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      Posted Mar 31.02

      More Spooky Events From Worcestershire, England

      Report No.1
      Ghostly happenings at pub...

      Ghostly goings-on seem to be haunting a pub near Worcester after glass
      pint jugs began moving on their own.

      Customers could not believe their eyes when a row of pint glasses
      began swinging like a pendulum for around five minutes.

      And a glass on a shelf, two inches from the floor, mysteriously
      smashed to pieces.

      These are just some of the spooky happenings that have been taking
      place at The Mug House in Claines.

      The pub's landlady Judy Allen and her son Russell claim the 15th
      Century pub next to the village church has been haunted for a number
      of years, but the odd happenings come and go.

      "We've got jugs hanging up at the front of the bar and they started
      swinging like a pendulum," said Mr Allen, aged 34.

      "It was around two weeks ago that they began swinging.

      "There are no main roads nearby so it couldn't be the vibration of

      "There were only about five or six customers around and they thought
      it was me winding them up at first.

      "The jugs swung for about five minutes and then they stopped."

      The pub in Claines Lane, is a traditional-looking watering hole with
      oak beams on its outside and two open fires inside.

      "At the moment we have little tumble glasses on a shelf two inches
      from the floor and we have lino on it," said Mr Allen.

      "We had friends round that afternoon and as we came behind the bar we
      heard the crashing of glass.

      "We went behind the bar and one tumbler fell about two inches on to
      the floor and it broke into pieces.

      "The noise was unnaturally loud considering it fell two inches on to

      Mr Allen said the swinging jugs incident had happened a few times

      He said he had often heard the pub doors open and close on their own
      without the alarm going off.

      Mrs Allen and her son, who have managed the pub for 13 years, said odd
      things had been taking place before they took over the tenancy.

      "People still come into the pub and tell us ghost stories they heard
      from the old landlord who was here 20 years ago," said Mr Allen.

      "As far as I know the people before us had these things happenings as

      Report No.2
      ... while landlord shouts for a psychic investigator

      A haunted Worcestershire pub is appealing for psychic investigators to
      spend a night there and uncover the secrets of its ghostly past.

      After a string of eerie events at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton, near
      Evesham, licensee Peter Clarke is determined to find out why
      apparitions, mysterious noises and a sinister presence have disturbed
      staff and customers for so many years.

      "Since I arrived here a few months ago I've heard a succession of
      spine-chilling accounts of supernatural incidents," said Mr Clark

      "I understand there are teams of paranormal researchers who can
      communicate with ghosts via scientific equipment.

      "It would be a huge relief just to get proof that the experiences are
      real and that we're not just imagining them."

      For 30 years, The Fleece was run by Lola Taplin and when she died in
      1977, she left the pub and its contents to the National Trust to
      ensure it remained unspoilt.

      Since her death stories of chairs rocking by themselves and clocks
      stopping at 3pm have dogged the pub.

      The mediaeval farmhouse pub acquired a haunted reputation when its
      security alarm went off, a wooden chair was said to be rocking rapidly
      and the vague figure of an elderly lady was seated in it.

      Mr Clarke has been told of sightings of a lady in the upstairs window,
      lights turning on and off for no reason, and indistinct figures seen
      gliding through the bar.

      "We have a series of ancient witch circles on the floor which are
      shrouded in mystery, and a strong smell of perfume around the
      fireplace which nobody can explain," he added.

      "With its rich history and ancient folklore it is entirely possible
      that the building has more than one ghost.

      "The question is, what do they want from us and that's what I'm hoping
      to find out from the experts."

      See another recent Worcestershire haunting:
      13th Century Spirit Haunts English Coffee House

      Story originally published by:
      Worcester Evening News, Worcs / England - Mar 30.02

      All Copyrights© are acknowledged.
      Material reproduced here is for
      educational and research purposes only.

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