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FWD: [UASR] Recent Scotland UFO activity and case feedback requested

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  • Frits Westra
    Dear listmembers,Here a few recent sighting reports FYI that have been received via the UFO Scotland website over the past month or so.We feel that it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 1999
      Dear listmembers,

      Here a few recent sighting reports FYI that have been received via the
      UFO Scotland website over the past month or so.

      We feel that it is important to share with other researchers and
      organisations from around the world, any findings or patterns etc that
      emerge from our data-base.

      Many of the reports are still under investigation but we felt that it
      was important to post these reports for the benefit of the ufo community
      at large as well as other researchers with an interest in Scotland's
      ongoing ufo phenomena.

      Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for some help or
      assistance from any of our colleagues that are familiar with unusual
      writings, symbols or channelling type experiences. I do remember a few
      posts going through the lists over the last few years that have
      mentioned such writings and symbols etc.

      We were recently approached at UFO Scotland, by a man from Fife in
      Scotland who has logged and documented a series of unusual scripts and
      symbols that he received during the years of 1991-1994. The subject
      himself is a very sincere and down to earth type person, although he
      accepts that the whole episode of the channelled writings etc was
      bizarre and remains a mystery to him to this day. He has requested help
      so that he may learn more about these unusual experiences, and for that
      reason I would like to appeal to anyone who has either researched or
      experienced such events in the past, to please get in touch with us at
      UFO Scotland so that we may try to research this phenomena a little
      further and also to get some answers for our client.

      We have added a small portion of the strange writings and symbols to our
      website in the hope that other folks who have experienced similar
      experiences can come forward and exchange notes etc. Our client is most
      keen to meet and talk with others who may identify with his writings and
      channelling experiences. The page containing the script and writings can
      be found at:


      We ask that the readers will visit this page and please reply to us if
      they feel that they may be able to further add to this incident. I
      sincerely thank you all in advance and look forward to any positive
      feedback concerning this unusual case.

      Thanks for your time and good luck to all on the lists.

      >From your friend,

      Dave Ledger (UFO Scotland)

      Sighting reports follow below:


      Subject: East Kilbride UFO's
      Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 10:58:16 +0100
      Source: Robert G Henderson <Robert@...>

      About a year or so ago around midnight, a light was visible in the sky.
      As one who has an interest in aviation it struck me that the pattern of
      movement of this light was not like that of a fixed wing aircraft or
      indeed a
      helicopter. It moved at high speed and then came to a sudden stop a few
      times in the sky. As it was night it was hard to judge the height of
      object. I could see no detail due to the distance involved, but it
      certainly would not have been the local police helicopter which has a
      engine sound. There have been many sightings over East Kilbride in the
      last year
      all of which have been "officially explained". I remain unconvinced.

      Name : Candice Powers
      date: : April 1997
      location: : Brora, Sutherland, Scotland
      time : late evening
      PM : on

      Eye-witness Report : I was with my friend,who, incidentally is a
      prominent figure in
      Britain, in his car outside of the house where I was staying. As near
      as I can accurately
      remember, We were looking at what we thought was Venus or Mars in the
      sky when we both saw a
      big, bright flash of light just beneath the star we were looking at. We
      both exclaimed, "Did
      you see that?!" and then it happened again. There was a 'star' that
      then began moving around
      in the sky in a zig zag sort of motion, not at all straight like a plane
      or anything else you
      might recognize, and went behind some clouds. We thought that was the
      last of it when it
      suddenly appeared on the other side of the cloud. It moved about a bit
      more then disappeared
      again in the next cloud. We felt priveleged to have seen it!

      Name : Gareth Morgan
      date: : 23/4/99
      location: : Downpatrick
      time : 8.30 PM

      Eye-witness Report : I was looking out my skylight window when I noticed
      an unusually bright light over my neighbours house. It the shot straight
      up in the air and just disappeared. Then half an hour later it appeared
      again, so I told my whole family to look. It sat there for ten minutes
      while we looked at it then it went out in a similar fashion to a dimmer
      switch. It then appeared again, a minute later higher still, and to the
      left of the house. It flashed and then never appeared again.

      Subject: Unusual object spotted near Falkland Hill in Fife.
      Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999
      Source: Thanks to UFO Scotland team member Lewis Burt.

      Eye-witness Report: I was driving home into Star of Markinch at around
      9pm when I looked to the NE and high in the sky was a very bright orange
      light hovering, slightly moving downwards. I stopped the car and
      watched it for about twenty seconds. Gradually it burned out. It
      looked like the colour of fire and it was very bright. First I thought
      it to be a planet however. I stopped the car and opened the window but
      I could not hear any sound.

      It was seen roughly high above the same location as that September
      sighting in Drummy Woods. The conditions at the time were clear sky,
      almost full moon and fairly warm for this time of year. No clouds in

      Perhaps it could have been a plane falling, burning out of the sky but
      theres been nothing on the news that I've heard.

      Subject: Strange anomaly observed near Crail on Scotland's East coast.
      Name : Witness names witheld by request.
      Date: : November 3, 1997
      location: Crail, Fife, Scotland
      time : Evening PM

      Eye-witness sighting report: On the evening of November 3, 1997, I was
      sitting on the back porch reading an article in the daily newspaper and
      talking with my wife. Just as we were preparing to go inside, a distinct
      feature in the sky caught our eyes. It appeared to be an oval shaped
      object moving parallel to the ground. The object had a bright blueish
      coloured lining around the outside of it. The core, if you will, was a
      redish orange colored. As it moved, we observed a second smaller object
      depart from the larger one. This was a small circular shaped aircraft
      and it was a solid blue. I can also remember a very discrete high
      pithced ringing, if you will. After about ten to fifteen minutes of
      observation, the smaller object, which had been circling the larger this
      whole time, seemed to connect or enter back into the larger object. As
      soon as this happened the oval shaped object proceeded to shoot straight
      up. It didn't shoot up so fast that it disappeared instantly though.
      It seemed to gradually disappear, as if it were exiting the atmosphere.
      This whole sighting lasted around twenty minutes and left us !
      in awe.

      Subject: Alien Abduction in Grangemouth?
      Date: 6th January 1996
      Name : Eye-witness name witheld by request.
      Location: : Grangemouth, Falkirk, Scotland
      time : 1-30am till 2-20am

      Eye-witness report: From the back door of my home, my family have a
      clear view of the skies over Grangemouth. On the night of 6th Jan 1996,
      I retired to my bed (downstairs) with my 10yr old daughter at around

      Just as i was dozing off I sensed something, a feeling, did I hear
      something? I was`nt sure. I sat bolt upright, my daughter still asleep
      as my dog was trying to get comfortable at the bottom of the bed.

      As I lay there thinking it was my dog I became quite scared, almost like
      the feeling you get on waking from a nightmare all jelly like. However I
      snuggled up next to my daughter and
      I am sure I went to sleep.

      I awoke with the feeling my daughter was sliding out of the bed and I
      reached over to pull her back into bed. A few seconds later I felt it
      again, I spoke this time to her. I told her to stay in bed and as I
      spoke I felt scared again and I felt panicky. My dog was crying over at
      window, "lie down i said".

      Again I lay down just as I heard my son running downstairs and shouting
      "look!", pointing to the window with a pair of binoculars.

      "It is just a plane light" I said, "No! i have been watching it for
      ages with my cousin"
      "Look again!" which I did and I saw a single light in the sky
      pulsating. It seemed to be moving ever so slightly towards the east and
      back to where it originated from.

      As I was staring at it through the glasses, three lights shot out from
      the top and two from the bottom of the anomaly. The small lights
      jaggedly danced through the air but were always returning to the
      slightly brighter light.

      Myself, my daughter, my son and his cousin all ran up the stairs to the
      bedroom above and opened the window (the whole window opens inward). We
      stood and watched while all the lights became one. Again it moved
      towards the east and back, then it was as if it saw us and came towards

      It was going to go directly over the house. I stepped onto the window
      ledge and when I was looking up, I noticed it was not a sphere shape. As
      the lights flashed it left the outline
      of a "V", the same effect you would get if you stood in a dark room and
      switched the light off and on, you are left with a shadow of a shape.

      We all ran into the front bedroom, opened the window and waited on it
      above the house and it did.

      My daughter at this time was begining to hyperventilate, so we were
      trying to keep her calm and watch the anomaly at the same-time.

      It began to move towards the South,or South East and kept going for what
      I would estimate to be about a mile.

      Someone shouted "there was another one straight ahead", but this
      instance was indeed a plane using it`s usual flightpath towards the

      I glanced back at the light and it had changed directions, towards the
      plane. As the plane reached S,SW, the light seemed to be directly ready
      to hit the plane. There was a dark grey mist which had mysteriously
      appeared and then the light was gone and of course the plane was fine.

      When we looked at the time it was 2,20am. My son said it was about
      2,00am when he and his cousin came downstairs.

      I did tell others the following day, but what proof had we got? My
      daughter did not want anyone to know incase they all thought she was

      My son did some sketches of that night, he said he and his cousin had
      been watching the unusual light for 15minutes before he came downstairs
      that night.

      I have heard of abductees becoming ill, headaches, memory loss, painful
      and muscular aches, is there any truth to this? and if so what can a
      person do?

      I am a or was a sceptic until this happened. I believed in god and god
      but now I am not so sure, it is as if nothing makes sense any more!

      Subject: More UFO's sighted over Kirkcaldy in Fife.
      Name : Bill Robertson
      date: : 11th April 1999
      location: : Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.
      time : Between 22:40 and 23:30 PM

      Eye-witness Report : Whilst looking out of our front window, Myself, my
      wife and my 16yr old
      daughter all observed an extremely bright light low in the
      sky(positioned between two houses at a
      level well below the roof apex of a small nearby house). This was
      stationary and remained there for approx 30min (the duration we

      Its disappearance was noted by all three of us again and further
      confirmed by myself going
      outside and walking to the top of our street to see if I could locate
      its current position.

      Whilst returning to the house after approx 10 mins, I saw it
      disappearing over the top of some
      trees to the south of our housing estate. This light was now much more
      intense and I can only assume that this was due to the object being
      closer to our location.

      I quickly ran to the house in order to get a camera and possibly follow
      the object in my car, however, it had gone from view. I immediately
      proceeded to the location where i last saw the light but there was no
      sign of the same anomaly in the surrounding skies.

      Source: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4, Number 11, originally from Dundee Evening
      Date: March 15, 1999
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      "An unidentified flying object spotted in Angus skies near Carnoustie
      this morning has left a number of people mystified."

      "One Carnoustie resident, who sought to remain anonymous, said he had
      been fairly sceptical about
      such things but wanted an explanation for what he had seen."

      "He and several members of his family, along with a Forfar couple, saw a
      strange red disc moving about in the sky between 6:30 and 6:55 a.m. this

      "Neither the Coastguard or members of staff at RAF Leuchars could shed
      any light on the sighting."

      "I was out walking the dog with my wife and children at the Black Slab
      car park this morning,"
      (Friday, March 12, 1999) he said, "We saw this red oblong shape in the
      sky and it couldn't have been the moon or a star because of the way it
      was moving. It then just disappeared.'"

      A car pulled up beside the family, and the driver stuck his head out the
      window. "'The man in the car said he was from Forfar and had seen the
      light earlier, and we could see that he was distressed.'"

      The family continued walking along the beach, and, at 6:55 a.m., the UFO
      appeared again.

      "'I'm neither a believer nor a non-believer in UFOs. But this time it
      changed from red to bright orange and it was much bigger,' he continued,
      'Anybody looking at the sky could have seen it. It was that big. You
      couldn't miss it.'"

      "A member of the Fife Coastguard said there had been no reports of
      flares or other lights."

      "A spokesman at RAF Leuchars discounted any official aerial activity
      from the Fife airbase. 'I know of no operations in the area by any of
      our flights,' he said.

      Carnoustie is a port city on Scotland's east coast about 60 miles (100
      kilometers) northeast of
      Edinburgh, the capital. (See the Dundee Evening Telegram for March 12,
      1999, "Carnoustie disc remains a mystery." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell
      for forwarding the newspaper article.)

      END OF PART 1
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