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FWD: [discuss-ufo] PUFORI Update and SETI

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  • Frits Westra
    Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 03:54:50 +0200 From: Jeroen Wierda Subject: PUFORI Update and SETIFollowing is a list of todays additions to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1999
      Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 03:54:50 +0200
      From: Jeroen Wierda <jeroen@...>
      Subject: PUFORI Update and SETI

      Following is a list of todays additions to PUFORI

      I will not be doing many updates to this site during
      the month of june.. this means that during that
      month there will be no news updates added. I will
      resume the news updates early july. Ofcourse, if
      really interesting things happen during june, then I
      will be posting it.

      The PUFORI team at SETI now has 16 members,
      including myself. So far the program is working great
      at my PCs and have now done a total of 5 units. The
      SETI site seems to have a few problems with their
      database. Statistics are not all recorded,
      eventhough personal statistics are correct. I hope
      SETI irons out these site bugs. The following
      statistics are for our team:

      Total CPU time: ~6170 hours!!!
      Total of units received: 141

      Total units that are sent is unclear due to corrupt data
      on the site. Above statistics were manually added up
      by myself, since SETIs statistic totals are not updated.


      You can sign up there as well :-)

      News items

      01. Filer's Files #21-1999
      02. Global 3-D view of Mars reveals deep basin
      03. Archaeologists unearth ancient African farming settlement
      04. Astronauts to take a walk after perfect docking
      05. A land that men never forget
      06. 'Lost continent' discovered
      07. Discovery Liftoff Ends U.S. Shuttle-Launch Drought
      08. Scientists Say Dolly Has Slight DNA Damage
      09. Mir To Stay Up Until 2000
      10. New Star in Southern Skies
      11. In Cosmic Blasts, Clues to Black Holes
      12. Universe is 12 billion years old
      13. Star Travelers
      14. NASA Map Shows Mars As Pear-Shaped, Crater-Pocked
      15. Dark Energy Fills The Cosmos
      16. Lunar Prospector To Crash Into Moon Seeking Proof Of Water
      17. Dr. Roger K. Leir - has Heart Attack
      18. Alien Technology Discovery Rocks New Jersey
      19. Casket that carried JFK was sunk in Atlantic
      20. Who Wrote The Book of Life?
      21. Scientists search for better tuberculosis vaccine
      22. Mars Global Surveyor reveals deep southern crater
      23. A spinning crystal ball


      Jeroen Wierda
      Picard UFO Research International

      E-Mail me : JeroenW@...
      URL to PUFORI: http://www.pufori.org/
      If I do not reply to mail addressed to me within 3 days, plz resend it.

      Postal address:
      Jeroen Wierda, PO Box 352, 5201 AJ 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

      --->Comments are always welcome
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