9..... When it moved off vertically, did it shoot off very fast or
      did it move slowly.

      Answer: Slowly at first, then vanished quickly.

      10.... Did you hear any sound?

      Answer: No.

      11.... Do you think it was directly above the river?

      Answer: Yes.

      12.... Could you see the river at the same time as you seen the

      Answer: Yes.

      13.... Anything else you remember?

      Answer: No.

      End of report.

      I hope that this helps with this sighting. I don't know if I'll
      be able to get any more from the children. At the time this
      sighting took place, the road along the north shore of the river
      past the railway bridge is very busy. It would be very strange
      if nobody else seen this thing........
      Anyhow I look forward to seeing the report on your web site. I'll
      show it to the instructor, he'll be very satisfied.

      Many thanks to Allan Robertson and Jeannie McKay for their work and
      excellent research into this delicate case.

      Bizarre Flying Disc Over Scotland Shakes Witnesses
      Source: The Dundee Evening Telegraph - Scotland
      Thanks to: Gerry Lovell <ed@...>
      Date: March 13th 1999

      An unidentified flying object sighted in the Angus skies near Carnoustie
      this morning has left a number of people mystified.

      One Carnoustie resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he had
      been fairly sceptical about such things, but wanted an explanation for
      what he saw.

      He and several members of his family, along with a Forfar couple, saw a
      strange red disc moving about the sky between 6.30am and 6.55am this

      Neither the Coastguard nor members of staff at RAF Leuchars could shed
      any light on the sighting.

      The man said that the object, which moved about the sky, was "like
      nothing I've ever seen before except on the film Armageddon".

      "I was out walking the dog with my wife and child near the black slab
      car park this morning," he said.

      "We saw this red oblong shape in the sky, and it couldn't have been the
      moon or the sun because of the way it was moving. It then just

      "A car drew up and the man inside asked us if we'd seen it and we said


      "The man in the car said he was from Forfar and had seen the light
      earlier, and we could see he was visibly distressed."

      The family continued their walk along the beach and the object
      reappeared at about 6.55am.

      "I'm neither a believer nor a non-believer in UFOs, but this time it had
      changed from bright red to orange, and it was much bigger," he

      "Anybody looking at the sky would have seen it - it was that big you
      couldn't miss it."

      A member of the Fife Coastguard said there had been no reports of flares
      or other lights.

      "It's been fairly misty this morning, and there is no meteorite activity
      as far as I know," he said.

      A spokesman at RAF Leuchars discounted any official aerial activity by
      personnel from the Fife airbase.

      "I know of no operations in the area by any of our flights," he said.

      So it seems the strange red object will have to remain a mystery for the
      time being.

      UFO's sighted in Morayshire in Scotland (North East)
      Name : Heidi and Iain Sands <SAMBO@...>
      Date: : 18th May 1999
      Location: : Braehead,Elchies,Craigellachie,Aberlour,MORAY
      Time : between 12.20am and 1.04am

      Eye-witness sighting report : Together myself and my husband watched two
      UFO`s,hanging in the night sky.One was much further away than the
      other.The sky was very clear and we heard no noise.

      They were in the direction of Burghead/Kinloss from our home.They were
      moving from side to side and up and down,and appeared to be saucer
      shape,sometimes tipping to show the top or the bottom at other
      times,eliptical,very bright light at one end and something akin to a
      power source or
      surge at the other end.

      In total we watched them with binoculars and the naked eye for over half
      an hour.When they moved to go they went very quickly away from us.

      I would be interested to hear if anyone else sighted what we did.For the
      record this is my (Heidi Sands) second sighting.On New Years eve twenty
      years ago, I saw exactly the same thing,albeit only one UFO,in
      Lancashire outside Salwick Automic Energy plant.I was not alone at the
      time,and there were many reports the following day in the press about
      similar! sightings.

      Please let me know if anyone else saw the same UFO over Burghead/Kinloss
      as we

      Subject: More unusual sightings near Aberdeen area on East Coast of
      Date: Sat, 22nd May 1999
      Time: 23:30 approx
      Source: Thanks to UFO Scotland researcher "Richard Gall"

      Tonight, while I was out walking my dog I witnessed the best 'unknown'
      the sky that I have ever seen. Every night when I walk the dog I
      spend more time looking up than where I'm going when the sky is clear.
      Tonight the sky was relatively clear with scattered clouds.

      Just as I finished the walk and was in my garden I noticed a very bright
      object in the sky. I assumed it to be a star until I realised it was
      Secondly, I thought it was a perception error, considering the clouds
      moving, I wondered whether or not the movement was 'illusional' as is
      the case.

      However this was not the case, this very intense white object,
      larger(brighter) than any star in the sky was obviously very high up,
      absolutely silent, yet moved across the sky at a good rate. I estimate
      sighting lasted about 3 - 4 minutes.

      When I first noticed the object it was about 30 degrees above the
      directly to the south. As the sighting proceeded, the object moved north
      then gradually turned and headed out to the north east where I
      lost it behind a thick cloud layer. I did proceed to walk down the hill
      where there are less lights to see if I could relocate it however this
      not the case.

      There were no indications of any anticollision beacons or noise to
      that this was a conventional aircraft. Besides, even if it was a
      conventional aircraft, if it was high enough that no engine noise could
      heard, there is no way it could travel the distance it did in the time
      did. I must also emphasise how 'intense' the light appeared.

      I would be interested in hearing about any other such cases in Scotland
      right now. Chances are if I seen it, many people from a wide radius
      did too. Since it came up from the south, perhaps some of you down near
      Fife seen similar object(s) tonight?

      If you see someone without a smile......give them one of yours :)
      Posted by: Dave Ledger (mailto:UFOSCOT@...)
      <A HREF="http://wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/dledger/index.htm">UFO
      ICQ pager http://wwp.mirabilis.com/4851425
      "The sands of time are trickling away from our dear mother Earth
      and yet we continue to fight amongst ourselves and destroy our
      natural enviroment,leaving all the mess for our children and their
      children's children to inherit when we're gone."
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