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  • Frits Westra
    Posted by : C. EdmeadHi All, As Seti is in the news at the moment, I thought I would mention that I watched a tape of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1999
      Posted by : "C. Edmead" <clivee@...>

      Hi All,
      As Seti is in the news at the moment, I thought I would mention that I
      watched a tape of Alien Invasion Week shown here in Aus. recently on the
      Discovery Channel. On one of the episodes they went in to the fact that on
      23 July 1997, Dr Don Merrick of Greenbank picked up an anomalous signal
      from space that was confirmed by 3 other telescopes, including Arecibo. I
      thought it worthy of mention that on that occasion, the Military saw fit to
      jam the frequency to all telescopes until public opinion forced them to stop.
      This, according to the program, shook up the Pentagon etc. and resulted in
      $20B a year, for 10yrs to be approved to upgrade telescopes, space
      exploration etc.
      It then went on about a couple of reporters named as Davis and Gregory,
      who were doing some digging after a tip off, and eventually met up with a
      Major Howard Alexander who told them that an ET type signal had been picked
      up at Roswell in 1947. They also showed an interview with Bill Drexter an
      engineer on Project Mogul.
      It then showed a Dept. of defense spokesman confirming reporters Davis and
      Gregory's story in the newspapers about the similar signal at Roswell, and
      said they would release details. In due course they handed a tape of the
      signal from 1947 to Don Merrick and Greg Silverman of Greenbank, to compare
      them. Don Merrick then went on to explain how they did some work on the
      timing shift of the frequency,which was made up of 3 numbers, which
      resulted in decoding the exact frequency of the signal received 50 yrs.
      later in 1997. In other words, they were telling us in 1947, which
      frequency to listen in to.
      I can't remember ever reading any discussion of this stuff in any post
      1997 books or magazines, or on this list, in spite of Roswell being
      mentioned ad nauseum, but maybe I missed it.
      Anyway, it just proves that a Proj. Mogul baloon was involved with
      Roswell, whether or not anything else crashed at the time, as it received
      the signal.
      Also, I wonder if this new effort by Seti@home will result in any
      withholding of any evidence discovered, (by the Military) should anything
      turn up,I hope not.

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