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Chile: Conscript Returns to Scene of UFO Abduction Events

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    Subj: Chile: Conscript Returns to Scene of UFO Abduction Events Date: 4/3/02 11:55:30 AM Eastern Standard Time From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      Subj: Chile: Conscript Returns to Scene of UFO Abduction Events
      Date: 4/3/02 11:55:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
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      DATE: April 3, 2002

      > Conscript from Corporal Valdes's Patrol Returns to Putre
      In a historic event, he revisited the site where on April 25, 1977, one of
      the most important UFO abduction cases in Chile took place. Further details
      will be available on tonite's broadcast of Megavision

      Santiago. April 03.- This month is the 25th anniversary of one of Chile's
      most important UFO events: the so-called abduction of Corporal Valdes. But
      this anniversary shall not go unnoticed. This is due to the fact that Chile's
      Megavision station has managed to get one of the members of the now-legendary
      Chilean military patrol to return to Putre and revisit the events.

      The visit occurred a few days ago and was headed by recruit Raul Salinas,
      journalist Rodrigo Ugarte, cameraman Arturo Espinoza and OVNIVISION's
      director, journalist Cristian Riffo.

      On thsi occasion, Salinas toured the now-abandoned stables of Putre's
      Huamachuco Regiment (First Region). Overwhelmed with emotion, the recruit
      disclosed unpublished details about what occured the night of April 25, 1977.

      In his telling of the events, Raul Salinas took advantage of the opportunity
      to clarify a series of situation published by the media, and gainsaid some of
      the statements made by corporal Armando Valdes himself.

      All the details of this ufological event shall be made known as of today,
      April 3rd, on Meganoticias (21:00 hours Chilean time). Three reports covering
      unpublished aspects of the case shall be broadcast, including locations of
      Pampa Lluscuma which had hitherto been unknown.

      In the month of May, the Chilean magazine "Conozca Mas" will also publish
      images and exclusive accounts of this expedition to one of the most enigmatic
      sites in Chile's UFO history.
      Translation (C) 2002. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special
      Thanks to Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Miami UFO Center.

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