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  • Frits Westra
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      Subject: Wiltshire, 21st February 2002, 8.30pm

      I came across this at:


      Devizes, Wiltshire, 21st February 2002, 8.30pm
      A friend of mine and her boyfriend were driving up across the
      downs towards devizes, on approaching the north wilts golf course
      they viewed what they described as a row of football stadium
      lights approximately the lenghth of 2 747s and about 60 feet up
      hovering across the road and across the fields. As they were
      travelling fairly quickly they had no choice but to increase
      their speed and travel beneath the object. The lights were
      extremely bright and as the passed underneath they both felt a
      lot of static and had pins and needles. A car in the distance was
      reaching the brow of a small hill coming from the opposite
      direction - the object disappeared without a trace. Car radio and
      mobile phone were not functioning and the pins and needle feeling
      stayed with them for a few days along. My friends father told me
      that when they returned home they were in a panic and looked
      visibly shaken.

      I am trying to trackdown any other sightings made in the near
      vacinity exending from devizes downs, Bishops cannings along to
      avebury and maybe Cheril. My friend did tell me that she wound
      the window down to check on any sounds, but she couldn't hear a
      thing. As this object was silent it counts out an aircraft or a
      group of army helicopters. The lights were apparently very bright
      but not white, almost like the sun.

      Any further info would be gratefully received.


      E-mail: lockomb@...


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