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FWD: RESOURCE Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon

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  • Frits Westra
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      Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon

      Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon - collection of technical terms,
      acronyms, mission areas, taxonomies, and citations relating primarily to
      Naval electronic warfare and space warfare.

      Purpose & Scope The purpose of this lexicon is to provide a central internet-
      accessible source for space and electronic warfare terms, acronyms, and related
      reference material for use by those who have an interest in such information.
      This glossary contains terms used in Electronic Warfare (EW), Command, Control,
      Communications, & Intelligence (C3I), and related fields, and includes terms
      related to technologies having EW or related naval warfare implications. This
      glossary includes terms from the "Department of Defense Dictionary of Military
      and Associated Terms", Joint Pub 1-02, 1 December 1989 (formerly JCS Pub 1) as
      well as additional terminology introduced by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of
      Staff in his Memorandum of Policy (MOP) 30 and the unclassified APPENDIX B from
      MOP 6. This lexicon initially contains definitions of terms, but the
      versatility of the Internet will allow enrichment of information to include
      diagrams, photos, sound tracks, and video clips which can be associated with
      the terms. JED hopes that the users and browsers who have access to such
      enhancements will come forward and contribute to the lexicon so that it can
      meet its potential to be a truly comprehensive and useful source of electronic
      warfare data.


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