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Argentina: Lenticular Cloud over La Pampa Province

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    Subj: Argentina: Lenticular Cloud over La Pampa Province Date: 4/3/02 2:16:52 PM Eastern Standard Time From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      Subj: Argentina: Lenticular Cloud over La Pampa Province
      Date: 4/3/02 2:16:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
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      SOURCE: CEUFO-Proyecto Condor
      DATE: April 3, 2002

      In the afternoon hours of April 2, 2002, Quique Mario, director of Proyecto
      Condor/CEUFO, received a phone call from eyewitnesses who claimed to have
      seen a strange phenomenon Monday night.

      The phenomenon in question happened to be a "lenticular cloud" that crossed
      the province of La Pampa at moderate speed in a South-to-North direction.
      Hundreds of witnesses agreed that the sight was "beautiful", since there
      skies were clear and the sun had already set between 20:10 and 20:30 hours.

      The cloud was darker in its middle, although transparent. People driving
      along different highways noticed the phenomenon, but those dwelling in the
      western neighborhoods of the city of Santa Rosa were also able to see them.
      Among them was a member of the CEUFO group.

      "According to the description," says Quique Mario, "we have precedents to
      this case. One on June 20, 1980, another on October 31, 1982, and two more in
      1986 and 1998. On this last occasion, a number of hunters claimed having seen
      what they described as "a city suspended in space" emerge from within the
      gigantic circle."

      "We will be surveying the area in search of more eyewitness testimony that
      will let us learn if a "city" was in fact seen on this occasion. According to
      the 1998 field study, the one in that instance measured 1500 meters in
      diameter and was suspended over a hilltop," added the researcher.

      Translation (C) S.Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to
      Quique Mario, CEUFO/Proyecto Condor (Argentina)

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