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  • Frits Westra
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      UFOzone Newsletter

      ETcontact.com -- UFOzone.co.uk "Keeping Our Eyes On The Skies"

      April 2002 NEWSLETTER


      Welcome to the April edition of the ETcontact.com newsletter.
      Since the last edition, we have enhanced our sightings database
      and have also added a new section to our site: "Contact ET" (See
      below for more details of both of these sections).


      We have enhanced our sightings database to include more case
      file information, including details of whether a case is
      currently under investigation and if it has been resolved. If
      the case is under investigation, you may view the work in
      progress, and of course should we or other investigators reach
      a conclusion, this will be provided along with any relevant
      sources of evidence.

      Please note that we forward ALL sighting reports to the relevant
      local UFO group for investigation, in addition to conducting our
      own research where appropriate.

      We have also agreed to forward ALL sighting reports made to
      ETcontact.com to: --Anthony James for inclusion in his
      newsletter, which can also be viewed on site. --"Filer's Files"
      (an archive of which is also available on site). -- UFOLOGY UK
      Forum. --The new Sci-fi Channel's UFO web page, which is due to
      go live shortly.

      So, if you sight a UFO, please add it to our database! By doing
      so, you may encourage others who have had a similar sighting to
      come forward, and help make possible connections between
      sightings which may otherwise never come to light. Sighting
      reports in our database WILL be made available to any serious
      UFO investigator. We will also make every effort to retain all
      data submitted indefinitely, in order to provide a permanent
      record of sightings for investigators and historians in the

      Please note: If the reporter wishes to remain ANONYMOUS, (this
      option is available from the report form), we will NOT pass
      their contact information on to ANY third party without their
      expressed consent. However, we do require that they submit a
      contact e-mail address for our own records, so that we may get
      in touch with them if and when needs be -- for example, in order
      to clarify an aspect of the sighting for the purpose of
      investigation and research.

      So, if you have sight a UFO, please tell the world by using our
      report form to make a submission:


      If you could just say one thing to an Extraterrestrial life
      form, what would it be? In this new section, we invite you to
      leave a message for any Extraterrestrial visitors to the planet,
      and our site! Your message should consist of anything you wish
      to pass on to our interplanetary neighbours.

      We are hoping to collect as many messages as possible, from all
      corners of the globe. At some point in the future, we shall,
      circumstances permitting, create a CD containing these messages
      and... BLAST it off into space! OK, so by now you are probably
      thinking we're nuts. Well you're probably right! But, given the
      fact that it is estimated that by 2005, the first commercial
      space tourism will be taking place, the cost of launching
      something beyond the orbit of the earth will surely make this a
      feasible project, in time. Of course, escaping the solar system
      is a completely different proposition, but we're working on it!

      This is a bit of fun, and sending the CD into the far reaches of
      the Universe may never come off. But, there is a serious side to
      all of this. Think, for a moment... Just WHAT would YOU say? How
      would you wish to present yourself, and humankind? Would you
      be aggressive in your communiqué or offer the hand of

      So, get thinking, and send us your messages. If nothing else,
      this will provide future generations with an archive detailing
      how the citizens of the early twenty-first Century viewed
      extraterrestrial contact, before official "First Contact" was
      made. And who knows, "someone" other than human may be
      reading your message sooner than you realise!

      Please leave your message by going to the following URL, or
      accessing "Message ET!" from our homepage:


      If every subscriber leaves a message, it would provide a
      fantastic start to this section! Thanks in advance.


      Sighting Occurred: 2002-03-14, At 01:30:00, United States (All
      times are GMT unless otherwise indicated, dates are in the
      format year/month/day)

      Reported By: JASON LEIGH


      Between 8:30 to 8:45 pm CDT, I witnessed the sighting of an
      otherwise, ‘UFO,’ which remains a total and complete mystery to
      me. To wit: Driving northward towards the small Texas town of
      Joshua (population about 7,200) from my hometown of Cleburne,
      Texas: the night sky was very clear—without a cloud to be seen.
      The temperature was a cool 61 degrees F. There was a possible
      light wind out of the due south, but I did not check this out
      with the National Weather Department. The stars were yet faintly
      seen at this point in time and in location.

      My sight was drawn to the obvious huge light in the low sky
      (about 35 degrees from the horizon), which was just short of
      being the size of the full moon—or—if one were to place a U.S.
      nickel coin in their out-stretched hand (arm’s length) for size
      comparison: the full moon is this size. When I state that my
      sight was ‘drawn’ to this object, ‘compelled’ to look, also
      comes to mind.

      It was a soft, white light—not glaring, nor hard to look at—seen
      in the due north-northwest (330 degrees [NNW] on a compass
      bearing). My driving speed was within limits at about 55 mph. As
      I drove on northward on highway 174 towards my friend’s house in
      Joshua, I noticed that this huge light was not getting larger—or
      smaller—as at first—I thought it to have been a low flying
      private airplane of some sort (Note: commercial jet airliners
      would not be found in this part of the sky—as they are always
      heading north of Cleburne to the west of town—then they bank to
      the east towards the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, and if they are
      departing D/FW airport and heading south towards Austin or
      Houston: they fly to the far east of Cleburne—but in either
      case: they never fly directly over Cleburne).

      Just as I realized that this huge light could not have been an
      airplane—as it was devoid of ‘belly lights’ and ‘wing-tip’
      lights; the softly glowing light blinked out.

      As I drove on—now out of the city limits—driving up the bridge
      (over-pass) that crosses over the railroad tracks (Cleburne is a
      ‘hub’ for the railroads) at about 50 feet above the ground—but
      high enough to see clearly—suddenly, there appeared ‘coloreed’
      lights all about the object—so many—that it took my breath away.
      Having been a Veteran of the war in Vietnam—and having also
      worked my first job back from the war at Delta Airlines: I
      certainly know the placement of ‘ID’ lights on airplanes,
      helicopters and all ‘known’ earthly aircraft. These lights were
      nothing at all like standard aircraft lighting. There were just
      too many of them of too many different colors.

      I drove on as the mileage grew in approaching this object, which
      was heading in my direction (its path would have been to the due
      south) just to my left, or to the west of me. It was huge. I
      compared it immediately to the Super Dome in New Orleans, or
      about 400 to 500 feet across (or roughly,166 yards) and about
      200 to 300 feet in height, based upon the placement of these
      mentioned outwardly seen lights.

      As for these ‘lights’: there were three (3) small blinking
      lights on top at ‘dead center,’ which were, from top to bottom,
      red, soft yellow and white. All were blinking in an odd pattern
      of off and on, very swiftly. They were evenly stacked atop of
      each other. Below these ‘center’ lights: the area underneath
      was completely dark to my vision, yet obviously, solid in
      nature, since the lights were certainly ‘fixed.’

      Outwardly from the ‘center’ to either ‘end’: the distance was
      amazing at several hundred feet. I judged the distance between
      this object and me to have been about two (2) miles. The lights
      at either ‘end’ were solid, softly lit and multi-colored—yet
      larger in size than the ‘center top’ lights. Some were
      blinking—some were not. They were placed in a very odd fashion
      with no reasoning—as they were staggered in placement. There
      were about 4 to 5 lights at either ‘end’ of the object. To the
      ‘bottom side’: these lights were the oddest, as otherwise,
      ‘belly lights’ of normally ‘known’ aircraft have a single red
      blinking light—with white and either red or blue ‘wing’ lights
      found latterly. These ‘bottom’ lights were strung out all along
      the bottom, making, again; no known pattern or reasoning to
      their placement. They, too, were multi-colored and were all of
      the same ‘brightness,’ which was not so bright as to have been
      difficult to look at. As I approached it--and it was approaching
      me; I decided to pull over to the shoulder of the road and to
      stop, which I did. By now, the huge object was almost even with
      my car to my left, or, I was looking to the western sky. It was
      now completely obvious that this object was no more than 1,000
      feet off of the ground—and VERY huge!

      I turned off the car engine and stuck my head out of the
      driver’s side window—to listen for any noise, which may have
      been emitting from the object. There were NO SOUNDS whatsoever.
      The huge object was travelling so slowly, that if it had of been
      a ‘known’ aircraft: it would have fallen from the sky. I watched
      in pure and total amazement, as the object just glided by
      me—within one (1) mile from my position. I was speechless—within
      the quiet of my car and on this part of the country highway that
      I know so well. This was just outside of the city limits where
      there are only a few farm houses spread out in the area—with
      patches of remote woods to my left and right sides as well as to
      the front, or north of where I was. (See ‘Drawing’ of the object
      attached). The huge object glided on by not making a sound—not
      making an effort to turn, climb, ascend nor descend, as I
      watched it and etched the size and its likely shape within my
      awe-struck mind. Regrettably, I had no camcorder, nor still
      picture camera to record this.

      It continued on its course to the due south—and drifted further
      away. It was still within my sight as I started the engine of
      the car—and drove away.

      I was very calm, having seen, witnessed and videotaped UFOs
      several times in my past life—proving ALL to have been ‘unknown’
      aircraft--beyond a shadow of a doubt. For more information on me
      and these former sightings, please see: http://jasonleigh.org
      for the Reports and documents of proof. I affirm that the
      above details of this amazing ‘sighting’ of a huge UFO on
      Thursday evening, March 14, 2002, is a true accounting—to the
      best of my ability.

      Editor: For more information on this amazing sighting, please
      take a look at our case file :



      Since the last edition of our newsletter, we have resolved one
      of the sightings submitted to our database. With the help of
      Frits Westra, Investigator from the UFO Working Group in the
      Netherlands, http://www.ufonet.nl , we have established that
      three lights reported by witness James Allan was indeed a
      satellite triplet:


      The passing of the satellite triplet coincides with the time
      that the witness reports sighting the lights, around 20.45 GMT.
      The direction in which the satellites were moving also
      correlates with the report. As can be seen in image 02, (VISIT
      2-2 satellite trio DID pass the constellation of "the Plough",
      as viewed from Derby, Derbyshire at the time in question. The
      time which elapsed from the moment the triplet entered the
      vicinity of "The Plough", passing Ursa Major, before
      disappearing from view can be seen to have been approximately
      one minute and fifty seconds (1m 50s). This also coincides with
      the reporters assertion that the lights were visible for "about
      two minutes" from the first sighting to their disappearance. In
      light of this information, I reach the conclusion that the
      reporter was sighting a triplet of US Navy reconnaissance
      satellites (the NOSS 2-2 trio). Dan Bright (Editor,
      ETcontact.com), March 23, 2002.

      The full case file, including star maps and satellite paths, may
      be viewed at:



      There have been many reports of UFO in the news since our last
      newsletter, some of which appear to be sensational claims. One
      such case is that of the alleged UFO activity which is
      persisting in Bedhampton, Hampshire. Whilst we DO NOT endorse
      this case, having no first hand knowledge, it appears to
      indicate that, if substantiated, a remarkable chain of events is
      unfolding on the South Coast of England. If the several UK
      research groups who are currently expressing an interest in
      investigating these claims and video footage do manage to secure
      access to the witness(es) and data, we will keep you informed
      of any progress made. At present, due to the "exclusive" nature
      of the presentation of this case, we are unable to bring you
      details here. However, if you wish to learn more, please visit
      our news section where you will be able to access the relevant
      link on Rense.com. If you wish to pass comment on this case,
      and see what other UFOlogists (including yours truly) have been
      saying, please visit the UFOLOGY UK FORUM, accessible from our
      Homepage (click on FORUM).


      We were pleased to learn that were reviewed in "Web User"
      magazine (Ed. 21st March - 3rd April) in a special feature: The
      "Top Ten Alien Websites". It's good to know that somebody out
      there is enjoying our site and that, most importantly, we are
      managing to provide a useful resource! If you have any
      suggestions for new features or sections you would like to see
      on ETcontact.com, or for any other ways in which we could
      improve the site, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


      We have decided to disengage our own forum at ETcontact.com in
      favour of linking to, and encouraging participation in the
      excellent service run by UFOLOGY UK. You may access this forum
      via our homepage. Please also pay a visit to the superb UFOLOGY
      UK website http://ufology.org.uk


      April 2002:

      ALIENS 111 http://www.aliens111.com/

      Wonderfully designed site offering a wealth of UFO related
      information. A treat for the eyes and a feast for the mind, this
      site is fantastic. Highly recommended.

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      We have introduced a scheme whereby we are now displaying
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      advertise@... Whilst we make every effort NOT to
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      introduce this scheme in order to help cover part of the running
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      straight out of my back pocket. It is vital that we generate
      some revenue if we are to continue in our development, and so
      the occasional placing of a sponsored link at points throughout
      the site is something which we have decided to introduce.



      An astounding book and research resource, The Greatest Deception
      provides a rigorous and comprehensive study of the bible for
      references to UFOs and an ET influence/presence.


      Thanks for reading, and for your continued support for
      ETcontact.com. Take care, and until next time; Keep Watching
      Those Skies!


      Dan Bright
      Editor, ETcontact.com

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